Sunday, July 31, 2011

Art Bee Challenge Fabric (Close-up)

Here's a close-up of the Art Bee Challenge fabric. It's a multi-colored batik print that can be used in many applications. (Preferably, is small doses, as looking at it makes me dizzy!)

"Quilt" Quilt

"Quilt" Quilt by basketcasejoy
"Quilt" Quilt, a photo by basketcasejoy on Flickr.

This 9" x 12" quilt began as part of my Journal Quilt series. Quilting friends were experimenting with stencils and painting with crayons.

Have YOU used this technique???

It takes a LOT of paper bags to iron out the wax! The end result is vibrant and fun. However, the project sat (unfinished) for many months.

My Art Bee's issue of a challenge brought this little quilt back to the forefront.


I wanted to participate in the challenge, but I didn't want to start a NEW quilt! Hmm... what's a quilter to do???

Well, if you were me, you'd look around your studio for a UFO that would work with the "challenge fabric." (That's the inner border and the binding.) This little quilt fit the bill!

Don't you agree???

The colors are perfect and the busy little print is just "playful" enough to work for the border and binding.

As usual, the quilt could benefit from additional quilting, but for now...

It's DONE!!!

(I think you may have heard that statement before. It seems to be my motto.)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

MR3 Challenge - Complete

Quilting with a friend today.  I absolutely LOVE days like this!  Not only did I get some QUILTING done, but I actually FINISHED something!!!

WOW!  It feels GOOD to be able to make that announcement.

As you might have guessed (the title of the post being the give-away!) I completed my MR3 Challenge.  It's the latest installment of the Mug Rug Swap on the Quilters Knitting group on and I beat the deadline by TWO WEEKS.  :o)

No photo to post at the moment, but I'll be sure to add one as soon as my swap partner receives her quilt.

Until then...
Happy Quilting!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Starting to Look a Lot Like a Jacket!

I completed the piecing on Thursday...and then we headed out of town for the weekend. I'm looking forward to getting busy with the quilting. (Hopefully, I'll have a day or two off work this week!)

This is the front panel of the jacket. It may look a bit strange in its unfinished state, however, there's still a slit to be cut down the center once the quilting is done. The binding fabric will add a little spark and I've got some plans for some embellishment,as well. PLUS... this is still in the "rough cut" stage.

Keep an open mind

It will all come together in the end.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Progress... On the Flip Side

Here's a shot of my Patriotic Improv Jacket when I finished sewing last night. I'd LOVE to say that it's ALL done tonight, but it's NOT!

Why not???

Well, as you can see, there are a LOT of pieces to put together!


I've got the day off work tomorrow and I plan to make the most of it.  :o)

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Additional Patriotic Progress

The Mini-Retreat continued yesterday and this is what I accomplished. I'm VERY excited!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Patriotic Progress

Patriotic Progress by basketcasejoy
Patriotic Progress, a photo by basketcasejoy on Flickr.

I am SO excited! I've made some additional progress on a UFO.

My Patriotic Improv Jacket is coming along nicely. It’s a jacket of my own design and since it's July, I decided it was time to (FINALLY!) get moving on it.

I went to the Mini-Retreat with a bag of fabric strips and leftover blocks. With help from Knittingsuek, who came up for the Mini Retreat (and a few other friends)… placement of the majority of the blocks has been determined.

I might just come away with something that more closely resembles a quilted garment!

Now I just need to add filler pieces and start attaching it all to the sweatshirt...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mini - Retreat UFO Progress

Hello from NeedleB's quilting mini -retreat!

Yesterday, I spent all day with quilt-y friends and I'm headed back for more quilting FUN!

What's that?  Oh!  What have I gotten done???

The sweatshirt for my Patriotic Jacket UFO has been de-constructed.  The rows/columns of my Purple and Green Coin Quilt have been sewn together.  My inner border was attached shortly before midnight.  The outer borders remain.

Check back later for further progress.

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

UFO Club - Summer 2011 - The List

Yes.  It's UFO List time, again.  Where DOES the time go???  Some of you may recognize a number of items.  They've ALL been on prior UFO Lists!  I'm just doing my part to recycle.  :o)

The List:
  1. Rav Friendship Star Swap
  2. Circle of Friends
  3. Crumb Quilt
  4. “Quilt” Quilt
  5. Patriotic Improv Jacket
  6. QE2 Goodbye Quilt
And more of the list:

7.  Hollis’ Iris Garden
8.  Purple/Geen Coin Quilt
9.  The Margaret Mystery
10.  Circle Denim Quilt
11.  Teal, Turquoise, & Burgundy Twist (Donation)

And MORE quilts on for the list:

12.  Frog Legs & Caviar
13.  Calico Ric Rac
14.  Snow Stars Swap
15.  4-Patch Kaleidoscope
16.  Buckets of Friendship
17.  Ravelry Red Swap
Photos of quilts 7 - 17 can also be found in various posts here on my blog. Unfortunately, there are a number of different posts. Too many to link. Sorry!  Just have a look around and you'll spot them.
And ONE more for good measure:
18.  Inspired by… “The Series”

Watch for updates because I'm hoping to finish a number of these.  Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Spring 2011 (Ravelry) UFO Club - The Results

What an amazing group of quilters we had for this session of the UFO Club!
There were 16 participants and we had the most completed projects, yet.  Congrats! to the members who completed one or more quilts and thank you to ALL members for your inspiration and encouragement.
Members (16):
needleb: 1 completed quilt
fishandstitch: 6 completed quilts
andimc13: 1 completed quilt
basketcase9702: 2 completed quilts
teacherspet: 2 completed quilts
SunshineMom: 2 completed quilts
thepoch: 7 completed quilts
Cindiknits: 2 completed quilt
monicarose51: 1 completed quilt
Barbknits: 2 completed quilts
Lucky13: 1 completed quilt
moore848: 1 completed quilt
Session Totals: 12 members completed 28 quilts!!!
Thanks for a GREAT session, everyone.  Special thanks to Fishandstitch (6) and Thepoch (7) for bringing this session's totals over the top.  Congrats! on your UFO success.  I hope that the members who weren't able to finish a project during this session were inspired by you and pleased with the progress that they were able to make.
Come back for more UFO fun next time!  Can you believe that it's my one year Blog-a-versary???  Hooray!!!  Thanks for making it a GREAT first year of blogging fun.