Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Autumn 2018 (Ravelry) UFO Club - The Results

Welcome to the first Wonderful Wednesday post of the new year!!  I'm pleased to report the following:

The Autumn 2018 session of the (Ravelry) UFO Club is now CLOSED!! Participants MUST have listed (at least) FIVE projects.  All qualifying finishes must have been posted BEFORE midnight EST on December 31, 2018!!!


SEND (3): 
Doris7264: 2 completed project 
katyknitsnyc: 3 completed projects 
NO SEND (27): 
monicarose51: 1 completed project 
GBKDalton: 5 completed projects 
amalberti: 4 completed projects 
emaleena: 5 completed projects 
jrnylst: 1 completed project
sgray: 2 completed projects 
Kat872: 2 completed projects 
wendyquilts: 4 completed projects 
gathersnomoss: 3 completed projects 
basketcase9702: 2 completed projects 
mairG: 3 completed projects 
peregrineknit: 1 completed project 
needleb: 1 completed project 
Innerpeace1081: 2 completed projects 
siberspinner: 1 completed project 
kris7: 6 completed projects 
graylagran: 1 completed project 
Peerpressure: 5 completed projects
Session Totals:  20 quilters completed 54 projects!!  We blew our old record out of the water... by SEVEN (7) finishes!!!  That was set back at the end of the Fall of 2015 when 17 particpants completed 47 UFOs.

Thank you to ALL participants.  Without YOU, I would just sit staring at my projects (hoping that they would finish themselves.)  LOL!!

Congratulations to EACH and EVERY finisher!! Congrats to Kris7 for being our overachiever for the quarter with SIX (6) finishes and congrats to Wendyquilts on being our Queen of the Last Minute, posting the final finish of the session with only minutes to spare!

I am pleased to say that I marked TWO projects off my list during the quarter.  Never mind that they were 2 of my 4 most recent additions!!  LOL

I finished off the following project...

The Bluff (Libby's Magical) Mystery:


Just when I was lamenting that I wouldn't have another finish, I checked my list and realized that I already DID!!!

Prize Mug Rug:

What's that?

You want to see the FRONT?!?!

Sorry!!  Photo Currently Unavailable!!!  :P

I consider that a successful quarter.  Thank you to all who cheered us along from UFO to completed projects.

Until next time...
Happy finishing!!!

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  1. Congrats on the new record, that's a lot of quilts for one quarter!


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