Monday, July 29, 2019

Mail Call Monday - Scrap Club Style

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  When I got home last Saturday, Mr. Basket asked if I had brought in the mail.  I hadn't, so he went to see what was in the box.  What he found included a package for me.  Yes.  I ordered it and paid for it, but STILL!!  It's always exciting to get mail (that's NOT a bill.)


That package arrived from Tea @ Tea Quilts:

She must do Instagram now, as her blog hasn't been updated in quite a long time.  Sorry, Tea!  I wasn't able to include a link, since I didn't have one.  :o((

What was inside the mailer, Joyful???

This little bundle of joy:

It was a newly released Kevin the Quilter Scrap Club t-shirt:

I unfolded it to get a better look:

Here I am modeling it (and waiting for Kevin to arrive!)  He will be along shortly:

Oh, WAIT!!!

I guess I better go change clothes...  Since he won't be here until April of 2020!!  LOL!!

Hey, Kevin!  I'm SEW looking forward to your trip to The Triangle area next year:

In the meantime, this is Kevin with his friend, Ree:

Move over, Ree!  In April 2020, this will be ME!!!

If you are in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area the third week of April next year, plan on stopping by.  Kevin will speaking at my Quilt Guild that Monday evening and will be teaching his Goodnight, Darlene Class the day before the meeting.

NOTE:  Even though Kevin hosted Scrap Club for All this Summer, when I loaded these pictures, I realized that the shirt that I got doesn't actually have the Scrap Club logo on it.  I'm sad.  :o((

No worries, Tea!  I'll get over it... Eventually!!!

I'm already planning to wear it Guild in a few weeks.  It can't hurt to begin advertising Kevin's upcoming visit, can it?

Until next time...
Good things come in small-ish packages!!!

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  1. You'll have a blast when Kevin comes to your guild. My little guild was one of his first speaking engagements, then he came back this past May, and spoke to my large guild and did a class for both guilds.


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