Template Boards

To complement my Panto-rama page, I thought that I should share an inventory of Circle Lord Template Boards by Loricle that I purchased with my machine.  These are rather expensive and take up valuable storage space in the studio, so I only have a few.

Swirls Board:

Quilted Out:

Zoom in to see the texture POP!!

Baptist Fans:

Quilted Out:

Square Dance:

Quilted Out:


Quilted Out:

Photo currently unavailable.

These are fun to use and will add fabulous texture to your quilts. 
As I stitch out the designs in "real life", I will add photos for your review.

Until next time...
Keep Quilting!!!

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  1. Ah I found the answer to my question on your other blog post! You have a nice range - which do you use most? xx


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