Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - 2016 Custom CK Bag Edition

Welcome to the 2016 Custom CK Bag Edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I posted bits and pieces, as I worked on this year's bags, but didn't lay the whole adventure out in a single post.  If you've been waiting...

Here it is...

I began with the fabric options:

 And Blue.

Next came the squaring up...

... And pairing up:

Oh!  Here is a look at the Black lining options, too:

 After the squaring and the pairing comes POCKETS...

In Black:

Pink with accents:

And Blue, which got a NEW Large Pocket treatment.  A slit pocket:

Finally, we come to the assembly stage...

... And finishing details.  This one still needs topstitching:

Here's a look inside the Black Lined Bag:

This is the completed Custom CK Tote in Black...

... In Pink...

... With an interior shot:


A Logo Tote:

The Logo Tote has that NEW slit pocket detail for less gapping:

These were mailed off (while I was away on vacation) and have been joyfully received.  You can find Criminal Knits (for the serial knitter in all of us) on Ravelry where it would be a crime not to knit along!!

Recipient review:

My bag arrived yesterday, thank you! 
Your design is wonderful, and the construction is awesome!
Many many thanks! 

Until next time...
Psst!... need yarn (bags)?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Mail Call Monday - Scrap Adoption Results

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  This is NOT about mail coming IN.  It's about mail going OUT.  One lucky reader will be getting happy mail very soon!

You see, Cynthia over at Quilting is more fun than Housework hosted a Quilty Orphan Adoption Event.  She encouraged her readers to pass along projects and materials that have been languishing in our stash.  I offered THIS bag of fabric scraps:

I had THREE readers respond to my offer...


  1. Yes, yes, me please. (Hand raised to the ceiling.) I would love to receive this lovely eclectic package. I would like to make another quilt for Victoria Quilts, an organisation who gives quilts to cancer patient. I'd be more than happy to pay for shipping. Thanks for the chance, Joy. ;^)
  2. Oooh, I'd like a chance to win. How fabulous! My stash is lacking in neutrals and I love batiks. I could see these coming together into something nice.
  3. I would love to be considered for the scraps please! I have never met a scrap I didn't love! Scrap quilting is the only way I have been quilting for the past 4 years! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

Using the old fashioned method of pulling a name out of a hat...

Drum roll, please!!!

The lucky winner is... TexasQuilter.

Congratulations!!  I have sent an email to get address information and will mail out your "prize" by the end of the week.  If you didn't get the email, please email me through blogger, as you may be listed as No Reply... which would make it problematic for me to contact you regarding your winning status.  Thanks!

Thank you to Scrapandquilts and CathyR for participating in the Joyful (Quilty) Orphan Adoption - Autumn Edition!!  Check back in the Spring... because there is bound to be MORE scraps on offer.  :o))

Until next time...
Get Lucky!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 39

Welcome to Week 39 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This is the Beach Week Edition and, if you can believe the nerve of it, I left ALL of my sewing stuff at home.  (I did bring a knitting project, but that isn't in September's Color of the Month.)

On SUNDAY, we traveled to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  You might guess what that means... THIS stayed home:

Notice:  Be sure to check out my Quilty Orphan Adoption post HERE. Thank you to Cynthia at Quilting is more fun than Housework for encouraging us to part with items that we aren't using!  The drawing will take place on Monday, September 26th.  If you like fabric scraps, leave a comment.  (Disclaimer:  Postage will be the winner's responsibility.  Sorry!)

MONDAY we vegged around the condo and finished the first one of these Stripy Sleeves of Warmth:

TUESDAY, I drove down to visit Knittingsuek.  We had a lovely visit and here she is with Norma Jean, her vintage Singer sewing machine:

In honor of RED month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I give you Sue's Tumble Quilt:

We debated over the best choice for binding.

 WEDNESDAY, after opting to stay over, visit some more, and hit the post office to mail off the Custom CK Totes, I took my time getting back to Myrtle Beach.

I made it back just in time for this storm to roll in:

THURSDAY dawned fairly clear and turned out to be a lovely day.  We eventually made it down to the actual BEACH...

 ... In the meantime, Mr. Joyful was sporting some RED for RSC.

 There was a beautiful sunset...

... And Mr. Joyful managed to get in some kite flying:

 Even though I didn't get the kite in the photo!!

FRIDAY started out a bit overcast, but the temperature was just right for sitting out on the deck to enjoy a bit more of my beach read:

The skies cleared... 

... And Mr. Joyful was able to enjoy soaking up a bit of sunshine before packing up to head home:

As the skies began to gather clouds, we loaded the car and headed to Raleigh for dinner at Vic's with DS1, before stopping in Chapel Hill to bring DS2 home for the weekend.

SATURDAY we slept late.  I worked on this blog post and joined Angela's LINK PARTY.  As you might guess, I also tackled Mt. Washmore.  After a week at the beach AND 3 weeks worth of DS2's laundry, there was quite a mound of it!

Maybe NEXT week will be the week that I complete my RSC blocks in RED.  Only time will tell...

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - Road Trip Edition

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week's post gives you an in depth look at my visit to the mountains of Western North Carolina (Quilt Guild.)

Note:  Some photos have been reposted from ScrapHappy Saturday's post. Sorry!

In depth details of trip, purchases, lecture, class, quilts...

blow by blow!!!

Me, the book, and Deborah:

Wait!!  Is THIS a better shot??  You decide:

Wow!!  The Western North Carolina Quilt Guild members were AWESOME!!!  Thank you, again, for your hospitality:

Deborah's tricky "pop top" hanging system:

It was a lovely night just outside of Asheville:

These fabrics were purchased on the way up here.  They will be part of a special gift:

Here is a (sideways) close-up of Deborah's book:

Classroom set-up the next morning...

In the photo below, you can see that I attempted to bring my entire sewing room with me to the class:

Samples of Deborah's work:

Needleb is ready for class to begin:

Class began with a stamping demo...

... And a mock-up of one of Deborah's 8 design guides:

She walked us through her process of fabric selection...

... And gave thoughtful responses to our questions...

... as details were added to the Demo Quilt:

Then we broke up to begin our own art quilts.  This photo shows one classmate's multi-step honey bee stencil that she will use:

My Class Quilt began with a hand stamped circle fabric that I got from Deborah for being one of the first 50 purchasers of her book:

Our table looked a mess, but our pieces were coming together:

Britt began with this background arrangement:

By the time our backgrounds were done, it was time for lunch:

After lunch, we started adding details...

Let's get a different view of my quilt:

Britt's quilt is getting some attention, too:

Let's see what it looks like turned on its side:

Sometimes the smallest movement makes a BIG difference:

Isn't that interesting?  We just keep moving things around until the piece "feels done."  We left room to add stenciling and stitching:

Classmates were kind enough to let me show you their pieces:

Everyone seems to be progressing well:

Different stages of the process...

... But making progress none the less:

SEW many colors and patterns:

Then it was time for another demo...

Deborah shared her thoughts adding stencils:

She uses an unexpected technique...

... And acrylic craft paint:

Deborah also shared her "Stitch Map" technique...

... Along with some of her own sketches for stencils:

HERE is how her Demo Quilt is progressing:

This is a closer look at her Stitch Map:

Deborah's "Leaf in Hand" stencil is one of my favorites, but it didn't fit the space available on my quilt...

However, this tree seemed to work well:

The fabric scrap that I drew the colors from didn't make it in:

Oops!  I almost missed getting a photo of this quilt...

... And my favorite creation of the day:

I found cutting a stencil from freezer paper to be challenging:

Britt auditioned a tree for stenciling, but wasn't convinced...

I got all of my pieces stitched down...

... And bravely stenciled a rough version of Deborah's tree:

Last came a demo on finishing and sharing our day's work...

This was the ONE quilt that I was able to get a shot of:

The class agreed to pose for a group (quilt) photo:

Oops!  The quilt on the top left is sideways:

Two happy quilters with one of the BEST teachers EVER:

I borrowed this thread from Britt:

We cleaned up...

... And went shopping:

Look for Deborah's Art Quilt Collage video Blog Hop:

Watch for another quilt to come... because I still want to use this:

Thank you, again, to the Western North Carolina Quilt Guild for allowing two quilters from Durham Orange Quilters Guild to join in for one of the most wonderful experiences we've ever had. Thanks to Deborah Boschert, for coaxing the artist out of all of us!

Until next time...
Stretch your creativity!!!