Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday - SAFF 2019

Welcome to the 2019 SAFF edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Over the weekend, I made the trek to Asheville for my annual pilgrimage into YARNia.  As in years past, much fun ensued.

Thursday...  Travel day!!

The "shortcut" to avoid road construction delays:

Friday... Prize Patrol and Ravelry Party!!!

The first thing I saw was a BLACK and GRAY shirt that reminded me that, in different circumstances, I might be sewing DARK fabric bits for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

Tracy and the masked vendor @ Whimzee Stitches:

Many vendors packed into McGough Arena @ Western Carolina Agricultural Center for the 2019 Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair:

While YARN was the star of this show, some quilts were displayed:

I even spotted a unicorn @ Deep Dyed Yarns:

A new bag vendor was in attendance:

Tracy fell in love with this plaid bag with waterproof lining:

Halfway through our rounds, I found "Santa on a Stick" and attempted to text Denise:

The same vendor also had "Snowmen on a Stick" for sale:

There were plenty of fabric items available for purchase:

This pair of hand dyed bamboo socks came home with me.  My ONLY purchase on Friday:

These are the prizes we collected for the Ravelry Party tonight:

Some food, some wine:

Fiber-themed cups:

Some knitting and a whole LOT of prize drawings:

We were reunited with our friend Deborah, who visited from FL:

This is the yummy yarn she took home from Black Cat Fibre:

Hilary was happy to win a Halloween-themed project bag:

Saturday - Shopping day!!

Wool felt boot liners: 

Kitty toys for the cat lovers:

Words to live by... written on the bathroom wall:

A unique project bag which didn't come home with me:

One of my bunkmates from Into the Wool:

A quilt!  This one took pride of place in a booth out in the barn:

One of my door prizes was the skein of yarn on the LEFT below:

My yarn from Morning Meadow Sundries made the rounds to find its (project)mate,  A number of yarns from Toad Hollow were some of the top contenders:

It wasn't an easy color to match, but this Noti yarn worked:

Super Stitchy had a nice one, too:

Then I tried a few from Rock and String Creations...

... The color is in this self-striping yarn...

... As well as, in this speckled yarn:

I ran into my fiber friend, Jenn:

She will be hosting the new Southern Comforts Fiber Market next Summer in Rock Hill, South Carolina:

What a productive shopping day my friends and I had!!  Just look:

We did some MAJOR damage:

I'm happy to report that this prize yarn...

... Found its forever friends with these two and I'm excited to get started on my new project, as the three of them will look great in a Sock Arm Sweater:

Sunday - Shopping - The Reprise.

We started off the day with coffee and a donut for energy:

My goal for today was to find something to go with this brilliant blue yarn from my stash.  It made a number of stops for photo ops:

Hilary tried to decide on some Wolle's Color Changing Cotton:

You KNOW it was a strange show, if Miss Babs had this much of the special Show Colorway on the LAST day of the event:

There was a huge debate as to whether this SILK cardigan should follow me home me as a replacement for one that is falling apart:

The yarn on the LEFT was described as Joy in a Skein:

Will the real Bede Sisters/Blueberry Chick Yarn proprietor please stand up... or give a super sweet cheesy grin:

With all of our favorite vendors visited, all the money spent, and more yarn than any one person needs... Tracy and I headed for home.  Thank you, SAFF, for gathering a plethora of indie yarn dyers and other fiber fun.  Thanks to Hilary Latimer for making our travel arrangements.  What a WONDERFUL weekend!

Until next time...
Friends + Fiber = FUN!!!