Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - November Sew/Craft Friend-zy

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week, I'm here to report on November's Sew/Craft Friend-zy.  

People came and went at various times, but...

Here are the highlights...

Tiffany was presented with her REAL 50th Birthday gift:

I modeled how to wear it as a shawl:

Carol worked on creating some gifts:

Lisa planned to start out the morning with an ornament project: 

Tiffany demonstrated use of the cutting machine:

Tiffany and I took a selfie with her new shawl-turned-scarf, so Lisa decided to photo-bomb the picture:

Denise came with ANOTHER new kit:

The Cuba bags are nearly done.  Tiffany finished the embroidery:

Denise is ready to start laying out blocks and bagging them up:

A couple of the crafters were working on making ornaments:

Kristen and her tablemates worked on scrapbooking:

There was also a production line for making Art Bowls:

Crafters, old...

... And young alike, worked on decorating the bowls:

Another crafter was responsible for shaping the bowls.  Over bowls.  Then the waiting begins:

Electronic stencil maker:

This is the sign above the coffee bar:

Someone forgot to pick up their stamped Halloween shirt:

Lisa is making progress:

Her next project will be these curling iron holders:

BEAUTIFUL, Denise!!  1 down, 19 to go:

With photos taken, I was ready to follow my sock's advise:

You KNEW that I wasn't REALLY done with photos, didn't you?!

Tiffany busied herself making circles:

The knitter in me HAD to have a picture of Denise's Wolkig Cowl that she started with yarn she bought at SAFF last week:

Her knitting style intrigued me:

Just LOOK at that super soft baby alpaca yarn and that gorgeous wooden yarn bowl:

The m&m station was set up behind my machine:

Carol completed a flat iron holder:

MORE circles for Tiffany's newest applique project:

Lisa prepares binding...

... Using Tiffany's binding maker:

I've sewn the first seam on the last batch of blocks:

I pressed them with my new Steamfast Iron:

Carol completed her last two Flat Iron Holders:

Melinda showed up with a faux wolf pelt:

She's making pillows for one of her offspring:

Britt is working on completing the top of It's a Blooming Jungle:

Here she is, fitting the final pieces of this puzzle together:

Remind me never to sew with fake fur, please!!

It looks like Denise is getting close to having her blocks packaged:

Woo!!  Hoo!!  Block number 20 is in the bag:

Britt's B9P is a completed top:

Super soft shirt brand:

Lisa is making another Iron Caddy:

MORE circles for Tiffany's applique project:

Britt auditioned border sizes...

While I got artsy with my photography:

Busted!!!  As I was getting the artsy shot, Britt captured me:

All of my 9-Patches are pressed:

Lisa is cutting binding, Britt is cutting borders, and Denise is starting the cutting for a new project:

Here is the stack of my completed blocks:

This is our next project, as several of us have the pattern:

The artist is on to another project:

I need to look for this book in my quilt library at home:

Lisa finished the Iron Caddy that she was working on:

I moved on to assembling a portion of my B9P quilt:

Britt's first Blooming 9-Patch is complete, including an added border:

Carol is working on the layout for her son's quilt:

This is my favorite block:

Here are the FOUR Flat Iron Holders that Lisa made today:

Almost ALL of the circles are prepared:

My last round of 9-Patches have been added to the row ends:

Tiffany can begin to work on the remaining applique blocks:

This is the border that will be added later:

Thank you to St. Andrews UMC in Raleigh for hosting this event.

Until next time...
Quilt til you wilt!!!