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2019 Rainbow Scrap Challenge - The Year in Review

 2019 Rainbow Scrap Challenge - The Year in Review

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If you saw my 2018 Rainbow Scrap Challenge - The Year in Review post, you might not be SEW surprised to see the change in my RSC piecing during the last 12 months.  I had planned to return to past projects, but the reality of the situation is that I got a bit distracted.  I changed my focus mid-stream this year.  Read on to see exactly what kept me busy, since it obviously wasn't making a bunch of quilt blocks!


Here is Angela's complete color list for 2019:

10 Colors for 2019 in no special order: red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, dark blue, light blue, purple, pink, brown or black.

November and December were for catching up on colors you missed, adding colors your quilt(s) need, and finishing up the projects that may have arrived at that stage of the game.

How much progress did YOU make for the year, Joyful?


Angela offered a Tiny Tuesday Sampler this year, but I opted OUT (for the most part.)  I appreciated the effort that she and her Guest Designers made, but I just didn't feel able to commit to one block per week for the entire year.  There were a few blocks that I felt compelled to make and you will see those shown with the rest of my scrappy accomplishments:

January started the year off with RED as the Color of the Month...

I used some of these RED scraps:

In the making of this Tall Quilted Thread Catcher for my stop on the Black and White Blog Hop:

Or would that be a Tall Quilted Cup Holder:

You can even get a glimpse of my dark RED nails, as I donated a GIANT bag of scraps to my local Quilt Guild's Silent Auction:

February's color was YELLOW...

I sorted my YELLOW scraps:

And used some of them in making my Altered Rainbow Commission Basket:

I used a TINY scrap of YELLOW in my creation for the Show Your Wings Blog Hop:

There was also a scrap of YELLOW in this gift received from Diann at Little Penguin Quilts:

Bright YELLOW nails cheered me throughout the month:

March meant GREEN for the Color of the Month...

I used GREEN scraps to make a Heart block for Angels in Gumboots:

I used these (Sea) GREEN scraps...

... In my project for the All About Strings Blog Hop:

Check out the bright GREEN manicure that a sported this month:

In the month of April, Angela called for AQUA...

I used AQUA scraps in my On Ringo Pond finish:

And in my very first Tiny Tuesday block made with Courthouse Steps tutorial from Angela at So Scrappy:

My TURQUOISE nails reminded me what I should be sewing:

May's Color of the Month was ORANGE...

You can see ORANGE bits in these Bonus HSTs:

I also used ORANGE scraps in my Commission Altered Rainbow Scrap Basket, which contained NO green per my client's request:

ORANGE nails and a bit of the color in this scrappy pin cushion:

Our assignment for the month of June was DARK BLUE...

Another Tiny Tuesday block.  This one in Dark BLUE.  It's Cynthia's Block with No Name:

There were dark BLUE bits in my Pecking Order quilt, which was a priority in the sewing room for this month:

Since I had my Pecking Order quilt top all put together, I felt free to play with my BLUE scraps:

The pieces and parts came together like this:

This month, I enjoyed a Dark BLUE manicure:

We usually think of red/white/blue for July, but Angela surprised us by calling for a very non-patriotic PINK...

Trimming bits for a new PINK Quilted Scrap Basket:

I was drawn this easy Swirling 4-Patch (Pinwheel) block for Tiny Tuesday by my friend Libby at Life on the Hill:

Scrap infusion!!  There's PINK in there somewhere:

Thank you to Jean for organizing and decluttering her fabric stash!
I was SEW happy to absorb these Modern and Batik cast-offs.

Of course, I went with pretty PINK nail polish for the month:

August's color was Light/ Bright BLUE...

Bits of Bright BLUE (shirts) went into the make of this T-Quilt:

I used Light/Bright BLUE scraps for a Scrappy Susannah block for my local Quilt Guild's Block of the Month program...

... And in my Tiny Tuesday block from Libby 9-Patch with Rails:

Another Tiny Tuesday block Double 9-Patch from Angela:

Scraps of Light/Bright Blue can be found in this Inverted Star donation block for Kat at Covered in Love:

I bought a new bag in celebration of the Color of the Month:

I squared up scrappy 4-Patch blocks in Light/Bright BLUE:

Tints and shades of Tiffany Blue graced my fingers and toes:

During the month of September, Angela asked for PURPLE...

Small squares lined up to make a scrappy 9-Patch for my stop on the My Favorite Block Hop:

These scraps were brought back from a friend's trip to her sister's:

Thank you for your thoughtfulness, Ande and Hil!

I took a PURPLE project bag to Quilt Bee.  It was filled with PURPLE scraps to square up:

I enjoyed a dusty PURPLE manicure this month:

October left us with our DARK NEUTRALS, aka...


I worked on making BROWN scraps, as I added sashing to the rows of my "Ella" Donation Quilt:

I had hoped to finish my BROWN Jumbo Quilted Scrap Basket:

I mailed out this Mug Rug made with BROWN squares:

This was my prize offering for the My Favorite Quilt Block Blog Hop.

I sewed scraps, but they weren't GRAY:

Both recipient AND maker were wearing bits of DARK clothing, though.

Instead of USING scraps, I was making scraps...

Notice the small stack of BROWN scraps accumulating beside the sewing machine.

... As I began cutting the sashing for this Donation Quilt:

Black Cherry nail polish for October was the perfect complement to DARK month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

That's it for the RSC Color of the Month program for 2019.  Ten colors of scraps to play with leaves the last two months of the year for catching up on missed colors and finishing up quilt projects.

With that in mind, let's continue.  Shall we???

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November is a month for CATCHING UP or FINISHING...

I finally got my Brown Scrap Basket quilted:

I used some of my time at November's Sew/Craft Friends-zy to put the basket together AND get it bound:

I also began quilting my Jumbo Scrap Basket in "Yucky" Green:

This is the completed Brown Jumbo Scrap Basket:

I cut pieces for the Nov/Dec Covered in Love Block Drive:

Here is the BROWN Scrap Basket all loaded up:

The month wasn't complete without a DARK manicure:

December was also for CATCHING UP or FINISHING...

I finally finished my "Yucky" Green Jumbo Quilted Scrap Basket:

The off-cuts from "boxing" the corners...

 ... Were transformed into this Mini Quilted Thread Catcher:

I also used scraps cut at November's Friday Night Sew-In to make two blocks for Covered in Love:

I chose another festive DARK polish for my nails:

Click here for Angela's final LINK PARTY of the year, in case you missed it.  I'm SEW glad that she will be hosting the 2020 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I still want to complete my RSC15, RSC16, and RSC17 (yes! you read that right!) quilts.

I absolutely LOVE participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  During 2019, I found that my scrappy sewing was somewhat diminished (yet again.)  That fact didn't affect my enthusiasm for the Challenge one little bit.  I still sewed with the Color of the Month and polished my nails with the same.

Until next time...
Quilt SCRAPPY!!!