Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday - June Friday Night Sew-In Edition

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I'm here to share a follow-up post that I alluded to last Friday.


Here it is!  The June meeting of Friday Night Sew-In.  Finish It Friday?  Whatever you want to call it.  I call it BLISS!!!  Five hours of sewing with friends in a big open room with PLENTY of space to lay out quilts.

Thank you to Ann for arranging our meetings and sending out reminders!  We come in and set up in dribs and drabs.  We work at our own pace on our own projects, but often feel the need to checkout what everyone else is working on.

Here is what went on last week...

Sara worked on finishing a small sweater:

Ann did some prep work for her Kaffe Quilt:

Marian prepares to sew:

Linda's machine is already humming along:

She's working on this Wheel of Fortune pattern:

Here is one of Linda's completed blocks:

Ella's machine is waiting patiently:

Oh!  There she is!!  She's making her Flying Geese units:

Jean has come to stitch with us tonight:

Cathy spent most of the evening cutting out applique pieces:

Dale thought she would try something new...

She traded in her paints for fabric to make a quilt:

Karen is working on another Baby Clothes Quilt:

There was a LOT of interest in Karoline's new project:

She was too busy sorting through charm squares to look up:

Sara has another sweater on her needles:

Jean sat quietly stitching:

Sara's cabled sweater is just beautiful:

Cynthia was able to join us this evening and has been busy cutting for a new quilting project:

Ann brought QUITE the collection of fabric scraps:

Britt worked on adding a hanging sleeve to her newest art quilt:

Ann had some trimming to do:

Karoline's 3-D Pinwheel's have emerged from the charm squares:

Joy finished three-quarters of the panels needed for assembly of her Pecking Order quilt:

Ta-Da!!  Marian completed her final leaf block...

... To be added to these other two and some Flying Geese blocks:

Ann's progress can be seen on the bench and Joy's last few rows are down on the floor below:

Another section of the bench to show more of Ann's progress:

Karoline shows off her newly complete 3-D Pinwheel top:

Joy posed for a picture with her Pecking Order panels:

Her dark BLUE scraps were studiously ignored:

Tomorrow is another day...

Thank you, again, Ann!!  The evening was SEW productive.

Until next time...
Quilting with friends is SEW much fun!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tidy Up Tuesday - Tale of the Missing Rotary Cutter

Welcome to the next edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!!  The mystery of the missing rotary cutter has been solved.  At long last!  I believe that the story MUST be told!  (YOU might be able to relate.)

How many months has it been missing, Joyful?

Honestly, I can't recall.  I know that I've been lamenting about it for the last several months (MINIMUM!)  It will take further investigation to discover just when it went missing.  There's no time for that!  For now, you get the story of how it was found.

Which do YOU want to hear???  The LONG or SHORT story??

Here's the abbreviated version...

It started with a phone call from DS1 and ended with me yelling OMG!  OMG! in his ear.  :P

This is the extended version...

While gathering fabrics for a new small project, my phone rang.  It was DS1 answering my request for a call.  Yay!  As we chatted, I continued to look through my scrap baskets to find just the right squares to incorporate into a special little project.

As the conversation went on, I ran out of options in my color bins.  Hmm...  What to do?  What to do?

The answer was, pull from the off-cut barrel, of course:


I took a few pieces off the top.  I dug around a little and found a few more scraps in the colors that I was looking for.  At that point, I decided to REALLY churn up those small squares, triangles, and other shapes.

But, WAIT!!!

What is THAT bright yellow bit???  It doesn't exactly look like fabric, does it???  Hmm...  That looks vaguely familiar:

Picture my surprise upon scooping out my (favorite) longsincegone 60mm Olfa Rotary Cutter:

WARNING!!!  You may want to plug your ears.  Otherwise, it's quite likely that you can randomly STILL hear me exclaiming, "OMG!!!  My giant rotary cutter!!  It's been here all along!!"

Until next time...
Life is SEW good!!!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Mail Call Monday - Anchors Away

Welcome to a new edition of Mail Call Monday!!  I received a package in the mail today.  I've been expecting it (even though, originally, it was quite a surprise.)

Here's how the story goes...

I recently commented on Cherie's blog at Quilted Jonquil.  She found a delightful anchor print and it just so happens that I absolutely LOVE anchors!  You can see it on the bottom right of the photo she shared in that post:

Cherie had been on a shirt shopping spree at her local Goodwill.  The photo above was of the deconstructed shirts.

This is the comment I left:

OMG!!! Those tiny anchors!!!!! If you decide not to use that and want to get rid of it, please let me know.

To which she responded:

Hi!  If you'll use the tiny anchors, I'm more than happy to send them to you :)  I almost never have a plan for any of the shirts I acquire.  They get added to my stash and pulled to use at some point because they are the right color for what I'm working on.

Shoot me your snail mail address and I'll send you a squishy.


Fast forward a week and this package arrived...

... With a sweet little bundle and a lovely handwritten note encased in a small plastic zipper baggie:

Of course, the little bundle was this darling (deconstructed) shirt:

More to come...

If you've read my blog for any length of time, you KNOW that I can't have someone send me a squishy and not reciprocate, don't you?!?!


You'll hear more about this, since I asked Cherie what her favorite color was and told her that I would love to send her one of my quilted mug rugs or thread catchers.  She didn't specify which she would prefer.  Hmm... What shall I make???

I'll give you a hint!!

Her favorite color is lime green and she currently likes orange.  And purple.  I've done a fabric pull:

Hopefully, I'm on the right track!!

Until next time...
Be SEW careful what you wish for!!!
You just might get it.  :o))

Saturday, June 22, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC 19 - Week 25

Welcome to Week 25 of the 2019 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I had high hopes for getting a bit more done in the Color of the Month.  You know how it goes...

SEW...  How did it REALLY go, Joyful?!?!

SUNDAY - Taming the dark BLUE explosion that happened:

Once THAT was under control, I cut the necessary patches for the Noname block for (last week's?) Tiny Tuesday tutorial:

Here I am, sewing some of the components:

MONDAY - Quilt Guild was tonight.  Look who won a door prize!!  Two tickets to the Sewing Expo in Raleigh!!!

The program was a lecture/trunk show of math-based quilts which was truly mind blowing.  Prior to his retirement, our guest, Roger Winchell, was a mathematician, an engineer, and more!  His post-retirement quilting style makes this quite apparent.  If you can believe it, THIS was his FIRST quilt:

Another on of his earlier works, a rainbow of blocks arranged like a strand of DNA:

One of his more recent works gives a new perspective on the Cubist movement!  The center is an Apollonian Gasket based on a mathematical formula that I can't BEGIN to explain!  Read more about that concept HERE on Roger's website:

TUESDAY - Before dinner, I did the last little bit of quilting needed to complete the BQG3 donation for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project - and there's still time for YOU to contribute:

After dinner, Cynthia's Tiny Tuesday pattern became my focus for the evening.  With the block sewn, I gave it a finger press...

... And then, REALLY pressed it - better than the photo shows:

I'm not sure WHAT was going through my mind when I chose these fabrics.  Apparently, I was thinking that they would look good together.  All sewn up, they are nothing but a mess.  Cats fenced in the flower garden?  I think NOT...  LOL!!

WEDNESDAY - After dinner, I put away the items purchased on my last (1st) trip to Pineapple Fabrics... 2 YEARS ago!!  This shopping bag is now empty and has since been properly recycled:

THURSDAY - My Weekly Quilt Group is taking a trip to Pineapple Fabrics today.  And I'm going with them!!  I've made a list....

1. Backing for my Blooming 9-Patch.

2. Nothing else!

I tried any number of fabrics with my quilt top.  Ultimately, there were two contenders.  After some consideration... Mission accomplished!!  THIS was the winner:

You'll get to read more about the trip in a later post.

Once I recovered from the trip, I took some time to gather my projects for tomorrow night's sewing event.  They will be stationed by the door for ease of departure.

But WAIT, there's MORE!!!  Kevin the Quilter has opened up Scrap Club for ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Grab a button and make the Simply Sensational Summer Scrap Quilt in THREE easy steps:

FRIDAY - I worked on a new Design Floor Friday post this morning.  It was released just before lunch.  Find it HERE.

You read about the plans, but now, it's here...

Friday Night Sew-In!!!!

What did YOU get done, Joyful???


Here is the view through my (cell phone) camera lens:

Trimming of the BQG3 Donation quilt:

Photo Currently Unavailable!!!

Three out of four panels sewn on my Pecking Order quilt:

Here it is before I picked it up I'd the floor:

I studiously ignored my dark BLUE scraps:

Don't worry!!  They will soon get their turn under the needle.

SATURDAY - Today is jam-packed with (quilting) activities!!

First, there's the LINK PARTY for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  If you like dark BLUE or need some inspiration for your next quilt project, head over to Angela's So Scrappy blog.  It won't disappoint.

Next, Quilt Bee.  I better hurry or I'll be late.

Then, I wanted to sneak in some time at the Donation Quilt Workshop.  I've got a kit that I picked up a Guild a couple of months ago, but haven't found time to assemble it.  The workshop would have been the perfect opportunity to make some headway!  Alas, reason won out over desire.  The timing made it impossible to get there with much time left to actually sew.  :o((

After all that, my plan to attend Quilters Night Out with B got push forward.  Because who doesn't need MORE time to sew?!?!  I went over right after Quilt Bee and got started on seaming my Pecking Order quilt into a top.  Yay!!

I'm not sure if I'll update this post or create a new one in a few days.  Either way, I hope to make further progress on several of my projects during my waking hours today.

One of my readers will recognize this beautiful (two-sided) mini:

It was designed as a table topper, but I'm really enjoying it on my kitchen wall during dark BLUE mouth.  Thanks, again, Chantal!!  At least, I think that's who made it.  I'll have to look back in the blog posts or the maker should step forward, as my memory is lacking.  Two-sided quilt = no place for a label!!

Until next time...