Friday, December 20, 2019

Design Floor Friday - December's Sew Saturday @ Tiffany's

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!!  I'm here to share this month's Sew Saturday event.  I got a late start, had a stop or two to make, and arrived just in time for lunch.  

First stop...

Machine pick-up:

Next stop...

A quick visit to Bernina World of Sewing:

It was Saturday, so I just HAD to take a rainbow photo for my RSC Quilter friends to let them know that I was thinking about them:

Look at these fun project bags:

And do you see the "guilt in a quilt" shown in the photo below? Seriously!  Thanks for the reminder Bernina World.  I have neglected a longtime UFO just like this.  It was sewn into 4 panels and only needs to be assembled and finished:

Soon enough, I arrived at Tiffany's...

Oh, look!  Lisa brought her sewing table:

Carol is making good progress on her current quilt:

We all went up to Tiffany's Sweat Shop to see her new longarm:

Here is a side view, along with a look at her press and design wall:

She was loading Denise's quilt on the frame:

Her process is made quicker with these handy plastic clamps:

Back downstairs, Carol gets back to work:

Denise is busy constructing the bodice of a new dress:

Joy is working on finishing up her "Yucky Green" Scrap Basket:

Meanwhile, Tiffany has loaded the batting and top of Denise's quilt:

Let the basting begin and a little quilting...

... Before Denise takes the reins to give longarming a try:

Carol looks on, as Tiffany coaches Denise:

Back downstairs...

Lisa is giving her stitch ripper a workout:

Denise has finished her bodice:

Tiffany is trimming up some HSTs:

Here's were this post meets the Design Floor:

Oh, shiny!!  Tiffany has her Fair Quilt up on the wall...

... And she has a Barn Quilt on another wall:

Joy is at the "Sumo Diaper" stage of the basket making process:

Hmm... Why is it taking so long for Denise to get a picture???

Joy is smiling and NOT talking...

Aha!  Tiffany is being a wiseguy:

Speaking of Tiffany, she uses this product to avoid ruler slippage:

Block number one is done!  Nice job, Tiffany:

No photos of the intermediate steps...

... But...

... Here is Joy's completed "Yucky Green" Quilted Scrap Basket:

Tiffany kept shooting...

... Shot after shot, waiting to see if Denise had any antics:

Bound.  On a much-improved Pfaff sewing machine.  What a relief:

Denise brought the Holiday Stocking that she finished recently...

... And got her dress put together:

It's time to play!  The zipper will have to wait for another day:

I decided to make a Tiny Thread Catcher from the off-cuts of my Jumbo "Yucky Green" Scrap Basket:

I love making something from what might have gone in the trash:

Lisa is pressing her scrappy 9-Patch blocks:

Tiffany's stack of blocks is growing:

Denise applies binding to Joy's Tiny Thread Catcher:

Carol.  Cutting:

Joy stitched on a Christmas gift:

Lisa dissects a pillow panel:

Denise contemplates a decorative stitch:

Tiffany's terribly tall tree with a ton of twinkle lights:

Denise finished Joy's Mini "Yucky" Green Quilted Thread Catcher:

She's happy to have all of the blocks for her newest quilt done: 

Joy is all set to make some blocks for Covered in Love:

The first stage is done:

Soon after this photo, Joy started the clean-up train:

Her blocks are complete, it's getting late, and she has the better part of an hour drive home:

Lisa is making sure she doesn't lose anything in transit:

Tiffany continued assembling blocks:

Carol's pile of blocks is growing:

Oh!  Just ONE more project!  Joy moved on to Frolic:

Clue One...

... And Clue Two each have a few bits sewn:


As she sewed, the Pfaff began to sound sick, AGAIN!!  Denise offered to take the machine BACK to the doctor on Monday, as she's going to pick up her own.  What a good friend!

Until next time...
QUILT til you wilt!!!


  1. As always, lots accomplished. But you really shouldn't work that poor machine so hard! I hope it's not time to replace it ....

  2. So sorry the machine isn't fixed yet. Hopefully the third time will be the charm.

  3. What a fun gang you have. Sometimes we are too busy to enjoy the moment has it pass but these photos are precious. What sweet memories they will bring back later. So sorry to hear about the slow death of your machine. Hopefully Denise knows a good doctor. ;^)

  4. Looks like a fun time. I hope the machine gets fixed properly this time. Poor thing must be missing home...

  5. It looks like you all have way too much fun sewing together! Getting together with quilt friends is the best! Love all of your projects, too.

  6. "Yucky green" LOL! I actually really love that pear fabric. Delicious green! And thanks for starting right out with the rainbow photo. I know I can always count on you for ROYGBIV goodness :)


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