Monday, May 2, 2022

The Guest Blogger(s) - Vol. 37 - Britt Finishes a UFO

Welcome to another edition of The Guest Blogger(s)!!  For some reason, posting to the Link Party from Instagram can be problematic at times.  I'm not sure why it happens or how to go about finding a solution.  Over the weekend, I was informed that it happened, again.

My good friend Britt tagged me with the following April 2022 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge entry:

When I inquired about the scraps, she responded with an email.  Here's an excerpt...

The scraps are leftover bits of Kaffe, mostly....  Figured it was time to finish it off:

This is what @britt_quilts had to say in her IG post:

A little candle mat for the monthly challenge from @thejoyfulquilter to use some fabric scraps. I even followed the "rules" and included this month's color, pink. Made from scraps that remind me of the fun and vibrant sweetness of Anna.

Visit her page to see more of her beautiful quilts, paintings, and photography.

Give Britt's sweet candle mat some quilty love in the comments below.  I believe that you enjoyed seeing her completed project.  I know I did!  Thanks for sending a photo to inspire my readers to USE their special scraps, B!

Link Party REMINDER...

The April 2022 TABLE SCRAPS Link Party ends TODAY, May 2nd @ 11:59 PM.  There's still time for YOU to post your own scrappy project.

Until next time...
SEW those table scraps!!!


  1. What a great table topper Britt!

  2. It is a lovely topper, nice job! She really has some beautiful watercolors on her IG feed.

  3. That is a sweet table topper. Great job, Britt!

  4. Now isn't that a very cut little runner! The colors blend beautifully!

  5. Another beautiful finish. (Kathy S.)


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