Template Boards

To complement my Panto-rama page, I thought that I should share an inventory of Circle Lord Template Boards by Loricle that I purchased with my machine.  These are rather expensive and take up valuable storage space in the studio, so I only have a few.

Swirls Board:

Quilted Out:

Zoom in to see the texture POP!!

Baptist Fans:

Quilted Out:

Square Dance:

Quilted Out:


Quilted Out:

Photo currently unavailable.

These are fun to use and will add fabulous texture to your quilts. 
As I stitch out the designs in "real life", I will add photos for your review.

Until next time...
Keep Quilting!!!


  1. Ah I found the answer to my question on your other blog post! You have a nice range - which do you use most? xx

  2. Hello, I’m interested in buying the large circle lord boards. Do you have any for sale, or know anyone with some they want to sell? kifkoch@gmail.xom

  3. I really enjoy your blog! Can you tell me or provide me the link to the Tutorial for Magic Stars? I’m not able to find it, can you please respond to my email nasti10@cox.net. Thank you much and have a great day! Deb


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