Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Wonderful Wednesday - 3rd Qtr. Owners Group

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I'm here to share some photos from last week's quarterly APQS Play Date at Thread Waggle Quilting in Raleigh.  I really SHOULD be quilting, but The Beast (my machine) threw a temper tantrum last night!  I have a call into the shop, but haven't heard back, yet.

Me, sitting in front of Claudia Pfeil's incredible silk quilt hanging in the background, waiting for my turn at Show and Tell:

Mac and Carolyn brought plants for 4 lucky attendees:

Debbie showed her class quilt from a workshop with Claudia Pfeil at Thread Waggle Quilting:

Debbie's family block swap challenge quilt:

You can see Judy's version on the left in the photo (of a photo) below:

A close-up of Debbie's class quilt:

Edie has been busy:

She makes such bold quilts and here is another stunning example:

LOOK at her clever use of a border print:

Carolyn and one of her "quilt starters" made using her scraps:

This quilt began with Bonnie Hunter's FREE pattern Bricks & Stepping Stones:

 If I'm remembering correctly, this was made from a Quilt of Valor kit from Capital Quilters Guild in Raleigh:

Carolyn customized this "quilt starter" by adding the expectant mom's nursery theme on the border (and backing.)  She will add a machine embroidered label once the baby has arrived:

Her love of Halloween is revealed in the next two quilts, one small:

The other a bit larger and still unquilted:

Here is a closer look at the jack-o'-lanterns:

Dwayne's first quilt off the rails of his NEW longarm:

I can't recall where he said the pattern came from, but the barn  SEW makes this quilt:

I had to get a closer look:

Dwayne also brought this Christmas quilt top:

Carolyn has been keeping Mac busy with Donation Quilts of one variety or another:

SEW many quilts...

... That I couldn't...

... Keep up with which was for whom:

I'm pretty sure that the large lap quilts are for their granddaughter's Silent Auction at school:

Expanded panels work well for these quilts...

... And Carolyn is learning to use the machine, too:

Sara brought a bag of thread to share.  (Thank you!!)  I took this lovely green cone, perfect (in my mind) for any number of projects:

Judy has been busy quilting:

More Flying Geese:

Scraps!!  Take a look at those big, beautiful pebbles:

She included a pocket from the baby's great (great?) grandfather, among other family fabrics:

This amazing quilt wouldn't fit in Claudia's (Pfeil) luggage on her way back to Germany, so Angela has it on display in the shop:

Masterful quilting:

Couched circles:

IMPROV piecing:

Millie30 is quilting out the last row of this quilt to prepare Angela for today's Quilt Path demo:

Carolyn was wearing a fun quilty shirt:

This was Angela's class quilt from Claudia's 2019 visit:

This quilting sample is from Claudia's 2018 visit...

... As was this one:

Stitching out the border, prior to turning the quilt:

Preparing the quilt for turning is faster with 6 hands at work:

Turning the quilt is (apparently) MUCH faster than doing the math and rolling it to quilt out borders aligned vertically:

This shot is for my friend Helena:

Millie30 is stitching out the (now) top border, after which, Angela will roll to the (now) bottom of the quilt, stitch that border.  With trimming and binding, the quilt will be DONE months ahead of schedule: 

Zippers facilitate the turning process:

 I took a shot of the proper positioning of the tension area, as a reference for my (mechanically disinclined) self:

Until next time...
Convene for quilting!!

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  1. Lots of wonderful eye candy here! I even bookmarked a few of the photos for my inspiration file :)


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