Saturday, February 27, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 9

Welcome to Week 9 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  WHERE did the week go?!?!  I'm not quite sure... since my normal practice of inputting each day as it came and went fell by the wayside.

I'll try to recreate it for you, but don't be surprised, there is VERY little sewing involved!  :o((

SUNDAY was UFO Bee. Our hostess shared the quilt top that she completed after our last meeting:

Nice work, Diane!!!

On MONDAY, I did a whole lot of nothing and a little PT, but here's what I accomplished yesterday:

Next up, setting triangles for Dr. Pete's Wedding Quilt!!

TUESDAY was Knit Group in the morning, followed by lunch with a friend recovering from hip replacement surgery. I provided the lunch and spent a good bit of the afternoon chatting and watching episodes of House Hunters on HGTV, which happens to be my favorite TV channel!!!  :o))

When I got home, I did a little bit of sewing to complete ONE Rainbow Crumb Block.  And LOOK!! There is even a TINY bit of BROWN in there, too:

It looks suspiciously like a String Block.  Oh, well!!!

On WEDNESDAY, I had a crazy-busy day!!  I spent the morning with my new little friend "J" and raced off to a hair appointment in the early afternoon. Once I was beautified, I chased a storm (literally! The school dismissed the student drivers so that they wouldn't be driving during a tornado.) back to Hboro to pick up "K" and "L" for a bite to eat.

Whew!!  Off to bed early... I'm exhausted!!!

THURSDAY, I got up early to get DS2 off to Jazz.  (I know!  Not the usual day, but an extra rehearsal because the teacher won't be in on Monday.)  Anyway, a little while later, I was at the school to pick him up for our visit to Duke University Medical Center.  We spent the entire morning at The Children's Health Center.  It was time for DS2's Three Year Studies.  He had a dose of the usual... vitals, blood work, ECHO, and PFT.  These were followed by a visit with his bone marrow doctor and a trip to Noodles and Co. for lunch (on the way back to school, so that he could make it back in time for his LAST class of the day.  Better than missing the WHOLE day!!)

There was a small chunk of time between grocery shopping and cooking dinner.  I made use of it by making ONE Rainbow Crumb Block:

Oops!!  This one is disguised as a Slab Block.

FRIDAY was another long day.  I spent the entire day with my little friend "J":

Shhhh!!!  Don't wake the baby!!!

Later, I had planned to meet DS2 for dinner before attending the UNC Symphony.  We hoped for tickets at the door, but the event was canceled (for us) as DS2 had a headache when he got home from school and it shot our plans to smithereens.  :o((

On SATURDAY, I tackled Mt. Washmore and joined in Angela's LINK PARTY over on the So Scrappy Blog.  I hope you will follow the links to see what all of the RSC Quilters have been up to this week (since I didn't have very much in the way of quilt inspiration here.)

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Each week I join the LINK PARTY at Angela's So Scrappy blog.  She encourages the RSC Quilters to USE their fabric scraps.  It takes scrap quilting to a whole 'nother level (and I absolutely LOVE it!!!)

In case you are curious, here is how my week went...

On SUNDAY, I wanted to wish YOU a... Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Photo staging by me.  Tablescape by Deborah.

MONDAY was a LONG day!!  I was "iced in" at home (feeling guilty that I wasn't working.)  As the day passed, I worked on (and finished) ONE Rainbow Crumb Block:

I did some work around the house and thought about what tabs I might create for the top of my blog page.  Three amazingly generous quilters have explained the process of creating these tabs.  I am grateful to each, but then, as I read the instructions from the third quilter, I began to feel like I finally GET IT.  I decided that I really COULD create the tabs (and did so on my Quilt Bee blog), but then I began to wonder if I even needed tabs along the top of my page!!  (Thank you for your help Angela, ?? , and Kat!! So sorry that I can't locate the email from the third quilter for a proper acknowledgement.)

Do YOU have tabs on your blog page?  How did you decide what tabs were needed/useful?  I'm having trouble deciding.  Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated!

On TUESDAY, I did a few hours of work and discovered that Kat (a different one than mentioned yesterday!) had posted a new batch of Covered in Love quilts.  One of the quilts included a block (or two!) that I made for the December Block Drive.  There's still time for YOU to participate in the February Block Drive.  Here's the block that I made and it even includes some BROWN tones:

Let me tell you... after making so many Tiny Nines and such, this 12.5" block seemed HUGE!!!

WEDNESDAY was Girls Night Out and I spent the bulk of the day in anticipation of the event.  When I wasn't thinking about it or preparing for it, I cleaned house.  Nothing exciting to show.

On THURSDAY, I enjoyed the company of THIS 7 week old wonder:

Ahhh, bliss!!  (No time for quilting, though.)

FRIDAY was a busy day filled with Knit Group (which returned to Friday - for this week), the Elon University Jazz Festival...

 And SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone in the market for an old Singer Commercial Sewing Machine???

On SATURDAY, I had hoped to join Angela's LINK PARTY over at the So Scrappy blog... after getting up early, taking kids to the UNC Jazz Festival, and chaperoning all day, but my computer wouldn't cooperate.

You made beautiful music, CRHS Jazz I and you should be proud of your performance.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 7

Welcome to Week 7 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!!  As you may know, I've been having trouble with my email provider (for several weeks or has it been a month now?!)  I really would LOVE to be able to respond to all of my lovely comment-ers, but it's just not going to be possible for me to catch up on 3 - 4 weeks of comments.  Please forgive me and know that I was finally able to find a solution.  Leave a comment on this post and you should receive a response within a few days.  Thank you, again, for your understanding in this matter!!

On to the week in review...

SUNDAY morning, I found that Angela had posted:

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler 2016

Click on the title to view the tutorial for a Patience Corner block done in scraps.  Looking at the block, I noticed a way to complete the block using one larger square and four longer strips, but our goal is to USE our scraps!!

I had bigger fish to fry, so off I went to my UFO Sew-In.  However, I made ONE String Block in BROWN with pink accents as a warm-up exercise:

On MONDAY, I left bright and early for an adventure with an old friend.  We journeyed several hours from home to attend a Fabric Warehouse Sale and make stops at Mary Jo's Fabrics:

... And IKEA on the way home:

The car was QUITE packed.  Sorry...  PHOTO UNAVAILABLE!!  It was a wonderful day. Thanks for inviting me to go along, Tif!!  It was a pleasure spending quality time with you.  I enjoyed every minute of it!

TUESDAY morning, I went off to my weekly Knit Group meeting.  It appears that we have switched from Friday and the current new day is TODAY...  Until my work schedule changes (again!!!)

After knitting, but before my doctor appointment, I made the center of a Maverick Star and trimmed the light squares for the block (which I will assemble another day.):

On WEDNESDAY there was FREE time in my schedule!!!  I had intended to get some work done, however, Knit Friend came to town on business.  I had planned on meeting her there, but when I attempted to start my car, I found that it was DEAD in the garage.  Never fear!!  Knit Friend to the rescue.  She took care of the meeting alone and then came by to take me out to lunch - so that I wouldn't be trapped in the house all day.  Thanks, TBF!!

I'm not quite sure what happened to the intervening hours, but I did manage to select and layout pieces for that Maverick Star center that I made yesterday:

is the day that I attend my weekly Quilt Group meeting.  Today was NOT a productive day for me:

I had things to do before AND after the meeting made sewing more than that ONE Maverick Star Block impossible:

On FRIDAY, I thought that I had a FREE DAY to work in my studio...  Until I realized that Mt. Washmore was taking over the laundry room and the refrigerator was suspiciously empty.  SEW, no.  Laundry and grocery shopping, yes.  :o((

SATURDAY mornings are normally for joining the LINK PARTY over at the So Scrappy blog, but I had a meeting to attend.  Off to my monthly Quilt Bee meeting!  Catch you later...

OK, I'm back.  (I've actually been back for a while, but I had H over after bee. I don't get to spend time with her often and jumped at the chance!)  If you click on the LINK PARTY, be prepared to be amazed by the wonderful projects of the RSC Quilters!! I'm ready.  Will you follow me to the LINK PARTY???  (I hope so!!)

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Tiny Nines - {Design Floor Friday Edition}

Welcome to another issue of Design Floor Friday!!  Today, there is actually NOTHING on the floor. However, I  recently commented on Ravelry (1/31/16) that I may have decided how I want to put my Tiny Nine quilt together...

Here's February's Block:

Yes!!  I'm only making very few blocks each month, as I am trying to concentrate on my commissions first and then on my UFOs.  This is a L-O-N-G term project (and I'm OK with that.)


When I found THIS at Julie's My Quilt Diary blog (2/1/16).  Apparently, she had recently (12/31/15) given some thought to what to do with the SAME small blocks HERE.  Perhaps, I could do mine on-point, just to change it up a bit???  Who knows?!

I'd LOVE to do Ring Cycle, but feel that I would only hash it up royally!!  So then I wondered about Tiny Nines on point with larger 9-Patch Blocks on square...

SEW many possibilities!!!

Until next time...
Peace to Piece!!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Scrap Happy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 6

Welcome to Week 6 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Thank you, again, to all of the lovely RSC Quilters (and others) who left comments last week.  Unfortunately, my email system is STILL not allowing any outgoing email.  MUST. Change. Providers!!!

This week begins with Angela's Color of the Month announcement:

February Color Announcement and Fabric Giveaway


... With accents of PINK!!!

Photo shown is from Angela's So Scrappy blog.

SUNDAY afternoon, I thought that I might make one more BLUE block before switching to the NEW colors.  SEW... I present ONE Rainbow Crumb in shades of BLUE with a touch of purple:

Then I realized that you might want to see my Month in Review since it's the finial day of BLUE month.

Fair warning!!

It's short and sweet, just FIVE blocks sewn for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge :

And a batch of  SEVENTEEN (17) 9-Patch blocks (made of 3.5" squares) for Dr. Pete's Wedding quilt with only THREE more to make:

Add in a sprinkling of THREE (3) Rainbow Crumb blocks for good measure:

And you've got the entirety of January's block production, which totals TWENTY-FIVE (25) made during BLUE month:

On MONDAY morning, I was following a few of  the links from last week's LINK PARTY and noticed Raewyn at Stitching Farm Girl shared a photo of her 2 sizes of 9-Patch blocks side by side. I thought I that you might like to see what a contrast my Tiny Nines are compared with the blocks for Dr. Pete's Wedding quilt.  THIS photo shows the difference between my Tiny Nines made from 1" and the ones made of 3.5" squares:

Let me tell you...

After a year of making Tiny Nines, blocks made from 3.5" squares seem HUGE!!!!!

On MONDAY afternoon, I asked myself what IF?!?!  What if I treat my Tiny Nines like Angie at Quilting on the Crescent did???  Just LOOK at her lovely quilt:

But THEN... I thought about that photo that I posted this morning and had another idea...

Only time will tell!

I thought that I might be able to decide after getting my nails done...
In chocolate BROWN with a heart-shaped accent of PINK.

TUESDAY afternoon, I noticed that my daffodils are STILL blooming!!

That burst of color inspired me to head back into the sewing room to create ONE Rainbow Crumb block, made from more of Diane's scraps... including some from our recent UFO Sew-In:

On WEDNESDAY, when I should have been at physical therapy for my shoulder, I was busy working on some RSC Sewing.  I prepped a Tiny Nine...

... And completed ONE Slab Block in BROWN with a touch of PINK:

Bummer!!  Physical Therapy seems to be hurting more than it's helping.  :o((

THURSDAY, is my day for Quilt Group.  This week I discovered that the best indie fabric printer on the net is a REAL place that's not far from home.  Our hostess arranged a tour for us to:


Our Tour Guide took a photo upon arrival (before we could forget and leave without one):

For sewing enthusiasts there's also Sprout Patterns, where there's no need for paper patterns, as they print the pattern in the Spoonflower fabric of your choice for a custom project:

When I got home, I cut out the rest of S's shirts:

On FRIDAY, I spent the day with a friend, but managed to make ONE Tiny Nine in BROWN with a spark of PINK out of those prepped earlier in the week:

SATURDAY is the day that I join the LINK PARTY over at Angela's So Scrappy blog.  Won't you join me as I take a tour around BlogLand?  I'm looking forward to seeing what all of the RSC Quilters have been working on this week!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - {Bluff Challenge Met}

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I jumped the gun last week and posted about my Bluff Challenge.  In case you missed it, you can find the information about the art piece HERE.  I used leftovers from other projects and a donated artist's canvas to make this project.

I was SEW excited that simply I couldn't wait to tell you about it!!

This piece makes me happy every time I look at it!  My mind is flooded with memories of that special trip, with special friends, to a special place.

I'm reminded of this view...

And reminded of these people:


OK, I'll stop now.

Stepping away from the computer and up to the sewing room to focus on finishing something else.

Until next time...
Patience it a virtue!!!
(too bad I don't possess much)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Mystery Monday, Allietare! February Link-Up

Welcome to the February 2016 Allietare Link-Up!!  It's been a month since Bonnie released the final clue of the 2015 Winter Mystery.  She's asking for a check-in and I am happy to oblige.  Even if I haven't gotten very far in the completion of my quilt... or even the BLOCKS!!!

Why not, Joyful???

Well, my quilty peeps, it's like this...

Allietare! is only one of SEVERAL quilts that are in various stages of completion in my sewing room.  They each are vying for my attention.  I have two commission quilts that demand a portion of my time, a Challenge deadline was looming, and I felt it imperative that I make some real progress on a wedding quilt that needs to be completed by Fall 2016.

SEW... SEW... SEW...

I have completed the components for EIGHT of the "Star" blocks...

... Along with components for FOUR of the "Square" blocks:

Based on the Lap sized layout of my friend, NeedleB's, quilt:

I still need to make FOUR MORE "Star" blocks and TWO more "Square" blocks.  Maybe NEXT week!!  This week I need to make further progress on one of the two commissions.

Here are the block parts stacked side by side:

I'm really looking forward to putting these together so that I can see what it looks like all laid out!

Until next time...
Be Mysterious!!!