Saturday, February 9, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC19 - Week 6

Welcome to Week 6 of the 2019 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  February's Color of the Month is YELLOW.  Have YOU sorted your scraps and started sewing???

Me?  I've sorted the YELLOW bin:

Here's how my week progressed...

SUNDAY - No climbing Mt. Washmore today!!!  We were off to a Superbowl/Birthday Party.  :o))

MONDAY - I was surprised to find that DS1 was still home when I got home this afternoon.  Not only was he home, but he went out to get a part to fix my car, tracked down the tool he needed for the job, AND completed the work before bedtime.  Thank you!!!

Public Service Announcement from Blogger:

Following the announcement of Google+ API deprecation scheduled for March 2019, a number of changes will be made to Blogger’s Google+ integration on 4 February 2019. 

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I'm not sure how this will affect the blog or any of my followers.  Here's hoping the change isn't a major problem.

Your YELLOW photo of the day:

TUESDAY - Today, I was sad to find that DS1 had gone home by the time I got home.  :o((

He's gone back, but his handiwork lives on!  My car appears to be running quite well (instead of chugging along - like before he made last night's repair.)

WEDNESDAYIt was a rough day!  I decided it was a good night for comfort food.  You know what that means?  Tonight, it meant breakfast for dinner.  I stuffed my face with pancakes and syrup.  


After that was done, I put the finishing touches on a new Wonderful Wednesday post.  You can read it HERE.

THURSDAY - Not much going on today, however, my day got off to a rocky start.  (Inspired by the wisdom of DS1's "do the least expensive repair first") DH was under the hood of my car bright and early this morning.  Apparently, the ONLY thing wrong with my air conditioning was a blown fuse!  Let me tell you, I am happy to have it fixed, as today's temps are going up into the mid high-70's.  Turns out that the temperature soared to 78*!!!

Look at the difference a few warm days makes:

FRIDAY - I was pleased to be able to attend Knit Group today.  Afterwards, a friend invited me out to lunch and then (since we were out) we did a bit of shopping.  She was looking for shirts and shoes.  As often happens, I found them.  Oops!!  She didn't find that particularly helpful.  LOL!!

Katyknitsnyc on Ravelry made this mostly YELLOW donation quilt over the last few days:

Charity Quilts

I never found the time to start sewing my YELLOW scraps.  :o((

- It's LINK PARTY day over at Angela's So Scrappy blog.  I hope YOU will head over to see all of the YELLOW sewing that has been going on this week.

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday - February Sew/Craft Friends-zy

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This is where I share fun things going on in my world.  I got a slow start on Saturday.  By the time I arrived, everyone else was all set up and sorting through their projects.

In the photo below, Britt looks on as Tiffany and Denise compared their blocks for Shakespeare in the Park:

The scrapbookers were starting to arrive and set up their stations:

The painter had 2 chairs waiting for more paint...

... After adding finishing touches to this amazing Van Gogh cross:

The UMW were on hand with tubs of cookie dough:

The kitchen was abuzz:

Their Cookie Ministry was in full swing:

Once I got my stuff inside, Denise shared Pecking Order, the top:

There's the happy quilt maker:

Britt is a happy quilter, too!  She's cutting out a NEW quilt:

Tiffany is happy about her new quilting T-shirt:

Winner, winner!!  What are the chances that I pulled the name of someone I actually know (in real life) for the Blog Hop Mug Rug:

Here we are.  The recipient and the maker:

A while later, I got to see the new mini iron cover that Denise made.  I'm trying to twist her arm into making one for me:

An elastic-filled casing holds the cover in place:

Denise also brought a new book to share:

Here, you can see that there's a VERY slim chance that Tiffany will run out of projects over the course of the day:

Denise started off with one of her Midnight Quilt Show blocks:

Tiffany began with her large Star blocks for Shakespeare:

Britt made quilt work of cutting out her own Pecking Order:

Believe it or not, this scrapbooker was in Moms Club with me back when my boys were little:

(Some of) My YELLOW scraps made the trip to Raleigh with me:

Britt is ready to sew:

Denise's block is "webbed":

Tiffany got a NEW iron... And it's YELLOW:

Denise's book looks right at home with my T-quilt off-cuts:

Only the Snail's Trail blocks remain:

I'm making progress on my niece's T-quilt:

One finishing detail remained before Britt could start in on her new quilt.  Attach the corners:

Ta da!!  Britt's B9P2 is a completed quilt top:

THIS is the picture of one HAPPY quilter:

Tiffany decided to get a look at how things were coming together:

Britt is "Pecking" away...

... While Denise sews the final seam on her quilt block:

Look how FAST this quilt comes together:

With the completion of this block, Denise is at the halfway mark:

Shakespeare... is looking GOOD:

Three columns are ready to assemble:

Will THIS be Denise's next project:

It's nearly lunchtime and I'm FINALLY ready to sew:

Border number one:

Two... Three?  We'll see:

Hooray for progress:

Denise jumps for joy!  Pecking Order is a completed quilt top:

Will her Shakespeare be next?  Sample blocks look great:

Denise sets Tiffany's first Snail's Trail block in place:

Make that first ROW of Snail's Trail blocks:

The 3 right hand columns have been assembled and only 2 squares stand between me and a quilt top full of completed columns:

This is NOT Denise's favorite part of the quilting process:

3 blocks and Tiffany will be ready to begin assembling her top:

We've been overrun with scrapbookers:

Tiffany's next step?  Sewing the rows:

Denise is ready for that same step on her Fence Rail quilt:

Please note, I've always known it as the Rail Fence design:

YELLOW for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I'm pressing fabrics for my own Pecking Order quilt:

Denise's Fence Rail rows are coming together...

... As are the rows of Tiffany's Shakespeare in the Park:

That LAST seam is sewn:

Tiffany is DONE with the top of her Shakespeare in the Park:

Now, she has borrowed Denise's Pin Cushion book and some of my fabric scraps to make these adorable Hourglass units:

Denise has finished sewing her rows:

Tiffany squared up her small Hourglass blocks and is ready to begin sewing them into rows:

She is a "seam spinner" and now works to manipulate the rows:

ANOTHER quilt top completed today:

Denise is out of time.  The top of her Fence Rail will wait:

This is where I stopped to pack up and head home:

Thank you to Beemate (Gayle) for the lovely Fossil Fern scraps!

P.S. - Just so YOU can be as disgusted as I am... kidding...

Tiffany completed the QUILTING on her Shakespeare in the Park quilt earlier today!!!  Here's a look:

Of course, that's ON TOP OF the Scrappy Carpenter's Star quilt that she quilted on MONDAY:

When I grow up, I want to be as productive as she is!  She's really making her new Juki Sit-Down Long-Arm work for her.

Until next time...
Quilt til you wilt!!!