2023 ABC (Table) SCRAPS Challenge

Welcome to the information page for the 2023 ABC (Table) SCRAPS Challenge here at The Joyful Quilter!!  Do YOU have fabric scraps coming out their ears?  Not literally, mind you, but if you are like me - There are fabrics scraps EVERYWHERE!!!  I have decided to continue to challenge myself to make a little something with them each month.  It's SEW much fun!

Would YOU like to join the TABLE SCRAPS Challenge, too???

No sign-ups are necessary.  Stop by for monthly link-ups on the LAST Friday of every month to see what I have created.  It will be open to share your creations, too!  The Link Party will close the following TUESDAY (unless posted otherwise.)

Photo credits for the button labels go to Susan 
Desert Sky Quilts.  Thank you, SEW much!!
(Updated for 2022 by yours truly.)

The RULES...

1.  For 2023, I will be offering a MONTHLY SERIES of LETTERS to help inspire/inform your work.  I will give you each month's prompt at the end of the previous month's LINK PARTY post.  (January 2023's prompt is listed in December 2022's TABLE SCRAPS post HERE and I will also update the list below so that you can just check back, if you miss a link-up.)

2.  We will continue WORKING WITH SCRAPS from our cutting table (hence the name of the challenge.)

3.  Your ENTRIES MAY INCLUDE small items such as basket, bags, pillows, and pin cushions, in addition to runners, toppers, and mug rugs.  For the purposes of the 2023 Challenge, you are perfectly welcome to make ANY size project you would like.  If you want to make a lap quilt each month... Go for it!!

4.  While Angela offers color suggestions through her Rainbow Scrap Challenge, you are always welcome to sew with whatever scraps you choose.

January's letter prompt:    C, R and J

Important Note for Non-bloggers...

Non-bloggers are welcome to email a photo of their entries to share here on The Joyful Quilter and Instagram users can link to @thejoyfulquilter using the tag #tablescrapschallenge2023 and #abcscrapschallenge2023 when posting participating projects.

What qualifies???

Any quilted item you would like to make.  Surprise us!  You are encouraged to use each month's letters in whatever form they lead. Your interpretation of what to do with them is NOT limited to using the actual letter in your project!  Although, you are welcome to do that (by using them in spelling out a word or some such), you may also relate the letters to a color, quilting technique or project type.  Interpreting an item that begins with one of the letters is appropriate for a challenge entry, as well.  (Example A = Apple)

The most important part is to have FUN while using your fabric scraps from your cutting table!!

The 2023 TABLE SCRAPS Link Party...

Month / Letters / RSC Color of the Month

JANUARY  2023/  C R and J / Dark and/or Bright BLUE

FEBRUARY 2023 / M and V / PINK

MARCH 2023 / B and U / GREEN

APRIL 2023 / Y and N / PURPLE

MAY 2023 / F and L / ORANGE

JUNE 2023 / D and I / Light GREEN & Any BLUE

AUGUST 2023 / X and O / YELLOW

OCTOBER 2023 / Q and T / Light NEUTRALS

NOVEMBER 2023 / K and W / Dark NEUTRALS

DECEMBER 2023 / S H and E / RAINBOW 

I will fill in the letter prompt and Color of the Month as they are released. Reference here or near the end of the prior month's Link Party post for the current prompt.

For a little alphabetical ART fun, check out THIS VIDEO on YouTube from @Jess.Karp on Instagram.  Her personal challenge in October 2022 was a series of letter art paintings and in just less that 36 minutes, you can watch them unfold from A to Z.  Her creativity shines through in each one. 

Go forth and USE those (table) scraps!!