Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sew Some Love Sunday - Cynthia Style

Welcome to another installment of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  This week I'm back to sewing for Covered in Love.  Cynthia, from Quilting is more fun than Housework, has volunteered to be the guest host for the May / June Block Drive.  Lucky Kat will (theoretically) be getting a break to sew some of her own quilts!!

I began with THIS batch of colorful strips:

Started sewing and not too long later ended up with THESE strip sets.  They are ready to meet my iron:

Next up, a date with my cutting mat, acrylic ruler, and rotary cutter:

Voila`!!  FOUR blocks waiting for their "sashing" pieces:

THIS little pile of white scraps:

Yielded THESE (perfectly sized) strips for finishing the blocks:

I made quick work of sewing:

Followed by another press and a final trim:

Not too bad, considering the month of May doesn't start until tomorrow!!!  :o))

Thanks to Kat and Cynthia for a FAST and EASY block for the May/June Block Drive!  If YOU haven't participated in the past, this is the PERFECT time to begin contributing to the Covered in Love program.  A handful of strips and a single afternoon are all that is needed to help make a difference!

I'll be linking up with:
 Cynthia for Oh Scrap!
Kat for Sew Some Love.

Until next time...
Sew Some Love!!!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC17 - Week 17

Welcome to Week 17 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  As with most weeks, my schedule is jam packed with activities and appointments.  Let's see if RSC sewing was on the agenda...

SUNDAY - Bad news!!  ANOTHER trip to Chapel Hill (I've stopped counting how many I've made in the past few weeks!) is on the horizon.  I'll be heading that direction bright and early tomorrow morning.  :o((

MONDAY - Finally finished my "made fabric" for a Patriotic basket and trimmed it up:

TUESDAY - The basket has been completed:

Well... all except the binding in the photo shown above.  Be sure to see THIS post for another look.  Please notice... it's MULTICOLORED to fit this month's theme for the RSC!!

Even with TWO trips to Chapel Hill today, I'm STILL off to my monthly evening Quilt Bee meeting.  I need some "me time" and the fully completed basket is going along for the ride.  :o))

WEDNESDAY - I was hoping for a stay-at-home day, but that didn't happen.  When a friend is in need, I'm a friend indeed.

I did manage to grab some groceries and get some sewing tasks done while at Needleb's house later in the day.  (Well... we TALKED about sewing!!)  In other "houskeeping" chores, another edition of Wonderful Wednesday went live on the blog.

THURSDAY - Same schedule as usual.  Tried to sneak in a bit of sewing, but DS2 and I took a trip to the local library after dinner.  It got too late for me to risk sewing.

FRIDAY - Today... NOPE!!  No sewing.  DS2 and I went out for pizza and went for a long stroll along the River Walk.  It was a relaxing evening, but when I got home I was ready for a shower!

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day over at So Scrappy blog.  
What MULTICOLORED madness will be shared??  Your guess is as good as mine.  Let's go see!!

Note:  I'll link up when Angela posts later this morning... or tomorrow.  Scraphappy Sunday.  Oops!!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday - Hendersonville Style

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week I will share the remainder of my Spring mountain trip.  As you may recall, I recently (nearly a month ago!) spent time at A Mountain Quiltfest.  My event finished up just as Knittingsuek and Needleb were in a class in nearby (a relative term) Hendersonville, North Carolina.

I decided to go via the Blue Ridge Parkway, The Scenic Route:

I've got photos from the "dash cam":

Coming out of Gatlinburg, I began noticing signs from last year's big fire:

There may be a sad memory quilt somewhere in here:

My favorite things about the mountains are the tunnels...

The winding roads...

And the mountain streams:

Wow!! The temperature dropped when I stopped for this "selfie":

The bright blue and yellow specks upstream are kids.  Mom offered to spare me from only having a (not great) selfie picture:

No one was along to refuse a stop at a Scenic Overlook:

Amazing how the view changes with just a few steps:

Several shots from The Last Tree Standing...

At least, I think that's what it was called:

Oh!  A larger mountain stream, closer to the road:

I'm getting better at this "selfie" thing:

Entering Cherokee, North Carolina:

Delicious!!  Just like old times:

A view of the Paul's Family Restaurant sign:

It doesn't look like much, but as soon as I passed by, memories of our Cherokee family vacation came flooding back and I just HAD to eat where we ate on that trip:

New to me:

Aiming for a mountain view:

Lake J, as seen from the golf course across the road:

Arrival at the classroom in Beginnings Quilt Shop:

Britt is certainly making progress on her class sample:

Sue is getting individual attention from teacher, Patsy Thompson:

Waiting well:


OK, so none of us actually drank this stuff...

This was all for Hilary's benefit - to see what she was missing:

The Departure:

Until next time...
Quilting adventures await!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tidy Up Tuesday - QAYG Basket Edition

Welcome to another edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!!  It's been quite some time since the last one.  I barely have enough energy to do the laundry, cooking, and washing up, much less getting around to cleaning up my quilting space!  Little bits at a time really help.

I've been working on this storage solution off and on since January.  It's all Fiona's fault.  She posted THIS TUTORIAL and I resisted... for a grand total of SIX DAYS before digging in my batting and fabric scraps!!

I  thought that I posted several photos along the way. Unfortunately, the photos never made it onto the blog.  They are hiding in a DrEAMi post in my draft file.  I'm hoping to link up with MMM! Quilts at the end of the week.

Yesterday, I completed the fabric for a super-cute Quilt As You Go Fabric Basket...

... And trimmed it up:

The corners were cut out and I started sewing it together:

Until... I ran out of bobbin thread and called it a night!!!  :o((

Today, the basket is complete.  Here it is before binding...

And after...

As soon as I finished sewing the binding down, I loaded it up with all (or some?) of my Patriotic fabric scraps...

... And found a (possible) home for the basket:

This means that there is a stack of partial quilt blocks off my cutting table, a stack of fabric not cluttering my ironing board, and one less scrap bag in the pile beside my sewing chair.

Yeah, me!!

Until next time...
Quilt your sewing space!!!