Saturday, December 28, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC19 - Week 52

Welcome to Week 52 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  That brings us to the end of another year.  The end of a decade.  I hope that YOU have met your scrappy goals for 2019.  My Year in Review post will soon follow.

For now, let's just take a look at this week...

SUNDAY - The last load or two of laundry kept me entertained this afternoon.  Fortunately, it's a task that allows a fair amount of blog hopping in between human intervention.  :o))

MONDAY - Happy day before the day before Christmas to those of you who celebrate!  My gift was that the sewing machine repair guy called to say that my Pfaff was ready for pickup... AGAIN.

TUESDAY - Would you believe that I waited until today to do nearly ALL of my Christmas shopping for family gifts???  This was an unprecedented occurrence, I can assure you!  (One that I don't plan to repeat EVER AGAIN.)

WEDNESDAY - Merry Christmas to all of my quilting friend who celebrate the season!!  Our family motto for the year was "Keep It Simple."  That meant no elaborate meal and no mountain of gifts.  Yes, we ate.  Well.  Yes, we got a few gifts.  Consumable and/or necessary items all around.

THURSDAY - Happy day after Christmas!  I slept late and spent the day catching up on random computer work.  That included releasing the sign-ups for the Winter 2020 (Ravelry) UFO Club.

You know what that means, don't you???

It means that there is time for YOU to join in the finishing fun!!

Disclaimer:  You must have 5 (or more!) quilting UFOs to be a member of the UFO Club.  You will need to join Ravelry (if you don't already belong) in order to participate.  Follow the link listed above, join the Quilters Knitting group, and scroll down to the discussion thread for the Winter 2020 UFO Club to proclaim your intent to participate then add your project photos.

It's SEW much better when you share your UFO List to a community of quilters who are also drowning in a sea of unfinished projects!  If you have 5 (or more) UFOs, I hope you will join us.

FRIDAY - It was a busy day in BasketLand!  It all started with Knit Group.  It was a small group, but I thoroughly enjoyed visiting and making a bit of progress on my current sock project:

In the photo above, I am finally starting the heel turn.

Then, there was lunch with a friend from "over the pond."  Eight members of my collective Quilt Bee met at Bennett Pointe Grill. Thank you to GiGi for getting us all together.

Wait a minute!!  Where is Joyful???  I don't see her in the picture...

Oh!  There she is.  Someone has to take the photos:

I'm officially WAY behind in my efforts to FrolicClue 4 was released LAST week and I haven't even started on Clue 3 HSTs!!  In my defense, my piecing machine has been in the hospital for the past two weeks.  Bonnie released Clue 5 this morning over at Quiltville.

That's OK.  Needleb and I did a bit of catching up this afternoon.  I sorted some scrap sets for clues 3, 4, and 5:

To top it all off, I've somehow thrown my back out!  I tweaked it last week, but recovered after a day of rest.  Unfortunately, this time, it feels quite a bit worse.  :o((

SATURDAY - It's the final LINK PARTY of the year over at Angela's So Scrappy blog.  The LAST link-up of the decade!!  I'm finishing up my Year in Review post for the 2019 Rainbow Scrap Challenge and will be releasing it in the next few days.

Thank you, Angela, for encouraging me (and the other RSC Quilters) in working through the mountain of fabric scraps in my studio.  Because of you and your fabulously fun Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I did SEW much scrap sewing this year.


I plan to do it again next year, too!  :o))

Until next time...


  1. Oh no! Not back pain! You need to put your feet up and rest. Hope you get better soon. It's no fun to start a new year in pain. Looking forward to seeing all your scrappy projects next year. ;^)

  2. I think being on Clue 3 isn't too bad, considering what month of the year it is! Just keep plugging along, Joy! Happy week 52 of 2019 - definitely hard to believe!

  3. I love your simple Christmas idea. And the sock your are knitting looks amazing. Take care of yourself, back pain and injury is no joke. Happy New Year!

  4. It looked very nice when you were out with your friends. The socks you are knitting look great. Wishing you a nice New Year's celebration!

  5. I enjoyed reading your final ode to RSC19! Now we look on to 2020!

  6. Sounds like a busy and productive last week of 2019. Hope 2020 is even better for you.

  7. Your Christmas celebration sounds just our speed! The last minute shopping...not so much. Looking forward to reading more about your VERY social crafty life in 2020 :)

  8. At this point we also keep a simple Christmas. It's better that way. I had a draggy cold for a few weeks in December so I had no oomph for holiday running around. Looking forward to seeing your 2020 creations. Happy New Year!


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