Monday, July 18, 2011

Patriotic Progress

Patriotic Progress by basketcasejoy
Patriotic Progress, a photo by basketcasejoy on Flickr.

I am SO excited! I've made some additional progress on a UFO.

My Patriotic Improv Jacket is coming along nicely. It’s a jacket of my own design and since it's July, I decided it was time to (FINALLY!) get moving on it.

I went to the Mini-Retreat with a bag of fabric strips and leftover blocks. With help from Knittingsuek, who came up for the Mini Retreat (and a few other friends)… placement of the majority of the blocks has been determined.

I might just come away with something that more closely resembles a quilted garment!

Now I just need to add filler pieces and start attaching it all to the sweatshirt...


  1. I've thought I'd like to someday make a garment from pieced fabric but have yet to do so. Some of the jackets I've seen are really cool. I look forward to seeing your project again when it's completed.

  2. Thanks for commenting. The jacket is coming together... SLOWLY!!! It's a labor-intensive process, but well worth the effort.

    Think 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle!



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