Sunday, October 6, 2019

Summer 2019 (Ravelry) UFO Club - The Results

The Summer 2019 UFO Club is CLOSED!! Participants MUST have listed (at least) FIVE projects. Photos should have accompanied the list. Sign-ups ended at midnight EDT on July 7, 2019.

NOTE: All qualifying finishes must have been posted BEFORE midnight EDT on September 30, 2019!!!
doris7264: 2 completed projects
EmmeSpins: 2 completed projects
katyknitsnyc: 3 completed projects
bowie: 1 completed project
tjsayers: 3 complete projects
basketcase9702: 4 completed projects
emaleena: 2 completed projects
siberspinner: 1 completed project
purlewe: 2 completed projects
gathersnomoss: 2 completed projects
amalberti: 1 completed project
graylagran: 1 completed project
monicarose51: 2 completed projects
jrnylst: 1 completed project
peregrineknit: 6 completed projects
Session Totals: 15 quilters have completed 33 projects. Congrats to Monicarose51 on her 2nd UFO finish of the session, to Tjsayers on her 3rd, to Gathersnomoss on her 2nd, and to Jrnylst on her 1st UFO finish of the session!! Jrnylst’s actually earned her the title of Queen of the Last Minute, as it came SEW close to the Midnight deadline.

Thanks to all of our participants and to those who cheered us along. YOU make the UFO Club my favorite place on Ravelry!!

My finishes...

As you may (or may not) recall, I posted about FOUR completed projects over the Summer.  Two big ones and two little ones.

Would you share a reminder, Joyful?

Here are LINKS to the posts, along with photos.

The Artist's Palette:

Lime/Orange/Purple, Please:

Wedding Tee Quilt:

Jack's Basket Donation Quilt:

I'm SEW pleased with my productivity.  Gifts, a swap, and a donation all knocked off my list.  Too bad that does nothing to shrink it.  There are still SEW many more the projects that were finished!

For those of you who are interested in participating along with us,  go join Ravelry, come join the Quilters Knitting group, and look for the Autumn 2019 UFO Club discussion thread.  Sign-ups will be open for the Autumn 2019 (Ravelry) UFO Club through Monday, October 7, 2019.

Until next time...
Come join in the finishing fun!!!

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