Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sew Some Love Sunday - Uncounted

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  It's been QUITE some time since the last post in this series.  Today, I'm here to share my long-overdue (and uncounted) Hands2Help quilt for this year.

During the Charity Quilt Challenge, I was steadily quilting 3 quilts from the Brunswick Quilt Guild destined for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project.  That was a BIG task (for me) and it took a LOT of time!  Unfortunately, the donation that I had planned for H2H got put on hold.

Until now....

From then until now, I have been working through 2 additional gift quilts that gave me any number of problems between them.  The Artist's Palette and The Wedding Tee Quilt presented longarm tension issues and design delays.  You can see them HERE and HERE.  They are done and I was ready to face a new challenge!

This bundle of fabric was calling to me:

All from stash, mind you!  :o))

In an afternoon, a transformation occurred:

Nearly a quilt top.

Fast forward to several days/weeks later...

I chose Jack's Basket this year because it was a way to show my friend Kathy how much I appreciate her.  You see, her son was born with Downs.  THIS is his story.

This is the quilt that I made with Nancy's inspiration.  Simple Gifts pattern (from the booklet Fat Quarter Love by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of Modern Quilt Studio) as a guide and DS1's mathematical mind:

As with most of my quilt tops, this one sat on the rail while I worked on other projects.  This week, I decided to load it:

DS2 helped me select a thread color:

I shared the quilt at yesterday's Sew/Craft Friends-zy event and Britt was kind enough to snap a picture or two:

Just in time to use the previously prepared binding as one of this month's Sew/Craft Friends-zy projects:

Tiffany's DH took the photo(s) once the binding was on:

I blew him a kiss when he kept clicking away:

This photo was his favorite shot:

Today, I tried to get a shot in some better light...

... Along with a close-up of the quilting and the binding fabric that drove my color choices for this little Donation Quilt:

I will be mailing this one off to Jack's Basket.  I'm SEW pleased to have (FINALLY!) fulfilled my commitment.

Until next time...
Honoring Owen!!!


  1. This turned out to be very pretty. You are so generous and sweet.

  2. Beautiful colors and cause, Joy! Great job finishing!!!

  3. Wonderful happy bright super finish, Joy! JB can always use quilts. And thanks for sharing the link to Owen's story :)

  4. Hi! Those colours go really well together - so happy and cheerful!

  5. Excellent job! Love how the binding binds the entire quilt together, color wise I mean, lol. ;^)

  6. That binding is perfect for the fun bright colors of your quilt, Joy! Or maybe the binding fabric inspired your fabric pull to begin with? :) No matter what, I love what you did, and so is a special little person!


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