Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Tidy Up Tuesday - Mountain Lake Retreat

Welcome to another edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!!  I'm here to share my time at Maggie's Mountain House Retreat.  It is a generous venue with ample sewing space and a spectacular view.  Plus, it's just plain good fun to sew with friends.  :o))

But first, we've got to get there!!!

DAY ZERO, FRIDAY - Today included a panic attack:


 And a 4-hour drive:

Arrival.  :o))

It was after dinner when Needleb and I arrived.  I set up my sewing space and prepared the area for tomorrow's priority projects.

Look what was waiting for me from the first wave of quilters:


I enjoyed a full day of quilting tasks and enjoying the beautiful surroundings:

What did you accomplish, Joyful???

I made... Not ONE...

Not TWO...

But, THREE Quilt As You Go Holiday Stockings:

After dinner, I (incorrectly) prepared HSTs for a couple of donation blocks for Covered in Love:

They were supposed to look like those shown in the photo below:

One large Quilted Scrap Basket:

To hold my burgeoning collection of yellow scraps:

And one small Quilted Pin Cushion:

I felt really good about my productivity for the day.  Wouldn't you?  (I'm pretty sure that you would be pleased, too!)


Morning mist over the lake:

Wave Two, group photo:

Field Trip!!!

Here I am, at the Asheville Quilt Show:

After the show...

Our shared room, complete with our quilts on the beds:

Autumn decorations, courtesy of Ruth S. from Wave One:

Then, I played with fabric scraps...

First things first!  One of two Block Drive blocks for Covered in Love in order to make sure they will be ready for mailing:

Smile, Joy:

While others were out on the lake...

Or IN the lake...

I worked on binding the retreat group project:

Later, I worked with scraps in September's Color of the Month:

As well as...

October's Color of the Month for the RSC, courtesy of Kirsten:

All before dinner...

I also made ONE Crumb Star in Red:

It actually had a tiny bit of PURPLE included:


Chose fabrics for tomorrow's BIG project before heading to bed:


I started my  day bright and early:

Margaret had her way with the coffee table this morning, as evidenced by the scene that met me as I exited the stairwell:

Enjoying some time with my sewing buddy:

On today's agenda...

This was another jam packed day of productivity!  This morning, I completed my second block for the current Covered in Love Block Drive:

The photos below show how the blocks might work up in a quilt:

Playing with scraps from Kirsten's Camo Quilt...

... Before she packed up to leave and later I spent some time down by the lake, but NOT in it:

This afternoon, I got started on my 2019 DOQ Challenge quilt, but it appears that a change is needed:

It's interesting that a small change can appear SEW much better:

Yep!  I'm pleased with my progress:

Late this afternoon, I finalized my fabric fill choices:

Then, the mosaic placement began...

... Continued...

... And just before dinner, I finished the fabric placement
on M is for Mosaic:

After dinner, I made my first Quilted Bowl Cozy:

Instead of marking the darts, I opted to cut them:

It was SEW much easier than marking and pinning:

Here I am, birthing a bowl cozy:

Thank you to Patti!!!  I appreciate your shared materials for the project.  It was fast and fun!  Here's the finished product:



Not before the fog rolled in:

The fog was so thick that you could barely see the lake:

Margaret, posing with the 2019 Retreat group project and I helped:

Needleb and I discussed a few modifications to my Ella quilt:

The cutting is now complete:

A lot of progress on SEW many projects.  And that was only MY stuff!!!  What a wonderful time away.  Thank you, Margaret!!

As I began packing up, I took a shot of Patti's design consult:

One last look at the lake:

All packed up and waiting for Needleb to finish gathering her stuff:

Group photo, Wave Three:

And then there were three:

There are EVEN MORE photos, as I wasn't there alone.  Everyone else was productive, too.  SIX other people with projects on the go!  Check out tomorrow's post for another look at Margaret's Mountain House Retreat.

Until next time...

But WAIT...
There's MORE!

Needleb and I stopped by the Connestee Falls overlook for a photo op and found that you could actually hear the falls below.

And another at the Falls themselves:

Look what was blooming when I arrived home.  What a wonderful welcome on October 1st!!  MORE blooming white iris:


  1. Whew, what a whirlwind. Beautiful setting for a retreat and it looks like you accomplished a lot. Fogged in here this morning, too.

  2. Looks like a great retreat! The views are spectacular and you accomplished so much!

  3. Relaxing AND productive. The BEST kind of quilt retreat!!! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Wow! You accomplished a LOT! The members in the guild I belong to are happy/giddy if they finish TWO projects in the same amount of time at retreat.

  5. The white iris and the green leaves and grass are lovely! I turned my head sideways to view the two lake and sky pictures - it gave a remarkable design to the eye. Thanks for so many beautiful pictures!

  6. What a lovely setting for so much good stitching!


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