Saturday, July 27, 2019

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC19 - Week 30

Welcome to Week 30 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  Participants work on our fabric scraps one color at a time.  Angela is our host (So Scrappy blog) and she called for PINK during the month of July.  I've been working on them between other projects.

Let's see how the RSC Color of the Month wound its way through the past seven days...

SUNDAY - I took some time to balance out the completed columns of my (long neglected) Wedding Tee Quilt.  There was a BIT of disparity between them:

Nothing that a little nip and tuck couldn't take care of:

Now, three-fifths of the quilt top is ready for assembly:

Oh!  What the heck!!  I've come this far...
I might as well sew them together...

There!! I pressed them, too.  That's really starting to look more like a quilt top:

Now, there are only (portions of) TWO columns left to tweak:

(Instead of working out a plan for the final two columns of the
T-quilt) I practiced some avoidance behaviors by quilting this small donation quilt:

In addition to all that, I also released a new edition of Sew Some Love Sunday.  Whew!  I'm exhausted.

MONDAY - On again, off again.  Another hour of ripping and the Pecking Order quilt is back on the frame.  I attempted to balance the tension (again!) so that I could start quilting.

Alas, I'm having the same trouble as I had before.  I think it's time to toss that bobbin and try another.  I even installed a BRAND NEW bobbin case to see if that might be the culprit.  MAYBE that will help!  (Or... maybe not.)

At some point during the day, I released a new edition of Mail Call Monday.  If YOU like scraps, you may want to go have a look!

TUESDAY - I met a friend for coffee this morning.  This evening, I made another attempt at balancing the tension on the longarm.  It really makes NO SENSE!!  I just used the machine on Sunday and the tension wasn't too bad.  Sigh...

Today, I released a new edition of Tidy Up Tuesday.  I suppose it could have been a Sew Some Love Sunday post, but since the project spanned several months, this is where I felt it fit best.

WEDNESDAY - Today was filled with quilting and a visit from one of my favorite people.  At least, that was the plan.

Here's what REALLY happened...

I took care of some miscellaneous housekeeping chores, did a bit of sewing, and enjoyed a (short) visit from a DIFFERENT favorite person.  The originally expected guest had a change of plans, but I'll see her over the weekend.  :o))

I also quilted my Pecking Order quilt:

AND... I released a new edition of Wonderful Wednesday.

THURSDAY - I spent the day with friends, but the evening was devoted to deciding on the binding for my Pecking Order quilt.  Oh!  And I did some sewing, too:

While I was chatting with friend earlier in the day, Kevin the Quilter was busy posting the 2nd clue of his Mystery.

FRIDAY - It's pizza night at our house.  We're meeting DS1 and his roommate at our "usual" spot.  I've got some hugs to give before G moves to Virginia for Grad School... QUILTED hugs, of course:

SATURDAY - Week 30 has come to a close.  LINK PARTY day has arrived!!  Head over to So Scrappy and take a look at the PINK progress. 

I'm not sure when I'll be able to catch up with the RSC Quilters.  Today is a travel day.  Tomorrow is another.  I'll be thinking PINK thoughts!  :o))

Until next time...


  1. As usual, you got yourself a busy week. Pecking Order sure made this person happy. What a great moment and well captured on film too. Excellent job! ;^)

  2. So sorry you've had so much tension trouble with your long arm! So frustrating, when you just want to sew. Have safe travels, Joy!

  3. Yahoo! It looks like your pecking order quilt will be well loved. Good luck in grad school! Does the t-shirt quilt have the blocks backed with pelon? Careful quilting it. just take your time. The pelon bcking sometimes gums up on the needle nd breks the thred.

    Grrr. The first letter of the lphebet quit working on my keybord...

  4. I've been away from my computer so I missed most of your week. Sew glad to read the summary, especially with Pecking Order finished and gifted! Crossing my fingers that the tension issue gets resolved soon...


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