Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Wonderful Wednesday - Art and More

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Today, I'm going to share the last meeting of the Three Musketeers.  A journal day became a mixed bag when Helena showed up.  It's all good, since it's been AGES since we've seen her!!  :o))

You might have seen this photo in a recent RSC post:

Britt counted QSTs for her Boston Common-style quilt:

I trimmed the borders on the final Positivity QAL Block Drive quilt:

Britt shared some gelli print scraps with me:

I applied binding to the Positivity quilt as the table was buried in fabric and paper:

I presented Britt with her Block Swap HSTs..

And she went back to removing pages from her next altered book journal:

Helena worked on a fun retro Christmas quilt:

Using the plan she worked up:

I was happy to show off this gorgeous collaborative quilt finish:

Some blocks and the layout by Maggie...

And many blocks from Preeti:

I need to see if the day's mini finish (inspired by my blogger friend Chantal) was on my UFO Club list for this quarter:

Spoiler Alert:  It's not.  :o((

I had the pleasure of rooting through more of B's paper scraps and took home pieces for my Board Book Journal in progress:

Not sure what Britt was doing, but there's the stack of blocks she DIDN'T work on today:

Before heading home, I painted a red, orange and yellow sheet of copy paper to go with this beautiful leaf print that Britt so generously gifted me:

And the perfect end to a wonderful day...

I got home to find that DS2 was well on the way to making this lovely Gnocchi Soup from Pressure Luck:

As a side note...

I now have to turn my studio upside down looking for the Swap Blocks that Britt made for me.  I wasn't ready for them (since her blocks weren't done), but she needed space in her studio and remembers bringing them to me.

I don't really recall receiving them, but my brain doesn't seem to be functioning at full power these days.  If she brought them, I would have left them on the cutting table so I wouldn't lose them.  Unfortunately, they aren't there and I have NO MEMORY of where they might have gone!!  :o((

If by chance YOU have seen me show those Sweet Kisses blocks, please let me know in the comments below.  It seems like something I would have written about.


I looked in the most logical place... AGAIN.  I took every project bag OUT of the bin (instead of just "thumbing" through them!)  In the very back, partially covered by some background yardage, were the blocks:

Sorry for the scare, Britt, and thank you SEW much for doing this block swap with me!

Until next time...
Enjoy a FRIEND-ly play day!!!


  1. If it didn't just happen-I can't remember and if I do remember the event, I don't remember what I did with the thing! Yup-we will enjoy aging and remember to LAUGH!

  2. Oh what a fun day!! and I am so glad you found those sneaky missing blocks!!! They just wanted to get your heart rate up!! Enjoy the soup!!!

  3. What fun you all had and so glad you found the blocks. DS2's soup looks perfect!

  4. What a fun creative day for art and sewing.


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