Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday - Summer UFO Club - {FINISH!!!}

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I'm here to let you in on some exciting news...

I have a finish.

An actual UFO finish!

My first finish for the Summer 2019 (Ravelry) UFO Club:

The driveway shot of The Artist's Palette:

I had helpers on hand for the photo shoot...

G held one side of the quilt, while I held the other:

DS1 was the man behind the camera...

... And he was prepared to capture what would come next:

I hatched a plan when G first saw the quilt.  Even though it was SUPPOSED to be MY new quilt, I saw a sparkle in his eyes as he viewed the completed quilt top.  I felt the need to gift it to him.  He is an art major.  He expressed enthusiasm for the quilt at every stage of the game.  The black (and white) background is one of his favorites and the pops of color spoke to his artistic side.

Unbeknownst to him, he chose the backing for his own quilt:

Photo Currently Unavailable!!!

I texted DS1 from the quilt store, but didn't reach him.  Upon forwarding the message to G, I got an immediate response!  ALL of the choices would work well.

It's a gift for this very special young man:

SEW much joy shone on his face:

He got his hugs and a quilt, too:

Getting a good look at the cats...

... And another look at the front of the quilt:

He even helped fold the quilt:

Happy (College) Graduation and best of luck in Grad School!!!

Sadly, after the photo shoot, it was back to the sewing machine...

... As there was a(nother) tension problem discovered when I was finishing the binding.  :o((

Even worse, it took TWO nights to finish the job.  Alas, it is done.  The quilt was returned to G today.  Moving day!  Nothing like waiting til the LAST minute to get something done.

I think the quilt was trying to make me hate it so that I could give it away.  I really LOVE this quilt!  However, the quilt's new owner loves it, too.  That makes the giving SEW worthwhile!

Thank you to Gayle for sharing the majority of these Fossil Fern bright scraps with me.  Because of your generosity, only had to cut into a few of the pieces in my own collection of FQs.  There are enough scraps remaining for another quilt (which I'll be starting soon.)

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Until next time...
Finish a favorite!!!


  1. A beautiful finish! And just at the right time its a gift to a loved one who will treasure it. I dont think it gets much better than that in the quilting world.

  2. Nice looking car AND quilt! It's so worth the effort when you know the recipient really appreciates the gift. Great finish!

  3. So glad your quilt is with someone who will love it! What a great gift.

  4. Aw, G looks SO happy and surprised! What a wonderful gift, full of love and color :)

  5. What a lovely finish!!! The cat backing is adorable but the sweet smiles are the best.

  6. Am loving this black and white with pops of other colors.
    What a wonderful surprise gift!

  7. It's beautiful, Joy! Congratulations on finishing it up despite those tension issues. I've made quilts like that, too, where you didn't know who the quilt was for until it was finished, and then the perfect recipient became clear. Wonderful to give this one to someone who will love it!

  8. How wonderful that you were able to surprise him with this gorgeous quilt. This is what quilting is all about... sharing our love and warmth with others.

  9. What a good home for that beautiful quilt. He will cherish it for years!

    Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  10. Beautiful quilt and what an amazing surprise gift!! Those photos are priceless!

  11. That quilt is gorgeous! Love the pops of colour on the black and white almost as much as G obviously does. Great finish and great present.

  12. LOVE it!!! Great design and perfect colors.


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