Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 Dye Challenge

2011 Dye Challenge by basketcasejoy
2011 Dye Challenge, a photo by basketcasejoy on Flickr.
You might recall that I attended a Dye Workshop last month. Well, I accepted this year's Challenge issued by our project leader to create a quilted item using some of our hand-dyed fabrics.

I chose a special fabric to make something with before this month's meeting (which was this morning.)  Why was the fabric that I chose particularly appropriate?  The project leader had given it to me at the Dye Frenzy!

I added stars & waves quilting to a piece of fabric that I double dipped. It was a technique that I hadn't tried before.  Unfortunately, this piece was in one of the later dye baths and the colors are more muted than I would have liked.

It seems to need something else.  I'm not 100% sure what, but I'm thinking it needs to be over-dyed, painted, or beaded.  Only time will tell...

Maybe next year... For now, it seems perfectly happy hanging in my kitchen for the summer!

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