Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday - February Sew/Craft Friends-zy

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This is where I share fun things going on in my world.  I got a slow start on Saturday.  By the time I arrived, everyone else was all set up and sorting through their projects.

In the photo below, Britt looks on as Tiffany and Denise compared their blocks for Shakespeare in the Park:

The scrapbookers were starting to arrive and set up their stations:

The painter had 2 chairs waiting for more paint...

... After adding finishing touches to this amazing Van Gogh cross:

The UMW were on hand with tubs of cookie dough:

The kitchen was abuzz:

Their Cookie Ministry was in full swing:

Once I got my stuff inside, Denise shared Pecking Order, the top:

There's the happy quilt maker:

Britt is a happy quilter, too!  She's cutting out a NEW quilt:

Tiffany is happy about her new quilting T-shirt:

Winner, winner!!  What are the chances that I pulled the name of someone I actually know (in real life) for the Blog Hop Mug Rug:

Here we are.  The recipient and the maker:

A while later, I got to see the new mini iron cover that Denise made.  I'm trying to twist her arm into making one for me:

An elastic-filled casing holds the cover in place:

Denise also brought a new book to share:

Here, you can see that there's a VERY slim chance that Tiffany will run out of projects over the course of the day:

Denise started off with one of her Midnight Quilt Show blocks:

Tiffany began with her large Star blocks for Shakespeare:

Britt made quilt work of cutting out her own Pecking Order:

Believe it or not, this scrapbooker was in Moms Club with me back when my boys were little:

(Some of) My YELLOW scraps made the trip to Raleigh with me:

Britt is ready to sew:

Denise's block is "webbed":

Tiffany got a NEW iron... And it's YELLOW:

Denise's book looks right at home with my T-quilt off-cuts:

Only the Snail's Trail blocks remain:

I'm making progress on my niece's T-quilt:

One finishing detail remained before Britt could start in on her new quilt.  Attach the corners:

Ta da!!  Britt's B9P2 is a completed quilt top:

THIS is the picture of one HAPPY quilter:

Tiffany decided to get a look at how things were coming together:

Britt is "Pecking" away...

... While Denise sews the final seam on her quilt block:

Look how FAST this quilt comes together:

With the completion of this block, Denise is at the halfway mark:

Shakespeare... is looking GOOD:

Three columns are ready to assemble:

Will THIS be Denise's next project:

It's nearly lunchtime and I'm FINALLY ready to sew:

Border number one:

Two... Three?  We'll see:

Hooray for progress:

Denise jumps for joy!  Pecking Order is a completed quilt top:

Will her Shakespeare be next?  Sample blocks look great:

Denise sets Tiffany's first Snail's Trail block in place:

Make that first ROW of Snail's Trail blocks:

The 3 right hand columns have been assembled and only 2 squares stand between me and a quilt top full of completed columns:

This is NOT Denise's favorite part of the quilting process:

3 blocks and Tiffany will be ready to begin assembling her top:

We've been overrun with scrapbookers:

Tiffany's next step?  Sewing the rows:

Denise is ready for that same step on her Fence Rail quilt:

Please note, I've always known it as the Rail Fence design:

YELLOW for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I'm pressing fabrics for my own Pecking Order quilt:

Denise's Fence Rail rows are coming together...

... As are the rows of Tiffany's Shakespeare in the Park:

That LAST seam is sewn:

Tiffany is DONE with the top of her Shakespeare in the Park:

Now, she has borrowed Denise's Pin Cushion book and some of my fabric scraps to make these adorable Hourglass units:

Denise has finished sewing her rows:

Tiffany squared up her small Hourglass blocks and is ready to begin sewing them into rows:

She is a "seam spinner" and now works to manipulate the rows:

ANOTHER quilt top completed today:

Denise is out of time.  The top of her Fence Rail will wait:

This is where I stopped to pack up and head home:

Thank you to Beemate (Gayle) for the lovely Fossil Fern scraps!

P.S. - Just so YOU can be as disgusted as I am... kidding...

Tiffany completed the QUILTING on her Shakespeare in the Park quilt earlier today!!!  Here's a look:

Of course, that's ON TOP OF the Scrappy Carpenter's Star quilt that she quilted on MONDAY:

When I grow up, I want to be as productive as she is!  She's really making her new Juki Sit-Down Long-Arm work for her.

Until next time...
Quilt til you wilt!!!

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  1. Wow! Very fun projects in the works. Tiffany must really excel at time management to get so much done!


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