Saturday, June 16, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC18 - Week 24

Welcome to Week 24 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  My schedule has changed, again.  I'm hoping that will mean more time for sewing, but only time will tell.

Walk with me through my week...

SUNDAYGood news!!  It appears that Blogger may have fixed the email response function. Oh, how I hope so!!

MORE good news...

I actually sewed today.  The rows are sewn and ready for assembling the quilt top of Dad's Ties for Molly:

After that, I spent the evening with my extended family.

MONDAY - This afternoon, I released a new Mail Call Monday post.  Read all about it HERE.  Spoiler alert:

TUESDAY - Girls Night Out!!!  Happy birthday, Nicole:

Oh, look!  Tracy was channeling the RSC Color of the Month:

WEDNESDAY - It's a happy day in Basketland!!  Dad's Ties for Molly is a completed quilt top:

THURSDAY - I released a Wonderful Wednesday post yesterday.  You can read about it by following THIS LINK.

Here's a shot of my peach and TEAL color study quilt doing what it was always meant to do, Out on a Limb, made more than 10 years ago, still looks "brand new".  The only difference is that now it is FINALLY gracing our bed:

FRIDAY - FREE Day!!  Well, sort of... I went to Knit Group and ran some errands before settling in to do some chores.

The errands MAY have involved a TINY bit of shopping...



And a bit of AQUA for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

SATURDAY - LINK PARTY day over at So Scrappy blog.  I'm off to my Monthly Quilt Bee meeting.  You go ahead, I'll catch up on what the other RSC Quilters have been up to when I get home.

About Blogger fixing the email notification... NOT.  :o((

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - Quilty Friends

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week, I'm sending a shout-out to several of my quilting friends.

Joanna had a bag (or two) of scraps for me  last week:

**  Actually, now that I'm remembering again, I think that white bag was full of scraps from Ella.  (SEW sorry to have left you out originally!!  I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.)

Ruth (?) was giving away some magazines:

Dee Dee was sharing some thread and no one else would take it.  She even included this roomy tote bag in the mix:

Thanks, ladies!!  I absolutely LOVE fabric scraps, there are some really nice patterns in the ONE magazine that followed me home and who doesn't need thread to sew it all together?!?!  :o))

Until next time...
Quilting friends are THE BEST!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Scrap Attack Tuesday - June Job Pull

Welcome to another edition of Scrap Attack Tuesday!!  This week, I'm here to reveal my goals for the month of June.

From my Scrap Attack list:

6. City Mouse suggested small scraps, Cut from the Utz jar:

How BIG is the jar, Joyful???

From the secondary list, in case I have extra time or enthusiasm:

2. Sew up some String blocks like Mel:

I'm hoping to get back on track this month.  We'll see...

Until next time...
Attack Those SCRAPS!!!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Mail Call Monday - Jenny Style

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  I got an email from a friend about a SALE at Missouri Star Quilt Company. 

I don't normally do a lot of mail order,


This box arrived to prove that I did, in fact, shop online:

These items were found inside:

Hmm... This is NOT what I was expecting, but look at the gorgeous TEAL/TURQUOISE/AQUA section for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Color of the Month:

I was expecting my first Missouri Star Quilt Co. t-shirt:

I really THOUGHT that I was getting a Kona color CARD:

Instead, a colorful piece of fabric arrived:

Oops!  Slight error.  It isn't the FIRST time I've misread a SALE flyer.  I'll call this a happy accident (because these swatches are actually USE-able.)  What to make?  What to make??

Until next time...
Add a little color to your life!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC18 - Week 23

Welcome to Week 23 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  We deal in fabric scraps for pleasure.  The brainchild of Angela, over at the So Scrappy blog, has been inspiring quilters around the globe for years now.  I'm SEW happy that I found her at the end of 2014!  She recharged my enthusiasm for quilting...

Although, you might not be able to tell it from THIS week...

SUNDAY - Mari's Squared Away Sampler block for this month can be found HERE.  My day consisted mainly of doing chores around the house.  The main one?  Tackling Mt. Washmore, of course!

My favorite project bag was on-hand to fill the gaps between loads:

MONDAY - Where did Monday go?!  Apparently, it passed by so quickly that I didn't get a chance to mentally note what transpired.

TUESDAY - A hair appointment late this afternoon gave me the perfect excuse to skip cooking dinner tonight.  After enjoying takeout from our favorite sandwich shop, I went up to the sewing room to plow through my TEAL scrap basket:

But WAIT!!  There's more in the TURQUOISE/AQUA basket:

WEDNESDAY - Sent out notifications for the 2018 (Ravelry) Mug Rug Swap.  Near the end on the process, I noticed two items that I had previously disregarded.  Oops!!  ONE of two was resolved BEFORE it became an issue.  I'm still working on the second.

THURSDAY - I made a quick stop at my Weekly Quilt Group meeting today.  My replacement editor was gone for the day, so I dropped by to take a photos for the group's blog.  It was SEW great to see everyone!

FRIDAY - I was pleased to attend Knit Group today.  Lunch afterwards with one of "the girls" boasted some of our RSC Color of the Month:

I was dressed for the occasion...

All the way down to my toes:

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day over at So Scrappy!!  Visit the link provided for some TEAL/TURQUOISE/AQUA scrappy  goodness.  You won't be disappointed (because other RSC Quilters actually sewed this week.)

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Scrap Attack Tuesday - May Mission Accomplished...


Welcome to another edition of Scrap Attack Tuesday!!  I'm here to report back on my May goals.  (And April's, too.)

Shall I go in chronological order???

April Leftovers...

From my Scrap Attack list:

1. Choose a quilt to donate and mail to Covered in Love!



I've chosen the quilt:

I really THOUGHT I'd wanted to quilt it.  Then reality set in!!  I don't currently have the time for that task.  Which means...

I still didn't QUITE meet my goal.  :o((

On the plus side, the quilt, its backing fabric, AND its binding fabric are sitting in the car waiting for me to stop at the post office to send the lot off to Kat at Covered in Love.  :o))

From my secondary list, in case I have extra time or enthusiasm in any given month:

5. Try making something with selvages like City Mouse.

By the end of April I had gotten some selvages sewn, but they we're the competed item that I hoped for:

Now???  CHECK!!

A little late, but...

By the end of May, it looked like this:

And was gifted to an old friend:

May Accomplishments...

From my Scrap Attack list:

8. Sharon is working with the RSC, Work in the month's color.  This month Angela announce PINK.  I will concentrate on these Bonus HSTs:

I made the beginnings of a mini quilt:


I misplaced it in the move from Needleb's sewing room back to mine.  :o((

I'm still giving it a CHECK!!

I've got too much on my plate to be concerned over the fact that the small scrappy quilt wasn't completed.  I hope YOU all can agree with me on this point.

From my secondary list, in case I have extra time or enthusiasm in any given month:

11. Make a Thread Catcher out of Batik scraps. (All me!)

While the basket turned out quite like a Mug Rug...

I'm giving myself a CHECK for completing May's secondary Scrap Attack goal, anyway.

Why, Joyful???

Life is too short to worry about the difference between a Mug Rug and a Thread Catcher!!  They take approximately the same amount of fabric and the person this will be gifted to didn't have need of a container to hold threads.

The whole point of participating is to USE our scraps and I did that this month.  Did YOU???

Thank you to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict for hosting this challenge.  Mission accomplished!!

Until next time...
Attack Those SCRAPS!!!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Mail Call Monday - Speedy Delivery

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  This week, I am here to tell you about the package that arrived in my mailbox the other day.

It was fairly large and quite squishy:

This is what was inside:

It's the batting that I won for participating is Sarah's Hand 2 Help Challenge over on Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  :o))

Thank you, Sarah and thank you to The Warm Company!!  I absolutely LOVE the fact that I won something that is SEW useful.

Until next time...
It pays to give!!!