Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday - Q1 - APQS Owner's Group

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  A couple of weeks ago I was able to attend my local(ish) APQS Owner's Group meeting in Raleigh at Thread Waggle Quilting.

We learned about upcoming opportunities for personal and professional growth, what's happening at APQS,  and had all of our technical questions answered.  With the "business" out of the way, we enjoyed a delicious lunch (delivered from Jason's Deli), and viewed an array of quilts from the APQS owner's who were assembled.

Most of the 12 quilters gathered around the table had remembered to bring some Show and Tell...

Nora made a quilt for her grandson:

Mack (Sorry, Carolyn! He steals the show.) Told about their recent move from Wilmington after the hurricane(s) this Fall and shared the first quilting that he's done in MONTHS.  This Donation Quilt:

Veronica has been busy with these two bright and cheerful quilts:

John Flynn's diagonal backing method (I've included a link to a pdf from Jinny Beyer.) was used on this quilt:

Sarah practiced a new technique:

Borders were quilted using Quilt Path:

Chris shared a completed quilt made with freezer paper pieced circles.  I believe it was quilted with the Splat panto:

She also brought one that still needs quilting:

Here, everyone weighed in on the color to use:

Edie had not one...

... Not TWO...

But three Charity Quilts...

This is a close-up of that last one:

Edie also had a UFO to show:

Wonderful job, Edie:

Leslie had a masterpiece to share.  When she started quilting, she promised to quilt a quilt for each of the members of her Quilt Bee.  This is the LAST!!  Leslie used Quiltazoid for the quilting on this quilt.  Unfortunately I experienced a bit of technical difficulty:

Vickie hid quilted feathers in this Donation Quilt:

This is a shot of the back:

Here is a closer look at her fabulous feathers:

Stephanie has been working on a shop sample:

I believe Angela quilted this one:

Jennifer told us a story about a stencil...

Showed us a quilt...

And gave us a closer look at not one...

But TWO stencils that she and her friend designed:

YOU can order them from The Stencil Co.:

They each have different angles to mark for centering designs:

Sally brought Beauty and the Beast, circa 1990:

This was NOT machine quilted:

It is 9 FEET long, with fabric from fans all over the world:

The back is covered with signatures and the story of the quilt:

While not involved in the Fan Club, Beauty and the Beast used to be one of my favorite TV shows.  Sally graciously offered me a post card which included the story of the quilt:

Jennifer remembered that she forgot to share the Tommy Bahama quilt she made with a friend:


I then showed a photo of my completed Tie Quilt, since the APQS group had heard about it, but hadn't seen it:

Thank you, Angela, for taking time out of your busy schedule for us all to get together.

Until next time...
Strive for SEW much fun!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Tidy Up Tuesday - Blog Hop Winner!!!

Welcome to another edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!!  Last week, I participated in the Black and White Blog Hop with Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks.  She offered a prize... And so, I offered a giveaway, too.  You can read my post HERE.  The bit about my prize is down near the bottom of the page.  (Keep scrolling!)

Today, We're here for a bit of fun
(and some tidying up from the Blog Hop.)

Well... Fun for one, anyway.  :P


There were twelve (12) comments indicating a specific desire to win my Black/White and PURPLE quilted Mug Rug:

Thank you to each of you!  I appreciate your interest.



And the WINNER is...

Gray La Gran!!!

Congratulations, Gray!!

Gray has been notified of her winning entry via email.

YOU and all the participants of the Hop made it SEW much fun!!  Thank you for the many kind comments on my Black and White Blog Hop POST, everyone.  Thanks, again, to those who expressed a desire to win the mug rug made for the Hop.

I'm SO sorry that only ONE person can win!

Oh, WAIT!!!  Who is in charge here?!

That doesn't HAVE to be "a thing." 

I'm going to give away TWO more of the items!!

The Tall RED Thread Catcher goes to...

Congrats, Diann!  You, of all people, could appreciate this gift.

The LIME/Chartreuse Thread Catcher goes to...

Sue K

Congratulations, Sue!  I know you will love it as much as I do.

Sorry, Quilters!!  The Medium Quilted Basket is mine!

All.  MINE!!!

Thank you, again, Carla.  Your work on making the Black and White Blog Hop happen is greatly appreciated.  It was truly an inspiration!  I think it's safe to say that EVERYONE enjoyed it.

It's questionable that anyone could have enjoyed it MORE than
The Joyful Quilter!!!  :o))

Until next time...
HOP for quilts!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sew Some Love Sunday - CiL Block Drive Edition

Welcome to the next edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  I like to contribute to Covered in Love.  It's the charity project hosted on the Kat and Cat Quilts blog.

Here's the reason I give...

Kat makes it easy for me to do good.  She doesn't require a donor to send an entire quilt or even a quilt top.  She welcomes gifts of quilt blocks.  You can send 1, 2, or 10.  Kat will accept any number of blocks that you are willing to make.

The January/February Block Drive held my interest and met my current desired level of difficulty... EASY!!!

It starts with ONE small square (and a foundation fabric.)  You add strips of scrap fabric from there:

Lucky me, that one square is RED!!  That meant my block could double as sewing for the January's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  :o))


You keep adding strips from there.


It's time to trim up your square:


It's time to give your block a good press:


If you want to, add one-eighth inch stay stitching all the way around.  It's like an added little insurance policy.  I do this just to make sure that my seams don't pop open around the edges.


It's ready to mail off to Kat.  Your block will be added to others that she is sure to receive from all over the country.  Eventually, the quilt production will begin.

Once that (along with quilting and binding) is completed, a quilt will be ready for its trip to the hospital.

The hospital?!  Oh, no!!  Is it sick, Joyful???

Don't worry!  The hospital is the ultimate destination for your quilt block(s.)  Once sewn into a quilt, your block(s) are meant to give comfort to a grieving family as their loved one slips toward death and beyond.  Your block will become more than just a quilt block.

It just may be THE BLOCK that sparks a happy memory in a time of sorrow.  It might be THE ONE that starts the healing process for someone's grieving heart.


When YOU give, you may give more than simple quilt blocks.  You just might be giving HOPE.

Sharing with Cynthia for Oh Scrap!

Until next time...
Sew some love!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC19 - Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of the 2019 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I made a serious effort to actually SEW some of my RED scraps this week.  And... It worked!!!

You may need to follow a link to discover what became of them, but I did sew some of these RED scraps for thRSC:

Here's how I passed my time during the past 7 days...

SUNDAY - Quilting with a side of laundry.  Today I got half of a client quilt done.  I'm hoping to finish it up tomorrow.  Beyond that, I am looking forward to Carla's Black and White Blog Hop over on Creatin' in the Sticks.  It starts tomorrow.

MONDAY - Day ONE of the Black and White Blog Hop!

Boy, oh, boy!  I didn't realize how BIG the Blooming 9-Patch Quilt was, until I loaded it and used FOUR bobbins by the mid-point!  I wound two more for today AND had to wind two MORE before it was completely done.

After the quilt was finished, I decided I better wrap up my project for the Blog Hop.  It was mostly done, except for the quilting and binding.  Oops!  Lucky thing I still have a couple of days left.  :o)) 

TUESDAYDay TWO of the Black and White Blog Hop!  With my post partially written and my project complete, I had a "What If" moment.  Come back Thursday to see what I've been up to tonight!

WEDNESDAYDay THREE of the Black and White Blog Hop!  It seems that THREE projects for my BWBH post wasn't enough.  I got a wild hair and went with my favorite POP! color.  All will be revealed tomorrow and it will include a drawing - not the pen and paper version of the word, either.  :o))

THURSDAYDay FOUR of the Black and White Blog Hop!  Today, I released MY POST.  Instead of only using Black and White, I opted to throw in a bit of the rainbow.  Please take a look, if you have time for a quick-ish visit.  Here's a teaser.  You should be able to spot a TINY bit of RED in the photo below:

FRIDAY - It's supposed to be family pizza night, but I've got other plans.  I'm headed next door for an evening of FUN!!

OK. okay!  In case you didn't visit my Blog Hop post, here is another shot of the RED scraps that I played with this week:

NOTE:  If Suze is reading this (or if you know her in real life), my response to your lovely comment wasn't able to be delivered.  Your email account is FULL!!!  :o((

  SATURDAY - The weekend is here and that means I'll be headed over to So Scrappy for this week's Rainbow Scrap Challenge LINK PARTY.  Join me for some RED scrap surprises and among them, you will find this one...

The Tall Quilted Thread Catcher that I made this week:

Until next time...