Monday, October 30, 2017

ScrapHappy Saturday... err... Monday - RSC17 - Week 43

Welcome to Week 43 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week has been a bit of a blur.  As you might know, I just came back from Quilt Camp.  What you might not know is that this (past) week I headed to SAFF.  Whew!  I'm exhausted.

Don't hate me because I've only cooked dinner TWICE in TWO WEEKS!!!  In my defense, I was busy working on a project with a deadline and had an evening meeting to attend.  They're big boys.  They can fend for themselves!!

SUNDAY - What did I do?  I have NO idea!  I did cook dinner, though.  Hush!!  Grilling burgers absolutely counts.  :P

MONDAY - Not the day I had planned, but a good day none the less.  I made an impromptu visit with an old friend... ALL DAY.  (I did manage to get home in time to make dinner, though.)

TUESDAY - What a busy day!!  I dropped my car off to have it serviced, had a dental appointment, sewed all afternoon, and then took myself off to my Monthly Evening Quilt Bee meeting.  Even took my sewing machine and managed a bit of PINK sewing:

A pocket lining for the "Great Bag Project."

WEDNESDAY - Another busy day filled with random tasks with a side of sewing.  Thank you, Needleb, for your help with my bag project.  I would NEVER have gotten those straps attached without your assistance!!  Just call me directionally challenged.

THURSDAY - Weekly Quilt Bee was this morning.  At MY house.  Here's my Show and Tell... the first completed bags:

YIKES!!!  I still had to pack and be out of here by noon.  I'm off to SAFF.  The good news is that they can't leave without me (since I am the designated driver... the one with the minivan!)

FRIDAY - Day One of SAFF!!  Hoodie Shawl Cardigan by Susanne Sommer times three:

Two of the happy knitters hammed it up:

These beautiful hand printed botanical bags were made by a friend of our friend Ashley and are found at Twist Fiber Studio:

SATURDAY - Not only is it Day Two of SAFF, it's also LINK PARTY day for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

I may be late, but I'll be there eventually.  Head on over without me.  You won't want to miss all of the fluffy PINK goodness that everyone has been working on this week.

Meanwhile, I attempted to hand wind a skein of yarn for a project.  It's not always an easy task:

Please notice the RAINBOW colored yarn and the PINK shirt!!

Mountain views from the festival exit:

Ahh... Asheville!!!

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wonderful Wednesday - Mountain Quilt Camp 2017 Edition

Welcome, once again, to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  As you might recall, I was at Quilt Camp last week.  This week's post will go into greater depth about the Mountain Quilt Camp experience.  I briefly shared my own journey HERE.

Mountains on the horizon:

The campers are coming.  The campers are coming:

You'll remember this shot from my personal post.  What you didn't know is that the "photo bomber" and I have been quilting together for more than 16 years!  That's a LOT of years and a LOT of quilts, with the beginnings of another well underway:

Libby arrived first and save us some tables:

The "Speedy Piecer" is off an running:

Anne (with an "e") made a quilt for her new nephew's room, recently painted to resemble outer space so this will be perfect:

She's already working on his "big boy" quilt, as well:

Tiffany was posing while pressing:

The Greenville Seven was down to five during this year's Welcome Skit.  What's new Pussycat:

The dress code for the "Wildcat Lake Spa Retreat" was pajamas.  Our leader, Cath, went a BIT overboard with the curlers in her wig:

Day One and Tiffany has already completed a quilt top:

Jill and Brenda worked on Folded Fabric Stars:

Ta da!!

The eagle has landed:

One of the camper's patterns:

Mother and daughter shared a sewing station:

Fran is concentrating:

This is the quilt that Carolyn is working on:

Another mother/daughter pair of visitors from The Lodge have come to see what Mary Ann is working on:

Cath is showing Day One's "Make and Take" project:

She advised us to refrain from pressing the Pinwheels:

Let's stroll to The Lodge to see what the other quilters are up to:

Upon my return, I found the eagle applique...


Later in the evening, Tiffany worked on her 3-D Pinwheel...

... And finished that, too:

Brenda finished hers, as well:

Good Morning, Day Two:

Afternoon field trip...

... Over the mountain...

... To the top of another...

... With stunning views...

... In every direction at High Country Quilts:

Libby was busy while we were away:

Look at this...

... She managed to complete the top of her Scrap Jar Star quilt:

One more shot.  With a helper this time:

Today's "Make and Take" project is a cord keeper:

I still need to make yesterday's project:

Tiffany finished her 2nd project sans applique stitching...

... And started on a 3rd:

Liz is working on finishing a class quilt:

Here's a look at how the quilt will go together:

Later on, Tiffany went back to the applique stitching:

Good Morning, Day Three:

I spent the morning sewing PINK:

Notice anything wrong with the following picture???

I did!!  Then my handy-dandy seam ripper got a workout, to help me fix my mistake:

A flat shot of Libby's Scrap Jar Stars:

Judy finished her 3-D Pinwheels.  Thanks for sharing your extra fabric.  Our projects look good with the added variety of colors:

Gail and Fran worked on cutting yardage from their charity bolt:

Pinky demonstrated how to make a Wonder Wallet:

These are the pieces to cut:

Applique is done AND borders have been attached:

What a wonderful selection of threads:

The zig zag really blended into the piece:

Quilt Camp Show and Tell:

Yes.  There was a story for each. I couldn't recall that much!

Hopefully, you enjoyed the pictures.

Departure Day dawned.  I sewed my last 4 seams and packed up all of my sewing gear:

I tried to take in the sights along the way...

... But the driver was intent on getting HERE:

Next time, we will only stop HERE, as the selection is far better:

Although, they DO have their Holiday decorations up already:

Oh, look!!  Selvage projects:

Goodbye, mountains:

Until next time...
Happy camping!!!