Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - Friday Night Sew-In

Welcome to the next edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week, I'm here to share a new adventure in quilting.

The Backstory...

While at Quilt Guild a couple of Mondays ago, one of the members of my Monthly Evening Bee invited me to join her Friday Night Sew-In group.  Knowing that my DH is anxious for me to work on our niece's wedding quilt, I checked with him to see if he had other plans for the weekend.  He was thrilled that I had found a platform for progress on the somewhat tardy quilt.

The Event...

Linda brought her Farm Girl Vintage quilt to bind:

Ella brought Halloween squares to sew:

As Linda began binding...

... I was busy cutting:

Sara(h?) worked on seaming a baby sweater:

Kathy brought her collection of Ginkgo leaf  prints to choose fabrics for a Scrappy Strip Tuffet:

Patty shared her new Barn Quilt:

I believe this is Karoline's wonderful strippy tote bag:

The church's quilt group won a ribbon at the DOQ Quilt Show with this lovely quilt, displayed in the fellowship hall:

To the best of my knowledge, this selection made the final cut for the tuffet:

Karoline will be working on this square version:

Kathy will be working in the round:

They will both start with a muslin base for added sturdiness:

Dale is working on a cozy new scarf:

We pulled this out of Ella's project box.  She isn't fond of working with solids:

With the binding applied to this quilt...

... Linda moved on to another:

Congrats! to Sara(h?) on completing the seaming on this little sweater:

These are Karoline's tuffet fabrics:

Ann spent the evening attempting to familiarize herself with paper-piecing:

Patty had a question about this Jenny Doan quilt in progress:

The Outcome...

The evening was a HUGE success!  Approximately 16 yards of sheerweight fusible stabilizer later:

The entire set of shirts, including the 9 sleeve caps that made their way into the design, have all had their corresponding stabilizer cut.  They are ready to meet the new iron that I recently purchased.

A little heat, a little steam, and a WHOLE LOT of time later, I'll be ready to cut them down to size.

T-Shirt quilts are a HUGE commitment, but they are SEW worth the time invested.  Thank you again, Ann, for inviting me to join in the Friday Night FUN!!  I was pleased to make such good progress in just one evening.

Until next time...

Monday, October 29, 2018

Mail Call Monday - Too Kind for Words

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!! This evening, I'm hear to tell you what came in today's mail.

Well, I'll show you, too!

This package was waiting for me when I got home from the grocery store:

Inside?  A quilt:

A  lovely handwritten note and goodies in the package, too!!

The bundle included chocolate:

TWO kinds of chocolate, but these eggs weren't wrapped in plastic bag:

As luck would have it, the second egg was broken.  Evidenced by the bit of chocolate seen on the quilt.  :o((

Fortunately, temperatures have been cooler recently and the quilt sustained no damage.  Whew!!  :o))

Also enclosed was a Canadian Colour Catcher for the first wash... In case I didn't have one to protect the quilt!!

Here I am, snuggled in our "reading chair" with my new quilt:

Imagine my surprise when I turned the quilt over to get a look at the label.  Nicole (may have) named the quilt after me!  See:

Here's the whole quilt:

At night. On my foyer floor:

Isn't is AWESOME?!?!  This bright and cheerful quilt was made by Nicole of Handwrought Quilts!!  You can read her blog post about finishing the quilt HERE.

This is the comment I left regarding the quilt:

Congrats on a super scrappy finish!! I would love nothing more than to rip it from your hot little hands and wrap up in it. It looks cheerful, yet cozy!
I'm pleased to say that it now belongs to me.  :o))

Thank you to Nicole, for the speedy delivery!  She mailed the package on the 23rd and it arrived today (on the 29th.)  Not bad, coming all the way from Canada!!  I really appreciate the SALE price, too.  You made Joyous Wonky Stars affordable for me.    Please know that it will be well cared for and SEW loved!

Until next time...
I'm SEW excited!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC18 - Week 43

Welcome to Week 43 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week, I actually did quite a lot.  If you look closely, you'll see bit of GREEN in each of my projects.  :o))

SUNDAY - Mount Washmore and the computer ate up my day.  I have something dark GREEN to show you:

It's my "House Cozy" from Threebagsfulled.  I lost my way during the first KAL and she re-knit it during the Reprise KAL last year.  Since she was blocking for me, anyway, she decided that she might as well block this monster shawl, as well.  Thank you to the BEST Blocking Fairy around!!  :o))

MONDAY - Same old, same old. Or was it?!?  Not really.  Instead of sitting at the computer half the evening, I spent some time playing in the sewing room:

TUESDAY - Again?  Yep!  Tonight's activity was filling these two small pin cushions...

If you are Kevin the Quilter, you may recognize the stacks of fabric in the background!  Those are the pieces I was telling you about. You know? The ones for your mystery quilt!!

... And closing them up.  Here they are in their intended home:

Here's a closer look at them, displaying their intended purpose:

If you are my friend, Dee Dee, you might recognize some of these pieces and parts from the scrap bags that you gave me a few weeks ago.  I added a few of my own, too.
Thanks for feeding my Scrap Addiction!!

WEDNESDAY - I got up at o-dark-thirty and went right upstairs.  I did some quilting (Karen, you might remember those purple and GREEN HSTs!) on a very small quilt sandwich:

I did some sewing, because this isn't just any old small quilt sandwich that I'm sewing on:

Then, I ran out of time and I left for my day.  When I returned, it was rinse and repeat. Back at the sewing machine, I completed the task at hand.  A tall thread catcher...

... Which easily doubles as a beverage holder:

And 12 hours later, I'm all packed for SAFF!!

THURSDAY  - Last week, I stopped by my Weekly Quilt Group.  This week, I'm not even going to bother!  Here's why...



My constant companion, it seems, has not yet developed a taste for quilters.  Quilts, yes.  Quilters, not so much!  Besides that, the group blog mistress was away, but has since returned.  Whew!!

Well...  That and the fact that now, I'm heading out of town for the weekend.  Asheville here I come!!!  It's SAFF season.  :o))



You'll (probably) have to wait to hear more about that.  Sorry!!  Too much shopping , er... knitting to do.

As you well know, if you've read my blog for any length of time, it is also LINK PARTY day over at Angela's So Scrappy blog.  I doubt that I will be able to visit any of the RSC Quilters until after the weekend.  You go on ahead.  You'll see more dark GREEN sewing over there, anyway.  :P

Linking up with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Until next time...

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - Give me a "Q"!!

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Last week I stopped by my (old) Weekly Quilt Bee meeting.  I say old, because I rarely am able to attend anymore.  :o((

On this particular day, several people had asked if I would be there.

OK, ok, it's close enough to swing by!

Here are what goodies awaited my arrival...

Ella brought the "Q" that I ordered from BeaQuilter.

Along with that, I got a bag of miscellaneous items from Candy:


Jean brought TWO bags of scraps for me.  We aren't talking small carryout bags.  We are talking two half-filled HUGE black trash bags:

They were too heavy to carry, if all of the scraps were put into just ONE bag.  Look at all of the lovely scraps...

Bag One:

Bag Two:

Thanks, everyone!!  I appreciate the gifts.  Or in Ella's case, the FREE delivery service.  :P

As an aside...

I have already searched through the bags to choose any beige or tan scraps that were hiding inside.  These were put to use on Saturday, in the beginnings of a new Fiona Basket:

See, Chantal?!  You REALLY don't need to mail any of your unwanted fabric scraps to me.  (Guess you'll have to find another sucker... umm... willing recipient to send them to.)  :P

Until next time...
Quilting friends are THE BEST!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tidy Up Tuesday - {ITW18 - Remiss}

Welcome to another edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!!  I owe my roommates a BIG apology.  I created a big, long post about Into The Wool.  It shared classes and swaps.  There were random shots from around the camp.  If you scrolled through, you might have seen the gifts that I gave my three roommates.

Could there have POSSIBLY been MORE to see, Joyful???

Yes.  Something very share-worthy, in fact.  What you didn't see were the gifts that my roommates shared with me!!

Lora started things off with a lovely lidded metal tumbler:

Thank you, Lora, for protecting me from spilling my beverage on my knitting (or on someone else's!!)

Cindy's gift surprised me most of all, as she gave me this lovely hand knit Cayo-Coco shawl made of Noro Taiyo Sport yarn:

Thank you, Cindy, for giving a perfect stranger something that took many precious hours to make!!  I love it!

Tammy made the others of us wait for gifts from her, as she wanted to add something from the vendor mall.  This set of mini skeins and a set of Color Bar Nail Polish was her gift to me:

Thank you, Tammy, for fun yarn and sparkles for my nails!!

Once again, I apologize to each of my roomies for neglecting to add their gifts to my #intothewoolfibreretreat post.  After (finally) getting around to unpacking my bags, did I realize my error.

The unpackaged item in this group may or may not have been in the gift bag from Lora, as well:

They got mixed up with my shopping, door prizes, and FREE-to-a-Good-Home table items during my super speedy packing job and might also have been part of my ITW Goody Bag of Awesomeness.

More about that another time.

Until next time...