Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 Dye Challenge

2011 Dye Challenge by basketcasejoy
2011 Dye Challenge, a photo by basketcasejoy on Flickr.
You might recall that I attended a Dye Workshop last month. Well, I accepted this year's Challenge issued by our project leader to create a quilted item using some of our hand-dyed fabrics.

I chose a special fabric to make something with before this month's meeting (which was this morning.)  Why was the fabric that I chose particularly appropriate?  The project leader had given it to me at the Dye Frenzy!

I added stars & waves quilting to a piece of fabric that I double dipped. It was a technique that I hadn't tried before.  Unfortunately, this piece was in one of the later dye baths and the colors are more muted than I would have liked.

It seems to need something else.  I'm not 100% sure what, but I'm thinking it needs to be over-dyed, painted, or beaded.  Only time will tell...

Maybe next year... For now, it seems perfectly happy hanging in my kitchen for the summer!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

3 More "Big" Blocks

3 More "Big" Blocks by basketcasejoy
3 More "Big" Blocks, a photo by basketcasejoy on Flickr.

Of course, I'm NOT saying that's all that I have left to make! That's just the number of "Big" Blocks that I finished up today.

That makes six!!! (ONLY 10 more to go, if I'm remembering correctly.)

They are constructed in giant 4-Patch blocks. Each of those are composed of 4 individual Crumb blocks with black sashing in between.

It's QUITE a process! (But I love it!)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Picture Posting Test

In the past, I have always either clicked on the "Insert Image" icon or posted about a particular picture directly from Flickr.  Unfortunately, I've been having some trouble lately.  I received this message:

"Your Blogger credentials are invalid. Perhaps try removing and re-connecting this Blogger account." 

when trying to post from the photo and another when trying to click the "Insert Image" icon.  It's been EXTREMELY frustrating, to say the least!

Fortunately, a Ravelry friend made a suggestion that I hadn't considered.  Hopefully, her method will work!  Here's the test post:

Thrifty goodness...

Converse Dots - The Top

I found these Converse sneakers while searching for "Cowboy" attire for DS2.  His Middle School band went country for the final concert of the year.  Could YOU have passed them up?  They are SO cute!  At a cost of only $4, I couldn't leave them.  PLUS... They were just my size!

It appears that the Raveller's method worked.  Thanks, GirlReaction!  Now back to your (not so) regularly scheduled quilting posts.

Until then...
Happy Trails

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crumb-y Progress

In the last week, I've gone from this stack of individual Crumb blocks - to two blocks, joined with sashing to the next picture which shows...

~ this (beautifully decorated) array of 4-Patch blocks.  (Thanks, DS1 for the added "foot-age"!)  LOL

And now, I'm moving toward visions of a completed quilt top.  This last photo represents 2 of the 3 "big" blocks that I have completed.  In retrospect, I probably should have just made BIGGER blocks!  Oh, well... Off to stitch up some more "big" blocks!!!

Ready? Set. Sew!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dye Frenzy 2011 - The Results


My local quilt bee had SO much fun at last year's workshop that we decided to make it an annual event.  Some of you have been waiting to see the results of this year's Dye Frenzy that was held on May 21st.  After two weeks, this photo shows a collage of my efforts.

If you recall the outcome of last year's workshop, you'll notice that we tried a few new colors this time around.  I focused my efforts on using the "new" colors.  I'm fairly pleased with the results and will be happy to add these new creations to my personal hand-dyed collection.  I used Bahama Blue, China Blue, Tulip Red, brown and black (along with several of the choices from last year.)

I tried some new techniques that produced the following:

A fabric that looked like it had bird tracks along the edges, one that resembled barbed wire, and another that is shaded like an American Flag.  The workshop leader, once again, issued a challenge for us to create something from our hand-dyes.  Wonder of wonders, I think I know what I'd like to make!  Stay tuned...

Until then...
Happy Quilting!