Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tidy Up Tuesday - QAYG Basket Edition

Welcome to another edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!!  It's been quite some time since the last one.  I barely have enough energy to do the laundry, cooking, and washing up, much less getting around to cleaning up my quilting space!  Little bits at a time really help.

I've been working on this storage solution off and on since January.  It's all Fiona's fault.  She posted THIS TUTORIAL and I resisted... for a grand total of SIX DAYS before digging in my batting and fabric scraps!!

I  thought that I posted several photos along the way. Unfortunately, the photos never made it onto the blog.  They are hiding in a DrEAMi post in my draft file.  I'm hoping to link up with MMM! Quilts at the end of the week.

Yesterday, I completed the fabric for a super-cute Quilt As You Go Fabric Basket...

... And trimmed it up:

The corners were cut out and I started sewing it together:

Until... I ran out of bobbin thread and called it a night!!!  :o((

Today, the basket is complete.  Here it is before binding...

And after...

As soon as I finished sewing the binding down, I loaded it up with all (or some?) of my Patriotic fabric scraps...

... And found a (possible) home for the basket:

This means that there is a stack of partial quilt blocks off my cutting table, a stack of fabric not cluttering my ironing board, and one less scrap bag in the pile beside my sewing chair.

Yeah, me!!

Until next time...
Quilt your sewing space!!!


  1. Well that Fiona has a lot to answer for!! Lol!! Your scrap box is beautiful! And really was a good distraction as it sounds you have tidied a bit anyway!!

  2. Well, the DrEAMi! linkup is open until May 5 so you've got time! Cute basket of scraps, something I NEED to do; the scraps get used, but still multiply and I want them organized by colour.


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