Saturday, August 25, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC18 - Week 34

Welcome to Week 34 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  During the past seven days, life has been a bit of a blur.  I usually try to add entries as they occur.  This week, not ONE entry until Friday!

Read on for the parts that I can remember...

SUNDAY - I spent the better part of the day switching off between tackling Mt. Washmore and working on "The Great Declutter of 2018."  The laundry was done by the end of the afternoon.  The decluttering was... not.

MONDAY - As I was cleaning up the living room, I uncovered my ORANGE paint card.  It's one (of many) that I brought home from the local Big Box home improvement warehouse to share during posts for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge: 

TUESDAY - A long day was followed by Girls Night Out.  A few people were missing, but those of us in attendance had an enjoyable evening (filled with some food, a glass wine, LOT of KNITTING, and a bit of UN-knitting, too!!)

WEDNESDAY - Spent some time in Urgent Care this afternoon.  No appointments were available at my Primary's office and the ear ache that I developed during the morning hours couldn't wait for tomorrow.  The pain was radiating in waves and was so intense that I wanted to cry.  The BAD news is there was fluid in my ear. The GOOD news is that is wasn't infected.

The following photo is a piece of cotton jersey that I did NOT buy last weekend while at the Going Out of Business SALE at K's Closet.  It has some pretty ORANGE roses, so I was tempted:

Oh!  I released this week's Wonderful Wednesday post.  Follow the link to find out about a couple of my kind and generous friends.

THURSDAY - I didn't sleep well, at all.  Let me tell you, waking up every hour is NOT very restful.  Stupid (generic) Sudafed!!!  The doctor suggested that I take it to help clear my ear.  Stupid me... forgot that my body simply cannot tolerate that medication!

FRIDAY - I've been up since 3-something  this morning.  I spent part of the time folding ALL the clothes on my "laundry chair" and got ready for my day when that was done.

On the agenda for today?  Knit Group, of course!  Let's not talk about how much ripping and redoing I had to do.  OK??  It's hard to knit and sleep at the same time.  LOL

Many shades of ORANGE goodness for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in my Lady of the Lake quilt called Out on a Limb because, at the time, it was the biggest quilt I had ever made and it was made from a color combination that I had not used previously:

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day over on Angela's So Scrappy blog.  Not sure that I will have time to join in the fun before leaving to meet Needleb and head over to the Donation Quilt Workshop for our local Quilt Guild.

I would normally say that I would check in this afternoon when I return home, but I'll be leaving for a "date night" with my DH (and our recently restored 1972 VW Bug Convertible) at a big Car Show/Cruise Night in a nearby town.

SEW... It looks like it may be tomorrow before I will get to check in on all of the other RSC Quilters.  You go on ahead.  Soak up some of that (fabric) sunshine in all of the ORANGE projects you are sure to see.

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - Thoughtful Friends

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Over the last several days, I have received a couple of really thoughtful gifts from friends.

Thank you to my quilting friend, Maggie, for my Knitting Fabric from Traditions of the White Swan quilt shop.  It was SEW kind of you to think of me on your NC to NJ to NC personal Shop Hop:

I'm looking forward to sewing something fun with this adorable knit-themed Fat Quarter:

Thank you to my knitting friend, Tracy, for surprising me with this lovely fabric bracelet:

It may have been a destash for you, but I've barely taken in off since you gave it to me.  LOVE it!

Until next time...
Be thankful for generous friends!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC18 - Week 33

Welcome to Week 33 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I am very excited about the events of this week.  Stay tuned for an update...

SUNDAY - The stars aligned and the stitching lines did, too!  I completed the quilting on this client quilt (AND there's little bits of ORANGE in it, too.)  It's been hanging around my studio far too long!  Best of all, my client was quite pleased with the quilting:

MONDAY - I finally got a TINY bit of ORANGE sewing done.  This is a close-up of the little 9-Patch quilt block measuring 2" square:

TUESDAY - This afternoon, I put on my big girl britches and rough-cut the rest of the T-shirts for my niece's wedding quilt:

WEDNESDAY - Released my Wonderful Wednesday post bright and early this morning.  Click over to see what it was all about!

THURSDAY - I was able to squeeze in a visit with my Weekly Quilt Group.  Finagling the schedule was a challenge, but SEW worth the effort!  I was rewarded with scrap bags filled with bits of ORANGE and other fabric...

From Candy:

From Joanna:

And... from Deborah:

FRIDAY - Knit Group in the morning was followed by a trip to... the library???  Yep!  The Wedding T-Quilt required a bigger design space than was currently available in my home or studio.  This is the 7th iteration (bride approved!) of the preliminary quilt layout:

SATURDAY - The LINK PARTY found on Angela's So Scrappy blog is sure to display even more ORANGE than seen here.  I'll check out all of the projects later today.

Meanwhile, Angela is off to take her eldest daughter to college.  Best of luck, Anna!!  The RSC Quilters will be cheering you on!

I'm headed to my Monthly Quilt Bee meeting.  We're having a Sew Day after the meeting.  Blooming 9-Patch progress to follow...

Photo Currently Unavailable!!

Until next time...

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - Sew Saturday in South Raleigh

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I'm here to continue the commentary on the fun from the first weekend in August.  You might have read about my APQS Owners Group meeting in last week's POST.  But, wait!  There's more.

On Saturday...

I was one of six quilters who worked from 9 AM to 9 PM (a few of us were at it even longer!)  The Sew Saturday event was held at 
St. Andrews UMC in South Raleigh.  It was just like old times, with a few new faces thrown in for good measure (and a few familiar faces missing for a variety of reasons.)  I took photos to document the day.

Setting up...

I dropped my stuff and started taking pictures.  This is my spot:

Lisa decided to set up a little differently this time:

Tiffany brought a number of projects:

Carol had several projects to work on, too:

Getting started...

Carol's Bear Paw quilt is quilted:

Tiffany need fuel before sewing can commence:

SEW many projects...

Carol is laying out a new quilt for pinning:

Here's a closer look:

Tiffany found some Cuba-themed fabrics for a new set of bags:

She found the focus print on Spoonflower:

Carol added the bear tracks to the back of her quilt:

Tiffany got her dog wall hanging pieced:

She chose an adorable puppy print for the border:

This was the inspiration for the quilt:

Hey!  Someone has a new iron caddy:

A couple of buttons and it's ready to go:

It's Tiffany's latest creation:

Such a cheerful floral fabric:

Carol collected these bandanas for a new quilt:

Lisa got busy laying out her Blooming 9-Patch blocks:

Lois is starting with this set of blocks:

My, what a beautiful butterfly print:

Her block box also includes these bright blocks...

... And another set of floral blocks:

Denise came prepared with all sorts of carrier bags:

Here is the first project that she will work on:

Next came a NEW project:

Tiffany is busy cutting tote bag parts:

With the pinning done, Carol was ready to begin quilting:

Here is Lois, explaining her assembly process:

Joy is starting on her 9-Patch blocks...

... As Denise begins on assembling star blocks:

SEW much progress...

Round ONE is done!  Only 8 more to go, Joy:

Denise's first Star blocks is coming along:

Lisa helps Joy create a thread cone holder:

Hold this here and we'll tape the straw to the soda bottle:

A safety pin taped to the end of the straw might work:

Yep!  Worked like a charm:

Denise is on her way to a new quilt:

Lisa is sewing the rows of her B9P, as well as, sewing them together to create the top.  Let's see how far she gets:

One quilt top together:

Nice work, Lois:

Joy helped lay out Lois's 2nd quilt top for assembly:

Go, Lois, go!!  You are on a roll:

The next set of 9-Patch blocks are coming together for Joy:

Looking good, Lisa:

Tiffany is making progress on her bags:

Round TWO for Joy:

A laptop sleeve (for her daughter) is next on Tiffany's agenda:

Denise moved on to trimming up her Triangle quilt:

Sneaky Tiffany made a point to show off (Joy's) a tiny pin cushion with her tiny machine:

The rows are all put together for Lois's 2nd quilt:

Quilting in progress.  SEW focused, Carol:

Fabric for a 2nd laptop sleeve.  This one for Tiffany:

But first, Tiffany got to work on sewing the rows of her B9P:

Denise's Triangle Quilt is all trimmed up:

It's a happy day:

One UNC laptop sleeve complete:

Denise's new quilt is growing:

I really like this view of it:

Tiffany is fast approaching the halfway mark of row assembly:

Lisa is busy pressing in order to add on her next row:

I convinced DS1 to deliver dinner from Sushi Nine...

Lisa even used chopsticks:

DS1 got FREE food for delivering our dinner:

Plain Jane sushi (avocado rolls) for Joy:

Back to work, Quilters!

SEW pleased with the fruits of our labor...

Joy completed the blocks for Round THREE of her B9P:

Denise is almost done with another set of Star blocks:

The rows of Tiffany's B9P are ready to assemble into a top:

Lisa has HALF of her quilt top assembled:

It was a WONDERFUL day!!!

Thank you, St. Andrews UMC, for allowing us to use your beautiful facility.  Thanks to Tiffany, for the delicious lunch.  Thank you to all who brought treats to share.

If YOU need a new (gluten free) Instant Pot recipe:

Rainbow Scrap Challenge alert!!  Tiffany dressed appropriately for RSC Transition Week.  See!!  Turquoise and ORANGE:

Graylagran remembered her "chair quilt" which, if memory serves, was her first completed quilt:

Until next time...
Quilt til you wilt!!!