Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Wonderful Wednesday - The Grand T-Quilt - A UFO Club Finish

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This one is special.  It tells the tale of a UFO Club finish, which is always a happy day for me.

The story begins...

... With the arrival of this fabulous backing fabric:

As well as the few remaining shirts to be prepared:

Before long, all of the shirts were prepped:

Here's what they looked like on the "design bed" before...

... One final switcheroo near the bottom of the "block" layout:

This is the only pieced "square" in the entire quilt, but I decided to sub it for one of the plain shirts:

As an afterthought, I decided this quilt needed some personalization...


The concept shown above was expanded with the help of a paper mock-up:

The black rectangles won out over the letters being placed directly on the T-shirt:

They were cut out of remnants of my favorite shirt in the quilt to spread that watery blue a bit further:

From here, things progressed quickly to sewn columns...

... To pairs of columns, to sections, and ultimately to a completed quilt top:

Once it hit that stage, I loaded it right up and the quilting began:

Before I knew it, the quilting was done...

... Except for the LAST TWO BLOCKS!!  Would you believe I ran out of bobbin thread?  It's true.  The 70" x 90" quilt has more than one pre-wound bobbin in it:

Then came the miles of binding, along with thread color selection:

After that, I trimmed up the quilt to ready it for the next step:

And started in on applying the binding, which was quickly followed by stitching it down:

Nothing like the LAST MINUTE to get something done:

As the plot thickened...

Thanks go out to DS2, I got a full photo of the quilt before jumping in the car to deliver it:

Not SEW fast, Joyful!!!

There was one more task to complete prior to delivery.  Leftover backing fabric was just begging to be made into a pillowcase to accompany the quilt:

The story ends with...

... One happy customer:

Thanks for trusting me with these special memories, Sue!  T-quilts are always challenging, but oh SEW rewarding. 
 Thank you to Jean for recommending me for this project!  Thanks to Leslie @ The Seasoned Homemaker for her tutorial for the Burrito Pillowcase.  The clear directions made it fairly easy for this directionally challenged quilter to add this finishing touch.

Now, let's mark one quilting UFO off the list for the Spring 2022 (Ravelry) UFO Club (and move on to finishing up another.)

Until next time...


  1. Congratulations on the finish! It looks great and will make a wonderful keepsake. The pillowcase is icing on the cake. Great work!

  2. Hooray for a commission finish! The letters for the name are really neat, and love the backing, too. I bet it is a great feeling to get this one done.

  3. You did a great job on this project. Yay for a finish to check off!

  4. One UFO closer to none! Right?...probably not. Ha! This T-shirt quilt looks awesome. No time to admire the beautiful job of it, time to deliver! Well done Joy!

  5. Awesome quilt Joy! I like the addition of the name. Were the letters fused down, then stitched? Inquiring minds want to know! Well, I want to know. I keep thinking eventually I will get around to doing one for Mr Busy!

  6. Yay! for the finish! Turned out great, Joy, and the pillowcase bonus was perfect!

  7. Wow! The letter are fabulous and an amazing t-shirt quilt. So great of you to make a matching pillowcase as well.



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