Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Wonderful Wednesday - Another ARTventure - A Prompted Collaboration

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Oh, did you come here for the quilting?  Sorry!  This is a special ARTventure post.

The prompt for Day 25 of Messy May was COLLABORATION.  Each prompt can be taken in any direction the maker chooses.  I took it quite literally.  You might have read most of the story in Week 21's Rainbow Scrap Challenge post.

My project???

I showed you the items I received and what I made with them, but here's better look...

Along with a close-up photo:

Those lines you see near the bottom of the collage were drawn by Britt.  She tentatively drew them in with pencil, but I wasn't letting her get away with that!  I quickly handed her a pen to ink them in.  The lovely collage paper was provided by Britt.  I used the paint she had selected for me with her current favorite stencil to provide the illusion of a night sky, but saved her inspiration photo for later use.

Here's the second half of the story...

I gathered these supplies:

Britt was tasked with including them in her work...

Once completed, she sent the following photo of her own collaboration page.  She used the collage paper I created and the inspiration photo that I provided for this arched doorway:

The reverse side of the door incorporated the paint I had supplied, as well as a small section of stenciling with my current favorite stencil:

What did she DO with the rest of the items??

Her beautiful collage was hidden behind that arched doorway:

Well done, B!!  She 
used another portion of my inspiration photo, a section of the dictionary page and a bit of the rub-on sticker from my stash of art supplies to create that lovely collaboration page.

My take away...

This was a TON of fun!  I would gladly do another collaboration.  Thank you, again, for going along with my crazy idea for that Messy May prompt, Britt.  It was an interesting way to stretch our creative muscles by stepping out of our comfort zone with materials not of our own choosing.

Until next time...
Happy ART-ing!!!


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