Monday, June 8, 2020

Mail Call Monday - Delivery Day Style

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  A couple of weeks ago I had some deliveries to make.  Care to ride along with me?
First Stop...

The coffee shop and Hilary happened by:

Oh, wait!  We really SHOULD have a picture in front of the actual shop:

Tracy arrive through the back door:

SMILE!!!  Selfie much, Joyful???  So, I forgot to check where my hand was.  Whatever:

Tracy's "Bigger Boat" was the first delivery:

But... I also picked up a package of our brand of toilet paper, in exchange for a package of theirs:

That was a lovely visit, but I had more errands to run:

Later, I got the following response, "All my cakes fit nicely. I love it!  Thank you!!!" along with this photo:

Second Stop...

Wake up the Model Bride (whoops!) to deliver her wedding gift:

Stop Three...

Ella's house.  Check out her incredible giant hostas:

She's working on a Chicken Quilt:

I'm here for the patriotic blocks for my friend Alycia's QOV program:

Look at her awesome Pin Holder Quilt...

Her friend Debbie is making one, too:

All of her teacher pins will go on her Pin Holder Quilt:


I brake for Barn Quilts!!  Too bad this one is a bit far off the road:

Last stop...

We even found the perfect spot for it during the house tour:

While there, I dropped off my Put the "L" in Pillow...

... And my A Quilt for Doll Baby:

After the kids saw their gifts, I got a reaction text...

When they saw them they were like, "Oh, cool!"  Kids, being kids, they just moved on to the next thing.

But later...

The pillow had to be right near his face.  (He kept rearranging it to have it near.)

The Junior Quilter wanted to hold Doll Baby's Quilt while she was being rocked for bed.  She was still holding it as she slept.

Mama said, "We love you.  Thank you for the best presents."

Weeks later, JQ is STILL sleeping with Doll Baby's quilt!!!  :o))

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Until next time...
Enjoy some "socially distance" visits!!


  1. I love the edges on Ella's chicken quilt.

  2. I think I'd like to see you pull into my driveway! The pin quilt is a fun idea!

  3. Do you guys still have a TP shortage? Ours has settled down. Love the wedding gift - is it a table runner or a bed runner? It is striking! ~Jeanne

  4. What a fabulous day you had! Makes my heart sing at how much the gifts were appreciated. On another note: I'm hoping to find some decent TP Wednesday while I'm out taking my DH to a dr appt. If not, I'll look again while out taking my mother to her dr appt on Thursday. I haven't bought any TP since the quarantine started but I'm starting to run low. Wish the hoarders would release some of their stash!

  5. Knowing the kids are using their gifts nonstop is SUCH wonderful validation! So sweet :)

  6. What a fun post! Lots of great quilts!


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