T-Shirt Quilts

If you are here to see my T-Shirt Quilts, please click on the quilt names to go to their corresponding blog posts where you will find photos and stories.

Thanks for your interest!!

Michael's T-Quilt
David's T-Quilt:

Glass Quilt #1 (Quilted)

Twin One (Jacob's T-Quilt)
Twin Two (Kennedy's T-Quilt)
R.W.'s Gif-T-Quilt
O's T-Quilt:

S's T-Quilt:

The UNC T-Quilt:

The Tennis T-Quilt

The RoboQuilt:

Notably Numeric:

Team Colors

I will continue to add to the list as I complete other T-Quilts.  Please drop me an email, if you would like information about a T-Quilt of your own.


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