Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Wonderful Wednesday - Dream Deck - Art Day

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  A little over a week ago, I was at Britt's house for an Art Day.  We started off with a game of 52 Pick-up.  Well, that's not technically correct, but we took turns choosing cards from the colorful stacks you see on the table below:

We were working on #deckofdreams50 offered by @colorcrushcreative, each in our own way.  Britt went crazy with her gelli plate!  She created cards for herself and was having so much fun that she created a set for me, as well:

I was excited to start on my part of the project...

While Britt worked on finishing some of her cards:


I remembered my mission for the day was finding a way to complete the inside front cover of my Board Book Journal:

Fortunately, a piece of underpaper from Britt's gelli printing adventure was just right for the job:

I'm particularly excited by the fact that I can still (somewhat) read the title page of this special book, a favorite of the Junior Quilter when she was younger:

With that done, all that remained was cutting and taping (not shown) the spine and...

Doing the front and back covers.  I wasn't ready to commit to that task, but am auditioning my "Paint in the Dark" creation for that:

photo currently unavailable!!

Then, I moved on to accomplished the following:

Adding a layer or two on the following cards...

Stamps and stencils:

Paper and paint:

Sometimes just a dab or scrap:

Boy, was that fun, though!!

Thank you, again, for going crazy with your gel plate, Britt!  I was thrilled to be the recipient of your abundance and a few days later, I had some fun with my new Mini Corner Rounder.  Now all of the corners are nicely rounded and ready for further embellishment:

Next up...

I'll be adding another layer to each of the cards in the stack shown above, as time, energy, and creativity allow.  For me, it's all about experimenting with my supplies and working on a project until the enthusiasm wanes.  You know?  When the next interesting class comes along.  :o))

Until next time...
So ART-fully dreamy!!!

Monday, November 28, 2022

Mini Monday - Unconstructed - A DrEAMI Project

Welcome to another edition of Mini Monday!!  Yes.  It's been a while!  I've made some mini quilts, but this time I was ALL IN for a post to this series.  On Friday night, I saw a fun project on Ravelry.  By Saturday evening, my mini was complete.

My friend Cindy made cat beds using the technique she is calling raw stripping.  I wanted to give it a try.  Of course, when I try a new-to-me technique, I go mini.

Scraps, anyone???

I skimmed the top of my 1" - 1.75" scrap drawer:

I'm calling it unconstructed.  Seeing to completing in less than 24 hours, with embellishments added, just to make it my own.  Raw edged applique for the win!  The extra squares were a fun way to add some spark:

Maybe I should call it quilt-by-magic, as it was SEW quick to make this 7" x 12" mini runner:

Cindy likes to serge her edges, but I tend to prefer a bound edge.  I decided to do something a little different (rather than drag out my serger.)  Since the rest of the project has raw edges, I opted for folding a fabric strip over the edge and doing a double line of zigzag stitches.

It was a DrEAMI project, for sure...

Guess what?  This time it was just in time for the monthly link party with Sandra @ MMM Quilts.  I had fun trying out the technique.  The project was made for a specific reason.  More about that when the time comes.  I won't forget,  but you will have to wait some weeks to hear about that.

What do you think, Joyful???

Truth be told, there are some things I would change if I were to make this mini again.  Double-fold binding is at the top of that list!  What can I say?  I like a nice clean finish.  The next item on the list would probably be to forego the zigzag stitch in favor of a straight stitch.  Again, personal preference.  For the final change, skinnier strips or a larger project seems to be in order for a happier me.

Until next time...
The SCRAPS are calling!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2022

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC22 - Week 47

 Welcome to Week 47 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week

SUNDAY - This morning, I spent a few minutes in the studio, trimming up the latest spread in my Board Book Journal...

While waiting for time to Zoom with Knittingsuek:

After our call, I grabbed a quick lunch and headed out for an Art Day with Britt:

More on that in an upcoming post.

MONDAY - I took today off to run errands, take a trip to the airport, and do some paperwork.  A midday arrival would have severely cut into my work day, anyway!  The highlight of my day???

Alpaca Chicken...

And some new art supplies:

TUESDAY - Work and Wordle in three guesses:

There was no time for Quordle.  :o((

It was a work day with no time for even a quick game of Wordle.  :o((

This afternoon was a working Zoom with LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color:

While LeeAnna worked of Thanksgiving meal prep, I used my new Mini Corner Rounder to rid my "Deck of Dreams" from its square corners:

Just LOOK at all that yummy texture that Britt infused in my set of cards!

THURSDAY - Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!!  On the recommendation of DS1, we tried something new this year.  Spatchcocked Turkey... And then he didn't even make the trip over to join us for dinner.  :o((

Working on Black Friday certainly saves a LOT of money, but my fingers are tired!!  I completed the big corporate order that has been filling my days.  I did do a quick lunchtime game of Wordle, finishing in just three guesses:

I enjoyed a wonderful walk at sunset and then ordered dinner for pick-up:

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I hope you will join me in visiting Angela @ So Scrappy to see what the RSC Quilters have been up to this week.  Many of them have been finishing up the glorious rainbow projects that have been in progress for months (or years.)  You won't want to miss it, if you love scrappy!

Until next time...

Friday, November 25, 2022

November 2022 - TABLE SCRAPS Challenge - Link Party

Welcome to the November 2022 edition of the TABLE SCRAPS Challenge here at the Joyful Quilter!!  Thanks for stopping by the Link Party to see what participants have made this month.  It's amazing that another month is coming to a close.  Where DOES the time go?

I host this challenge in conjunction with Angela's (RSC) Rainbow Scrap Challenge @ So Scrappy.  It's been SEW much fun to offer the...

Button credit to Susan @ Desert Sky Quilts, updated by me.

Since basically ANY small quilted item qualifies for this challenge, I scrounge through my scrap basket to see what I can come up with.  

Each month I offer a prompt to help get your creative juices flowing.  While you are NOT required to use it in your project, the guiding word is revealed at the end of each month's LINK PARTY post.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see August's focus.  It, along with the RSC Color of the Month (as soon as Angela releases it - around the 1st of the month) will also be added to the 2022 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge page at the top of the blog.

November's theme was...


Here's what I did with that...

The Color of the Month was Dark NEUTRAL and there were a number of things that looked interesting in my scrap basket...

I began with 1.5" squares in BROWN:

But, you know how it goes, don't you???

After making two blocks...

A little bag of bits of aqua caught my eye.  Inside was the makings of these:

From there, I search for a scrap chunk that would work for backing and binding:

Landing on this one seemed SEW perfect for the job:

I layered it up with a scrap of batting:

Quilting and binding soon followed:

Here is my completed TABLE SCRAPS Challenge entry for November:

How does that fit this month's theme???

It's a mini sized mug rug, thanks to a random assortment of pre-sewn BROWN strip sets and small squares from my friend Maggie.  I'm pleased to have used up a few of the pieces from her little baggie of scraps.

What's next, Joyful???

December is less than a week away.  Angela won't be choosing a Color of the Month, but for the purposes of this challenge, I'm making an executive decision and calling for ANY Color OR the RAINBOW - whichever works for you.  :o))

December's theme is:


NOTE:  Take that theme wherever it leads. Star fabrics, star blocks, or your interpretation of a starry night.  Challenge participants have all been ROCK STARS in my book!!  I'm looking forward to seeing what has been written in the stars for this prompt.

And now...

It's time for YOU to link up your Dark NEUTRAL and/or MINI projects in the LINK PARTY below.  All entries MUST be submitted by Wednesday, November 30th @ 11:59PM (EST).

Until next time...
USE those table scraps!!!

Linking up with Alycia

Then heading to
Confessions of a Fabric Addict to enjoy

Joining Cynthia on Sunday

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Wonderful Wednesday - Art and More

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Today, I'm going to share the last meeting of the Three Musketeers.  A journal day became a mixed bag when Helena showed up.  It's all good, since it's been AGES since we've seen her!!  :o))

You might have seen this photo in a recent RSC post:

Britt counted QSTs for her Boston Common-style quilt:

I trimmed the borders on the final Positivity QAL Block Drive quilt:

Britt shared some gelli print scraps with me:

I applied binding to the Positivity quilt as the table was buried in fabric and paper:

I presented Britt with her Block Swap HSTs..

And she went back to removing pages from her next altered book journal:

Helena worked on a fun retro Christmas quilt:

Using the plan she worked up:

I was happy to show off this gorgeous collaborative quilt finish:

Some blocks and the layout by Maggie...

And many blocks from Preeti:

I need to see if the day's mini finish (inspired by my blogger friend Chantal) was on my UFO Club list for this quarter:

Spoiler Alert:  It's not.  :o((

I had the pleasure of rooting through more of B's paper scraps and took home pieces for my Board Book Journal in progress:

Not sure what Britt was doing, but there's the stack of blocks she DIDN'T work on today:

Before heading home, I painted a red, orange and yellow sheet of copy paper to go with this beautiful leaf print that Britt so generously gifted me:

And the perfect end to a wonderful day...

I got home to find that DS2 was well on the way to making this lovely Gnocchi Soup from Pressure Luck:

As a side note...

I now have to turn my studio upside down looking for the Swap Blocks that Britt made for me.  I wasn't ready for them (since her blocks weren't done), but she needed space in her studio and remembers bringing them to me.

I don't really recall receiving them, but my brain doesn't seem to be functioning at full power these days.  If she brought them, I would have left them on the cutting table so I wouldn't lose them.  Unfortunately, they aren't there and I have NO MEMORY of where they might have gone!!  :o((

If by chance YOU have seen me show those Sweet Kisses blocks, please let me know in the comments below.  It seems like something I would have written about.


I looked in the most logical place... AGAIN.  I took every project bag OUT of the bin (instead of just "thumbing" through them!)  In the very back, partially covered by some background yardage, were the blocks:

Sorry for the scare, Britt, and thank you SEW much for doing this block swap with me!

Until next time...
Enjoy a FRIEND-ly play day!!!