Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday - Sew/Craft Friends-zy

Welcome to the next edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I'm here to report about the of the recent Sew/Craft Friends-zy with my Raleigh friends.  It's a LONG day, but oh SEW productive!

I found that I need fuel on the way there.  This is what I found:

Fuel prices were BELOW $2.00 per gallon for the first time in (what feels like) FOREVER!!  I was a VERY happy customer.  :o))

Here's what I found upon arrival...

Tiffany has started a NEW quilt!  A Hunter's Star variation from Missouri Star Quilt Company:

Oh, WAIT!  Make that TWO quilts begun.  This basket is filled with squares cut for a Scrap Jar Star quilt:

Carol had her table all set up to work on Snails Trail blocks, as part of another quilt that I can't seem to recall the name:

Tiffany found jacket parts in her recent studio reorganization:

Here's a shot of the back of her newly completed quilted jacket:

Down at the crafting end of the hallway...

Rock painting for Kindness ROCKS Garner was in full swing:

Paints were provided for anyone who wanted to try:

Inspiration was also provided:

Painting a chair for a The Green Chair fundraising project:

The scrapbookers were also represented:

Someone even brought a selection of Biscuitville biscuits to share:

Joy got an enthusiastic response to this (difficult to photograph) fabric pull for her upcoming quilt, Shakespeare in the Park:

Carol's pattern came from Quilter's Cache, an amazing resource:

Carol works with a variety of materials and enjoys adding meaning to her quilts with repurposed clothing items:

Denise brought panels (sewn at home) for a new bag:

She got a patchwork Swatch watch for Christmas:

Tiffany brought a small bag of scraps for Joy:

Darling crossbody bag sighting:

Lisa is making the same pattern as Carol.  Here's the LINK from Pinterest and a shot of the block layout:

These are Lisa's luscious fabrics:

Denise's next quilt is Pecking Order from Missouri Star:

The pattern can also be found in this issue of BLOCK:

Oh, Denise!  That bag is going to be gorgeous:

Here's another great bag that Tiffany offered to swap for my fabric:

It took a while, but my space is finally set up to sew:

With interior panels constructed, Denise prepares her handles:

Raring to SEW with my deep RED nails for the RSC:

Lisa might get more sewing done, if the sun wasn't in her eyes:

Britt swooped in and got right to work on assembling her 2nd B9P

Tiffany works on trimming up her HSTs:

This photo is for my friends in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

Today's collection of painted rocks... Drying:

The 1st corner of my Blooming 9-Patch is assembled:

Tiffany is in production mode on her first Scrap Jar Star block:

Denise's Tiki Tote is DONE...

... And it's completely reversible:

This is the way it will be used most often:

It's looking GOOD, Britt:

Tiffany's daughter sent a picture of what just landed on the porch:

Denise is on to the next project:

TWO corners of Britt's B9P are sewn:

Tiffany is happy with her first Scrap Jar Star block.  The stripe in the top right corner of the 16-Patch was her starting point:

Oh!  Your Pecking Order quilt is going to be AWESOME, Denise:

Lisa's not sure she likes the center square...

... And explored options for change:

Here's Lisa's first "round" of the Snail's Trail block:

I spotted a different sort of rainbow rock on a trip down the hall...

... As well as, a rainbow of paints:

Hmm... Something happened with the block sizing:

Carol used some alternative piecing methods for her Storm at Sea:

Tiffany is busy with ANOTHER project:

Denise's stack of completed block parts:

Here's another look at Carol's fabric bin.  SEW many choices:

Denise is dealing with a pressing matter...

... While Tiffany pieces her first block for Shakespeare in the Park:

Carol is pleased with her first Storm at Sea block.  Special thanks go to her Pressing Assistant, Lisa, for the nice and flat block:

ONE star down, a bazillion left to sew:

More of Tiffany's fabric:

The last of the rocks and a thank you to all who painted:

Oh!  This rock has bits of RED for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

The adorable ladybug rock, too:

FYI... I owe Lisa a spool of thread:

Thanks, Lee!  I can't believe I left my B9P thread at home.

Until next time...
Spend the day QUILTING!!!


  1. Wow...lots of creative goodness happening there! We have been seeing pretty good gas prices here as well - just over/under $1/litre.

  2. If that corner is any indication, your quilt will be fabulous. I loved all the bags - such lovely fabrics. Looks like you had a great time.

  3. Wow! Lots of good stuff going on. How do you keep up?


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