Saturday, October 29, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 44

Welcome to Week 44 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  It's another week of YELLOW and ORANGE.  Angela, over at So Scrappy blog, gives us a color or two to work on each month.  This year she chose two per month so that we were left with two months to finish up our scrappy projects.  Sounds like a great plan, but I'm not sure which RSC projects will be ready for finishing.  More than that, I'm not sure that I will have TIME to devote to RSC finishing due to commission projects in the works!

One week at a time, so let's see how THIS one panned out...

SUNDAY - Sniffle, sniffle.  Stitch, stitch.  Oh, look!!  I completed the top of my Think Spring Mystery Quilt...

... And there's even some YELLOW in it for the RSC!!!

MONDAY - OUCH!!!  Carrying my folding table while wearing a walking cast boot probably wasn't the best idea.  :o((  The good news is that I'm OUT of that walking cast boot!!

I was so out of sorts this morning that I left my wallet at home when I went to Knit Group.  (Fortunately, friends will buy your tea and treats for you when this happens.)

TUESDAYCough, cough and off to the chiropractor, I went. That was weird... only a minor adjustment (and some acupuncture) and my back is feeling MUCH better.

Today's quilty adventure?  Rounding up scraps for my friend, Sue's new quilt:

Oh, LOOK!!  There's YELLOW in there, too... And she's THRILLED with the variety of scraps that I shared!!   :o))

WEDNESDAY - Ring, ring!!  I called to get an appointment with my doctor so that if this cold turns into anything nasty, I will have something to make me feel better while I'm away this weekend.

THURSDAY - Yes.  I'm going away again.  This time, it's SAFF.  For you non-yarny folks, that stands for the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair held outside of Ashville, NC each year.  My knitting friends and I go every year.  Well, we've gone every year for the past 5 years or so.)

Today's news???

Bonnie Hunter, of Quiltville fame, released the color cues for this year's En Provence! Mystery Quilt:

Follow the link above for the glorious photos!!

FRIDAY - Hello, from SAFF!!  I woke up at breakfast...

... When someone spilled HOT coffee down my back!!!  GOOD morning.  Yes.  I'm awake now (and wearing a clean, dry shirt, after heading back to the room to change!)

Tonight was the Official Un-official SAFF/Ravelry Party at the Mt. Inn and Suites.  The entire lobby was filled with knitters, crocheters, and spinners, all is search of cool DOOR PRIZES from the AMAZING vendors.  Thank you to all who contributed!!  Winners, please be sure to show your appreciation.

SATURDAY - Hello, again, from SAFF!!  I may be away, but I didn't forget about my fellow RSC Quilters.  Today is Angela's LINK PARTY, so head on over to her So Scrappy blog.  I'll catch you later.  I planned to be off in search of goat's milk fudge from Heather Farms.  YUM!!!  It's a SAFF tradition.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Mail Call Monday - Scrap Addict Edition

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  Today, I'm here to show you the new book that arrived while I was off at Quilt Camp last week.

What new book, Joyful???

Bonnie Hunter's new Addicted to Scraps book, that's what!!  :o))

NO...  You're NOT seeing double!!  I bought TWO books - one for myself and one for a special quilting friend (who also happens to be a "Bonniac" just like me.)  You may also have noticed that I got the package deal that included her new Essential Triangle Tool.  Oops!!

YES!!  I am part of the reason that Bonnie is now suffering from Trigger Thumb.  :o((

Since I was ordering anyway, I thought I would add Bonnie's Wonky Wishes pattern to my order.  After all...  I'm "addicted to scraps"...  Both mine and everyone else's, too!!!

Until next time...
Make your quilts scrap-a-licous!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 43

Welcome to Week 43 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  It's hard to believe how fast the year is flying by.  My boys are now 18 and 21. We have a (semi-) empty nest!!  How could that be???

While there WAS a fair amount of sewing done this week, it wasn't RSC sewing.  You may recall that I was off at Mountain Quilt Camp for the majority of the week.  Please see THIS post for more details about that portion of the week.

SUNDAY began with a mad rush to finish packing and ended with a trip to the mountains, but I checked out THIS POST while I waited for my ride to arrive.  It made me SEW happy to know that my scraps were appreciated and being used!!

Prepped a YELLOW Maverick Star before dinner:

On the way to dinner, I couldn't miss ORANGE leaves:

... And added the YELLOW star points after dinner:

On MONDAY morning, I missed Knit Group.  :o((

(It was worth is to be able to quilt the afternoon away!)

RSC sewing completed.  ONE Maverick Star block in YELLOW:

TUESDAY, I quilted ALL DAY LONG!!  Friends share some YELLOW projects for the RSC Color of the Month...

A little bit of YELLOW:

A lot of YELLOW:

On WEDNESDAY, I quilted late into the evening.  I should have known better!!

I missed THURSDAY my weekly quilt group meeting, but returned home from Quilt Camp during the middle of the afternoon.

I got the cutting right...

... And PART of the sewing:

But something went wrong... too late to fix it:

On FRIDAY, I had an early appointment and was busy all day.  It certainly takes a while to recover from a trip!!  Found that Angela posted the Row By Row - October pattern... on SUNDAY!! Thank you, Angela.  That looks like a FUN block!

SATURDAY is LINK PARTY day over at Angela's So Scrappy blog.  Head over to see what everyone has been up to this week. Especially, if you like sunny shades of ORANGE or YELLOW.

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mountain Quilt Camp

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday on a Thursday!!  Sorry for the delay, but I didn't leave Mountain Quilt Camp until after lunch today.  We only just got home.

WARNING:  This is a picture-heavy post!!!

I hope you don't mind if I start from the beginning...

... With our first views of the mountains:

... And attempts to capture the first glimpse of fall foliage:

 EARLY ARRIVAL this year nearly EVERYONE came early!!

Grandfather Mountain:

The view from the Banner Elk (Lodge and Cafe), home of the 2016 Wooly Worm Festival:


Libby and Lisa get set up and get busy:

Everything's ready, but the thread:

I started off by prepping a YELLOW Maverick Star:

Lisa completed her first project just before dinner:

I needed a picture of the Think Spring Mystery by Tiffany:

Fall colors...

... Everywhere you look:

THIS is the view across the lake near the entrance of the Holston Presbytery and Retreat Center:

When we returned from dinner, I began with some little gifts:

And a bit of RSC sewing:


Tiffany already completed a quilt top and I found my next iron:

Lisa's getting started on her YELLOW quilt borders:

Here's a look at Grisby Hall, otherwise known as The Sewing Room:

Today, I finished up ONE Maverick Star block:

... And scouted out a cool scrap block:

Bonnie Hunter would have been proud! Leader/Ender project:

I moved on to pairing up HSTs:

We've got some hard-core quilt campers in our midst:

Just LOOK at these set-ups:

Libby is working on ANOTHER quilt from these fabrics:

She's using THIS pattern:

Here is a better look at the component blocks:

Announcements before lunch:

Notice the stack of HSTs:

Getting SHORTER:


Even at Quilt Camp, friends share SCRAPS:

The HST pairings included a bit more RSC sewing in YELLOW:

HERE is how that Leader/Ender block turned out... GORGEOUS:

Pressed "geese" sorted by color...

... Followed by a trip to The Lodge:

Such peaceful surroundings:

One of MANY pretty projects on the go:

Friends pretty projects...

... Progress before dinner:

CUTE project... a Make and Take from a prior Quilt Camp:

I found a 5 point Scavenger Hunt badge:

And after sewing all day...

Another look at the quilt that I'm assembling:

HERE is a close-up of Tiffany's quilting:


Above and below, my personal Frog Team. (Thanks for ripping out my oh so frustrating MAJOR mistake!!)

OK, so maybe next time I should get someone ELSE to take the picture!!  It's still a keeper!!

Another beauty on the pressing table:

Aww... That's better, since my hand isn't in the way this time:

Even better when someone else is taking the photo:

Oh, FUN!!  Shaggy flowers:

EPP from approximately 15 years ago:

Our "Dorm Mom" was this morning's entertainment:

My (corrected) progress:

Today's lunchtime entertainers:

I got lucky on the m&m game:

Tiffany LOVES m&m's, so SHE got to tell the "Worst Quilt Camp" story to all of the campers:

Progress after lunch, a COMPLETED quilt top:

Black, White, and Oh-so-different quilts:

Tiffany is on to ANOTHER long-neglected UFO project:

Autumn splendor...

... On an afternoon hobble to the lake:

After dinner Bloc-Loc demo:

Our home away from home for the week:

Lisa's BEAUTIFUL rip and redo (very) YELLOW quilt:

Lisa is SEW happy to have this quilt top done:

These petals will ravel in the wash:


Libby has had ENOUGH of my camera:

Lisa has moved on to designing a border for the Dad Quilt:

While I tried my hand at the Bloc-Loc ruler...

Pinwheels in progress:

Our beautiful view while sewing:

Too shadowed or too sunny.  Trying for a good shot:

Libby moved on to Dots and Dashes...

After demonstrating her (extremely useful) Creative Grid ruler:

Tif's 2004 Bernina Block of the Month quilt is coming together:

I finished the top row of my Tiffany Mystery, circa 2003 or 2004:

One of the campers will be making this adorable wall hanging in a class at her LQS on Friday and I'm SEW jealous:

Thanks for the FQs, Jill (number from Libby):

Changed to a bit of cutting:

Peg, relaxing with some hand quilting:

Another shot of The Bloggers:

Wednesday Evening's Quilt Camp Show and Tell:

Tiffany shared her nearly completed quilt top:

** If you were there, you would have seen me walk up front with my little basket (previously) filled with HSTs.  I told the story about how that basket had been sitting on a shelf for TWELVE YEARS and showed how they had progressed over the course of camp.  Single HSTs to pairs of HSTs.  Pairs to Threesies or Foursies.  Then on to the top and bottom section of the quilt. Everyone clapped to celebrate my progress.

The Recycle Queen made a garment bag from a 50 lb. feed sack:


LAST night of Quilt Camp, The Late Night Edition:

TWO last double pointed arrows:

Smile Tiffany:

Your Bernina Block of the Month quilt top only lacks an outer border.  Nice work!  That batik strip set was perfect for sashing:

The missing pieces:

Tiffany is working on another Grandmother's Flower Garden block:

Hmm... wonder why I need an extra pinwheel section???

Sections for the center row:

Lisa's getting the flowers sewn down:

JUST A FEW MORE HOURS... and it was SEW hard to say goodbye!!  (Visit Libby's blog at Life on the Hill for an abbreviated version of Quilt Camp week.)

Time to turn in my name tag for next year:

The final seam on the center section:

OOPS!!!  There is a REASON that I don't sew late at night!!!

Everyone else is gone, but us:

All packed up:

Lisa's almost ready to apply the borders:

Tiffany got the Material Girl badge:

Cath came by to make sure we were packing up:

Lisa has only ONE MORE border, but it's time to leave:

Amazing change from when we arrived:

One last look at our fabulous view through the trees:

A stop at The Quilt Shop in Boone:

Funky bags...

Cool patterns:

Talk to your Camp Administrator for a 10% discount at the shop and there were members of the Guild visiting who said to say hello.  So...  Hello, Cath!!  :o))

Lunch at the Come Back Shack...

... Because if you're in Boone, it's a MUST:

Goodbye, mountains:

 Hope to see you next year:

One last view of the BEAUTIFUL Blue Ridge Mountains:

My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Thanks, Cath, for a wonderful mountain adventure!!

Until next time...
I'm one Happy (Quilt) Camper!!