Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013 Dye Frenzy

My quilt bee recently had their annual Dye Frenzy.  Unfortunately, I don't have any
pictures to share because I wasn't able to attend.  :o(

I do have news of the event and hope to add pictures after our next meeting.  This time
the quilters used super hot water and got more vibrant results. One quilter also brought
indigo dye which was fun and unusual. I had no clue that indigo comes out of the dye bath
green and then reacts with the air to turn blue.  

The meeting began at 10 am and they finally paused to eat around 2pm…  They were
having TOO much FUN!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing the final results of everyone's dyeing at the next meeting.
I just wish that I hadn't had to miss it!