Friday, October 11, 2019

Design Floor Friday - October's Sew/Craft Friends-zy

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  Today, I'm here to share the projects and events of October's Sew/Craft Friends-zy.  Yes, I went.  Even though I just got back from Retreat a few days before!!  Hardcore quilter, here.  (I even try to plan my vacations around Quilt Bee meetings!)

Here are the photos and I will add verbiage, if time allows...

I arrived only moments before Denise:

The artist was already ensconced at his station:

Denise couldn't WAIT to share her nearly completed quilt:

Curved piecing wasn't as hard as she thought it would be:

Denise recently took an IMPROV class...

... And bought the book to go with it:

Lisa accidentally started a NEW project:

Denise got right to work on her next quilt:

The scrapbookers left their stuff and went of a field trip:

Volunteers worked on deconstructing plastic bag to be knit or crocheted into light weight Waterproof Sleeping Mats for the area's homeless population:

I brought a BROWN project for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

But first, I want to make progress on my Ella Donation.  My Pfaff needs to go for a Spa Day, which is why this quilt is being constructed on my Janome Jem Gold travel machine:

These are the fabric that Carol has chosen for her next collaborative quilt with Lisa:

Here is the inspiration quilt:

Row One has been assembled.  Keep up the good work, Denise:

The scrapbookers have returned:

Quilt Math???  Good luck with THAT, Lisa:

Warning!  Scrapbooking in progress:

Tiffany arrived and went right into Show and Tell mode...

First, her spectacularly finished Fair Quilt:

A really old UFO waiting for binding:

All of the fabrics in this quilt are stars:

Tiffany's recently made Carpenter's Star waiting for binding:

Hidden feather quilting:

Another recent make, Pecking Order, also waiting for binding:

One of the scrapbookers REALLY wants to be a quilter:

Carol worked on putting a pieced quilt back together:

Tiffany made and applied MILES of binding:

Patti made progress on her Canine Advent Trees:

Joy glued down fabric bit on Mis for Mosaic, thanks to Lisa's handy dandy Sewline Glue Pen:

Tiffany and piped binding number one:

Denise's new Star Quilt top, sans borders:

You can clearly see the artist's process:

Just LOOK at those rich colors:

Joy is happy to have all the little bits glued down:

Piped binding number one, done:

Tiffany's freshly finished Shakespeare in the Park:

Carol, I guess this is where the Design Floor title came from:

Lisa did some applique:

Tiffany prepares MORE binding:

First corner turned...

Tiffany is almost done with another quilt...

... Piped binding number two is DONE:

That means quilt number two is finished:

Carol is planning a special center of for this quilt back:

Someone got a new motorcycle:

Here's the lucky rider:

Denise added borders to her Star Quilt... 

Next up, quilting!  But first, a closer look...

... And a peek over the top of the quilt:

Denise likes the Recycled Denim Pin Cushion that I made:

Speaking of what I made... I have a nice stack of freshly pieced 4-Patches for my Ella Quilt:

Tiffany applies piped binding number three...

... While Denise stitches down more of the facing on her new Circle wall hanging:

Lisa asked for an opinion about her appliqued berries:

She was concerned about the spacing, but it looks good:

Tiffany's Pecking Order quilt is now completed.  If you are counting, that is finish number THREE for the day:

I'm not sure why she's hiding behind her quilt:

Carol completed some HSTs in two sizes for her new quilt:

All in all, it was a VERY good day.  Although, I must say, we did miss the folks that weren't able to be with us this month.  Hoping to see Britt and Lois in November.

Until next time...
Sit, STITCH, repeat!!!


  1. Some very productive ladies there... I'm in LOVE with the fair quilt; already googled by that name but didn't find it. Can/would you please ( pretty please with sugar on top) ask for the info for me?

    1. The pattern is Capistrano. That is the small version.

    2. Thank you soooo/sewww much :) I just found a used copy on amazon and ordered it. YAY!! ( Like I really need another pattern/book but I WANT it lol)

  2. Wow! What a productive group! There are some wonderful projects in being finished off and in the works.

  3. I love your brown quilt in progress and look forward to seeing more of it!


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