Saturday, November 26, 2022

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC22 - Week 47

 Welcome to Week 47 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week

SUNDAY - This morning, I spent a few minutes in the studio, trimming up the latest spread in my Board Book Journal...

While waiting for time to Zoom with Knittingsuek:

After our call, I grabbed a quick lunch and headed out for an Art Day with Britt:

More on that in an upcoming post.

MONDAY - I took today off to run errands, take a trip to the airport, and do some paperwork.  A midday arrival would have severely cut into my work day, anyway!  The highlight of my day???

Alpaca Chicken...

And some new art supplies:

TUESDAY - Work and Wordle in three guesses:

There was no time for Quordle.  :o((

It was a work day with no time for even a quick game of Wordle.  :o((

This afternoon was a working Zoom with LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color:

While LeeAnna worked of Thanksgiving meal prep, I used my new Mini Corner Rounder to rid my "Deck of Dreams" from its square corners:

Just LOOK at all that yummy texture that Britt infused in my set of cards!

THURSDAY - Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!!  On the recommendation of DS1, we tried something new this year.  Spatchcocked Turkey... And then he didn't even make the trip over to join us for dinner.  :o((

Working on Black Friday certainly saves a LOT of money, but my fingers are tired!!  I completed the big corporate order that has been filling my days.  I did do a quick lunchtime game of Wordle, finishing in just three guesses:

I enjoyed a wonderful walk at sunset and then ordered dinner for pick-up:

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I hope you will join me in visiting Angela @ So Scrappy to see what the RSC Quilters have been up to this week.  Many of them have been finishing up the glorious rainbow projects that have been in progress for months (or years.)  You won't want to miss it, if you love scrappy!

Until next time...


  1. Sure is fun seeing the supplies and the art that ensues! Wordle has been all over the board for me this week. Some in 3 tries, some in 6! Still working n my Dark Mini! :(

  2. Another busy, busy week! I spent many hours actually sitting in airports this week. LOL

  3. I think I got stumped in both Wordle and Quordle this week! We do a chicken that way with sliced potato underneath. Yummy. I think the leftovers from Thursday are done.... sigh, must start cooking again. First - I'm going to go sew! Hope you have a good weekend.

  4. Those look like some fun art supplies, Joy! Did your spatch-cocked turkey turn out good? Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  5. I got the Thanksgiving day Wordle on the first try! The second time I've done that! Felt good! lol


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