Monday, December 30, 2019

Mail Call Monday - Holiday 2019 Edition

Welcome to the LAST edition of Mail Call Monday for 2019!!  I'm here to share the items that I received during the past couple of weeks.  Cards, ornaments, and useful things from friends far and wide.

Mr. Postman, Look and see...

I am one of the fortunate hundred to be on Linda's Holiday mailing list.  As such, I received one of her breathtaking art cards:

Libby the Hillside Quilter sent me a lovely ornament (machine embroidered on felt) that she had meant to send a couple of years ago.  Apparently, it was having too much fun playing hide and seek in Libby's studio!  SEW beautiful:

And, via special delivery...

Tiffany from Sew/Craft Friends-zy found this festive handmade basket at a local Craft Show.  Of course, she bought it for me:

Deborah offered a prize on one of her blog posts.  I was the lucky winner of this beautiful Charm Pack wrapped in jelli printed paper:


Gayle from my local Quilt Bee wrapped up some goodies:

Inside the fabric-wrapped package was a homemade Sleep Mask and handmade book using her own jelli prints:

Carol made some incredible Fabric Ornaments:

The one that I brought home is over on the left in the photo below:

The pattern can be found at this link for Highland Quilt Guild:

Cindy from Knit Group made (or found) an adorable Button Tree ornament AND an amazing beaded Rainbow Scissor Fob and packed it all in sweet little winter-themed notions pouch:

Linda Illustrator (also author, designer, and seamstress) made Box Bags for our Knit Group.  Here is the one she made for me:

Thank you to these lovely friends for spreading a bit of Holiday cheer my way.  I appreciate your gifts and our friendship SEW much.

Until next time...
Cards and packages, hooray!!!


  1. Such fun gifts you received! Hope you are feeling better this week.

  2. Love all those gifts! Treasures in the mail box!

  3. You are fortunate to have such generous friends! Happy New Year! Sandy at

  4. Sew fun!! I have to ask: is it difficult for you to see yous name all over the place during the holidays? I mean, all that customized stuff everywhere! If it all said Louise I'd want to purchase everything :)

    1. Oops, "yours" not "yous"! I guess my inner New Jerseyian came out there :)


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