Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's a Shame!

I basted my Patriotic Jacket together earlier this week.  What did I find???

It doesn't FIT!!!

I've requested input on possible alterations, but have yet to attempt any of the offered solutions.  I was SO hoping to have this project finished by the end of the year!  We'll see...

Wish me luck!

Friday, December 2, 2011

1st 100 - Patch Block

1st 100 - Patch Block by basketcasejoy
1st 100 - Patch Block, a photo by basketcasejoy on Flickr.

It's December and I owe you a quilting update:

I've been working on a Leader/Ender project. (Thanks to Bonnie Hunter of for coining the phrase and to my favorite quilt buddy for finding the pattern at

You'll be pleased to hear that I got so excited about this project that it kept my machine humming for MANY stolen moments. I was having so much fun that my Leader/Ender turned into a full-fledged project! I have now completed 10 out of the 12 blocks called for. (The ONLY reason I stopped was that I ran out of cut squares to sew - and I wasn't in the mood to cut more!)

So, the question remains, why is this called a 100-Patch Quilt?

Well, the reason is this:

There are 100 cut squares in each quilt block. You then add a narrow sashing strip and a row of 44 patches around each of the blocks. Once that's done you add wider sashing strips and a border to assemble the quilt top.

The directions for the quilt call for using 2" squares. However, when using that size, the resulting quilt turns out 75" x 99". That's a pretty BIG quilt! Having recently worked on another large quilt, I just didn't want to go there again. (At least, not while the memories are so fresh!)

What could I do?

I pulled out my 1" drawer (filled with squares and strips that measure anywhere from 1" to 1 7/8".) I had 2 choices...

I could either use the stack of 1" squares or I could be reasonable and choose the stack of 1.5" squares.

What did I do???

The voice of reason won out and I am using 1.5" squares for this jewel of a quilt. 1.5" squares from my 1" drawer, 1.5" squares that I am cutting from my scrap stash, and 1.5" squares that I am cutting from "gift" scraps.

I absolutely LOVE "gift" scraps!!!

In fact, I just got another bag of them at the last quilt guild meeting. "Gift Scraps" make my quilts that much more interesting. (Plus, it really makes the previous owner of those scraps feel good to know that someone is using the smallest bits of their cast-offs!)

Thank you, quilting friends!