2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge

Welcome to the information page for the 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge here at The Joyful Quilter!!

Photo credits for the button labels go to Susan @ Desert Sky Quilts.  Thank you, SEW much!!

This challenge is offered in conjunction with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, but any of my readers may participate.  While you will find all the particulars in THIS POST, which was released on December, 25, 2020, here are the highlights:

The Requirements...

In the interest of fairness to ALL tables, the rules will include quilted mug rugs.  I know it's a stretch from the standard table runner, but  those of us who live in small homes may not have use for a larger quilted runner or topper.

Anything goes...

No certain techniques will be required, but you are welcome to add your own design rules to add to your own personal challenge.  (Themes? seasonal, colors, orphan blocks, etc.)

If it fits your table, it fits the Challenge!

Any technique will be acceptable.  (Applique, pieced, QAYG) 

What qualifies???

Any quilted table covering, be it runner, topper, placemats, candle mat, or mug rug.

The RULES...

1. RSC Quilters should incorporate the Color of the Month!!  Others are invited to join in, as well.  Write a separate post or add it to the one you write for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

2. Link-up with the Challengers here on The Joyful Quilter on the LAST Saturday of the month to share your quilted table dressings.

3. Tell us about any further "rules" that you set for yourself.  These can be all encompassing or change as the months go by.

Important Note for Non-bloggers...

Non-bloggers are welcome to email a photo of their entries to share here on The Joyful Quilter and Instagram users can link to @thejoyfulquilter using the tag #tablescrapstrtchallenge when posting participating projects.

Resource List...

Here are some of my favorite links for table coverings:

1. Skinny Quilts & Table Runners by Eleanor Levie

2. Jordan Fabrics on YouTube (More ideas HERE)

3. Shabby Fabrics on YouTube (For Seasonal Table Runners)

4. Skinny Quilts by Kim Schaefer (Click the FREE Sample button for a preview of the book.)

6. Sew Kind of Wonderful FREE table runner patterns.

Would YOU like to join the TABLE SCRAPS Challenge, too???

Go to the TABLE SCRAPS post and leave a comment with your blog link to Sign-ups for the Challenge are no longer required.  Just start making those quilted table coverings.  See you back here on The Joyful Quilter for monthly link-ups on the LAST Saturday weekend of every month (my post may released on the LAST Friday) to see what everyone creates.

The 2021 Table Scraps Link Party...

January 2021 LINK

February 2021YELLOW

March 2021GREEN

May 2021RED

June 2021PURPLE

July 2021Dark BLUE

September 2021 is ORANGE!!

October 2021  Light/Bright GREEN

Since Angela didn't add colors for the last two months of the year, I'm recommending the following...

November 2021's color is Maker's Choice

December 2021's color is RAINBOW!!!  :o))

Go forth and cover those tables with quilts!!


  1. So will you be setting up monthly challenge guidelines or do we just make our own decisions every month?

  2. What a fun challenge, Joy -- count me in!

  3. Joy, do we use the RSC2021 badge for this challenge or do you have a different one? Thanks!

    1. I'm working on figuring out how to make my own clickable button. I've next fine that before, so it's been a challenge.

    2. *never done that before... (You've gotta love auto correct!)

  4. Hi,
    Stumbled onto your challenge over at Karen's Korner. I would love to join in...I'm also doing the RSC 2021 challenge. I'll get to work on something for this challenge. What a great idea. Have a great day.
    My Info:
    Blog...Food for Thought


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