Saturday, July 14, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC18 - Week 28

Welcome to Week 28 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I'm SEW pleased to be easing into a (hopefully) itch-free week.  Things are definitely looking up.

SUNDAY - Mari from The Academic Quilter has released this month's Squared Away Sampler block TUTORIAL.  Take a look and think about giving it a try.

MONDAY - I joined the Monday Knitters for tea at Reed's in Mebane.  I went last week, but that day was little more than an itch-induced daze!

TUESDAY - It was a long day, but I didn't accomplish much.  Well, except for layering Dad's Ties for Molly on the longarm

No photo.  :o((

WEDNESDAY - Good news...  I got a start on the tie quilt:

 And then I couldn't stop!!  :o))

It is FINALLY quilted!!!  Now, I just have to finish the binding (sometime between tomorrow and Saturday) so that it will be ready to send out in the mail next week.

THURSDAY - Enjoying a peaceful morning with my Weekly Quilt Group at Jean's house.  I wasn't able to join them for lunch, but it was good to spend time with friends.

FRIDAY - Knit Group in the morning was followed by cleaning up my sewing table in the afternoon.  I need to clear some space for starting a new project (once the tie quilt is complete.)

I did stop by my favorite resale shop to see what wonderful items I could find in July's Color of the Month...

Just inside the door, a RED couch:

A circular candle holder:

I was lured by the display or RED purses:

Hmm... this bracelet is too big for me:

As were the RED readers on the way out the door:

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day over at the So Scrappy blog.  Angela hosts a weekly link-up for sharing our Rainbow Scrap Challenge progress.  This week, you are sure to be seeing RED.

With that, I'm on my way out the door to visit with members of The Unskilled Quilt Guild.  Should prove to be a FUN day!  Why?  Well... I basically invited myself (since I'm an honorary member) and the host's response was, "Sure!!  The more the merrier."  :o))

I'll report back about that on Wednesday, so come back soon.

Until next time...

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Scrap Attack Tuesday - July Job Pull

Welcome to another edition of Scrap Attack Tuesday!!  This week, I'm here to reveal my goals for the month of July.

From my Scrap Attack list:

3. Thanks to Mel, Do SOMETHING with Christmas scraps:

From the secondary list, in case I have extra time or enthusiasm:

12. Make mug rug out of random scraps. (All me!)

Photo currently unavailable... The baggie seems to have hidden itself.  The fabric scraps have already been chosen.  II suppose they MUST be hiding with DS2's missing birthday present!!!

This month's tasks aren't terribly challenging.  Surely, I'll be able to achieve a modicum of success.  Wish me luck.

Until next time...
Attack Those SCRAPS!!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC18 - Week 27

Welcome to Week 27 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I am sad to see the cool ocean colors of TEAL/TURQUOISE/AQUA go, but we have arrived at a new month.  That means that Angela announced a new Color of the Month.  July's color is:

Race through my week with me...

SUNDAY - The "official" release of the new Color of the Month.  I spent the day at Needleb's working on Dad's Ties for Molly.  I completed the last step prior to quilting... cutting the batting to size.  The quilt backing has been loaded onto the longarm and the top is waiting for the batting to be put into place:

Bits of the Color of the Month hanging from the rails.

The two-color binding was also prepared, but I seem to have misplaced it somewhere between Needleb's house and my own.

MONDAY - I ended up at Urgent Care after calling the Nurse Advise Line last night.  I've got a mean looking rash that has spread since I noticed it.  It burns and itches.  Probable diagnosis, prickly heat.  (That's right, the PA wasn't sure.)  Majorly  uncomfortable!!  :o((

I didn't do much today, but I posted the results the Spring 2018 (Ravelry) UFO Club.

TUESDAY - Back to the doctor today, as I was having an allergic reaction to the meds prescribed.  Back to the pharmacy, only to find that the NEW script hadn't been called in!!! :o((

While blog hopping this afternoon, I found that Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville released this year's Leader/Ender Challenge.  You can find it HERE.  It's one of my all time favorite patterns.  Here's hoping that I can get myself organized enough to participate!  (At least, the challenge runs for an entire year... even though it hasn't made a difference in the past.)  SEW many projects.  So little time!

If you haven't seen my Scrap Attack Report from June, it's been posted on the blog.

For my Rainbow Scrap Challenge friends, I unearthed RED scraps to play with this month:

WEDNESDAY - Happy 4th of July! to my American readers.  Here's hoping YOU enjoyed a day of celebration with family and friends.

After a miserable (nearly) sleepless night, I'm a wreck.  I simply MUST find something that helps relieve the discomfort.  Before. I. Go. OUT of my mind!!!  Sigh...

After dinner, I was able to finish up the Wonderful Wednesday post I've been working on.  Read all about it HERE.

THURSDAY - I had really hoped to get to my weekly Quilt Group meeting today.  Uncertain if my frazzled nerve endings would allow the excursion...

Surely, a FEW minutes wouldn't hurt:

The Future Quilter and I made a brief appearance.  It was SEW nice to see my quilty friends - even if I couldn't get any hugs!  :o))

FRIDAY - The weekend has arrived.  With it comes Vacation Week... Or will that be STAY-cation Week???  Only time will tell.

For now...

Bring on the RED - Nails, of course:

Oh!  You can find my Summer 2018 (Ravelry) UFO Club post by following THIS LINK.  My goal is to finish ONE of these projects by the end of the summer.  More would be better.  Wish me luck!
SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day over at Angela's So Scrappy blog.  Head over to see what the other RSC Quilters have been sewing up with their RED scraps.  (I'll update the link once Angela has released her post.)

Until next time...

Friday, July 6, 2018

Summer 2018 (Ravelry) UFO Club - The List

Sign-ups are now OPEN for the Summer 2018 session of the (Ravelry) UFO Club. Returning members and new friends are welcome to join The Club! ALL Club Members should post their 5 (or more) Quilting UFOs here or link to your blog. Share your progress in this thread. Sign ups will be open until July 7, 2018.
NOTE: Qualifying projects must be completed by September 30, 2018.

My list looks very much like it did for the last quarter.  I changed the order a bit but, all the items are the items are the same.

  1. Dad's Ties for Molly:  (DONE!!! 7/15/18)

  2. Rainbow Picnic:

  3. A6 Mystery:

  4. IMPROV Scrap Swap Challenge:

  5. Grand Illusion Mystery (2014):


  6. Like Deborah (Boschart) Only Not:

  7. Blue/Green Quilt for Parrish:

  8. The Birthday Quilt (Crazy Mom's June QAL):

  9. The Back/Front Quilt:

10. Where's Jackson?

At home

Nearly all of these have been on my UFO List for ages.  Eventually, they will be completed!!!  The goal is to finish ONE project per quarter.  I failed during the Spring session.  Hoping for better results this time around.  :o))

Until next time...
Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Sew Saturday in Clayton - The Extended Version

This week's Wonderful Wednesday post went incognito.  Enjoy!

Sew Saturday in Clayton - The Extended Version!!  You got the details last week about my sewing event.  What you didn't see was what came next.

In Garner!!


My long lost friend, Kat, lives not far from where I spent the day sewing.  I stopped off in her town on the way home.  Shopping at a Big Box Store that I don't have in my town and getting a snack for the ride home was on the agenda.


I wondered if she even lived in the same house anymore and decided to drive over to check it out.  It's been YEARS since we'd seen each other and I've really missed her.

Well worth the risk, don't you think?!

Needless to say, she was surprised to see me at her door, but ushered me into the living room (just like old times.)  We had a wonderful chat and I got a chance to catch up on some of the projects I've missed since I've been away.


Kat completed her Roll, Roll Cotton Boll by Bonnie Hunter:

It is SEW gorgeous with the color balance switched up!!!

Next up was Quilt Show, a group project that I have yet to assemble my own.  I made the Honey Bee Block in the top RIGHT corner:

Finally, she shared a few of her recent projects...

This bag was made for Kat's Running Club:

It's got a HUGE pocket on the outside:

Watch as she folds the sides in and the bottom up...

And folds it, again...

Straightening the edges, as necessary...

Until only the bottom of the pocket remains:

Like magic, you've got tote bag the size of a clutch:

Kat's also making (knitting) project bags in 3 sizes:

Old friends with a new kitty:

Until next time...
Reunions are SEW sweet!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Scrap Attack Tuesday - June Accomplishments

Welcome to the reporting post for June's Scrap Attack goals!!

From my Scrap Attack list:

6. City Mouse suggested small scraps, Cut from the Utz jar:

Here's a reminder just how BIG the jar is:


I waited til the last minute and grabbed all of the TEAL/TURQUOISE/AQUA scraps from the barrel (in honor of the RSC Color of the Month) and started cutting at last Tuesday's NT Nights Quilt Bee meeting:

However, I decided to save the triangles for another (future) project.  The result of my efforts:

Even though I decided NOT to trim down the triangle and I only finished ONE color, I'm still considering this a WIN!!

From the secondary list, in case I have extra time or enthusiasm:

2. Sew up some String blocks like Mel:

Umm... Sort of!!!

I forgot what the secondary goal was and went off on a tangent.  I did work with scraps, but for some reason, I got it in my head that I was supposed to trim up these (previously sewn) leftover Leader/Ender HSTs:

SEW... I work on them at June's Sew Saturday in Clayton:

Down to the very last square:

One of these day, I'll get things right.

Until next time...
Attack those SCRAPS!!!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Spring 2018 (Ravelry) UFO Club - The Results

The Spring 2018 session of the UFO Club now CLOSED!!  ALL Club Members should have posted their 5 (or more) Quilting UFOs in the Quilters Knitting Group on Ravelry or linked to your blog by April 7, 2018. Shared progress was requested. All qualifying projects must have been posted to this thread by Midnight (EDT) on June 30, 2018.
I didn't finish any projects this term.  I did make progress on Dad's Ties for Molly, which is ready for quilting:
The two-color binding has been prepared:
Photo currently unavailable.
Session Totals: 13 quilters completed 22 projects. Congrats! to Siberspinner on finishing her 2nd UFO of the session. She finished with only hours to spare, earning her the title of Queen of the Last Minute for this session!!
Thank you to all of our participants. Cheerleaders, you make our efforts worthwhile. Congrats! to all of our finishers.
Until next time...
Happy Finishing!!!