Friday, June 30, 2023

June 2023 - ABC (Table) SCRAPS Challenge - Link Party

Welcome to the June 2023 edition of the ABC (Table) SCRAPS Challenge here at the Joyful Quilter!!  Thanks for stopping by the Link Party to see what participants have made this month.  In my part of the world, Summer has finally arrived.  Have the warmer temperatures arrived in your neck of the woods?  With the heat of the season, I am (even more) inclined to stay inside and quilt. What about you?

I host this challenge in conjunction with Angela's (RSC) Rainbow Scrap Challenge @ So Scrappy.  It's been SEW much fun to offer the...

Button credit to Susan @ Desert Sky Quilts, updated by me.

Since basically ANY small quilted item qualifies for this challenge, I scrounge through my scrap basket to see what I can come up with.  

Each month I offer a prompt to help get your creative juices flowing.  While you are NOT required to use it in your project, the guiding word is revealed at the end of each month's LINK PARTY post.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the next month's focus.  It, along with the RSC Color of the Month (as soon as Angela releases it - around the 1st of the month) will also be added to the 2023 ABC (Table) SCRAPS Challenge page at the top of the blog.

June's letters were:

D and/or I

I'm enjoying stretching my creativity to come up with a design to include each letter, as well as the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Color of the Month.

June's color was Light GREEN and/or Light BLUE.  Plenty of that in my scrap basket(s)...

I was SEW excited about piecing that you only get a few process photos...

I sorted through the baskets shown above, but ended up digging in this BOJ:

Here's the little quilt top that I coerced out of the little Bag Of Joy:

I was having SEW much fun that I also pieced the backing:

Soon enough, the quilting was DONE and you know what time it was, don't you?  The next step was to finish the edges.  This may have been the very first time EVER (in my 30+ years of quilt making) that I've done single-fold binding:


I'm pleased to present my completed ABC (Table) SCRAPS Challenge entry for June:

How does that fit this month's theme, Joyful???

It worked like this:

D + I = DI-ane!!!  The components for my entry were in a scrap bag from my friend Diane.  SEW... Yes, I cheated - SHE gave me the idea upon seeing this month's letter prompts!  :P
Thanks, Diane, and thanks again for sharing your lovely fabric scraps with me!  :o))

Or broken down into each letter...

D = Double Sided because the backing scrap I chose wasn't quite big enough.

I = I Finished My Entry with TWO Days to spare!! 

What's next, Joyful???

The month of July arrives tomorrow.  Angela already announced a new color for us:


July's letters are:

A and/or G

NOTE:  What will YOU create???

And now...

It's time for YOU to link up your D and/or I projects in the LINK PARTY below.  All entries MUST be submitted by Wednesday, July 5th @ 11:59PM (EST).

Until next time...
USE those table scraps!!!

Joining Alycia for


Linking up with Cynthia


  1. That's so cute, Joy! I love the off-center checkerboard of rectangles, and the colors are pretty, too. I always use a single fold binding for my table sized projects - I think it works great!

  2. Love your Double Sided Diane! The backing is cite as can be! I, too, use single fold binding for smaller projects. I use Edyta Sitar’s tutorial on You Tube.

  3. Way to work that DI-ane table mat! Love all the blues & greens in the checkerboard on the front and the back is super cute too!

  4. Love your double sided little quilt. I need to remind myself to join up next year and maybe make doll quilts. I would start up this month but I am overwhelmed with what I'm trying to work on already. Sigh

  5. Hi Joyful, that's a very lovely runner. Thanks for the party! I now know what I'm doing for July, so it's time to dive into those red fabrics!


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