Monday, October 23, 2017

Mail Call Monday - Mug Rug Edition

Welcome to Mail Call Monday!!  This week's post will be known as the Mug Rug Edition.  The reason will soon become clear.

While clicking around the internet last month, I found an interesting swap announcement in THIS post on Barrister's Block blog.  It was a mug rug swap.  I haven't participated in one of those in YEARS!!

A reminder HERE.
You will find examples in THIS post.  (size requirements?!)
The guidelines HERE.

I started my mug rug at the Unskilled Quilt Guild Retreat...

... And quilted it on a Sew Day at my friend Britt's:

Completed it, too:

I mailed it off to my swap partner on 10/13/17... DAYS before the mailing deadline!!!  :o))

Earlier that week, I got an email from swap hostess.  It read:

I want to let you know that your mug rug is being delivered by me from Cecile in France.  We are going to Europe for the next week and I'm picking up the mug rug from Cecile (she's mailed it to the apartment where we are staying).
I'll mail it to you when I return on the 19th so don't fret if you don't have yours by the 16th!


I assured her that I would be sufficiently distracted by Mountain Quilt Camp during the arrival week.  Even if I wasn't, who wouldn't want to get a mug rug from Europe?!?!

I am SEW excited!!!


Fast forward to this past weekend and a package arrived:

With French ribbons included:

There was a note, written in English, fortunately:

This is the back and, unlike me, my swap partner added a label:

Hooray!!!  The selvage mug rug that I never made for myself:

Here is a closer look at the label...

... And the piecing:

Thank you, Cecile!! I'm quite happy with the mug rug that you made for me.  Although, I have to tell you, I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to convince myself to place my cup of tea on it!  


Until next time...
Swapping is FUN!!!


  1. It is so cute! I love your new mug rug. I wouldn't be able to place a mug on it either. I also love the one you made. Very beautiful fabric used for that little mug rug. Enjoy! ;^)

  2. You made a great mug rug, and you were a very lucky quilter to receive the one Cecile made. I love how she put the French General selvedge right down the middle.:)

  3. You've done a beautiful mug rug and I loooove the fabrics you used ! So sweet !
    And you're very welcome Joy ! I was so exited to sew this mug for you ! Big hugs :)

  4. How fun! It's always amazing to see all the different interpretations of a project. Both mug rugs are so different, but both turned out beautifully.

  5. Your mug rug is very cute! And the selvage one too. I never thought of making selvage mug rugs, but that's a great idea!


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