Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - A(nother) UFO Club/2016 FAL Q3 Finish

Welcome to another installment of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week I'm here to showcase my latest completed quilt commission. It started with a simple request of a son to a mother who REALLY didn't want to knit another XL Twin size blanket and ended in a beast of a quilt.

Here is the progression of The Tennis Quilt...

The T-shirts arrived in the studio, washed and ready for processing:

Once pressed, stabilized, and neatly trimmed, the shirts were ready for the design phase:

With sashing added to the smaller ones, rows were sewn:

Once the top was together, the monster of a quilt met my beast of a longarm quilting machine:

Needle and thread transformed the top into a quilt:

As you can see, it made a colorful "rug" for my kitchen:

The completed quilt measures approximately 74.5" wide...

... By 104.5" long.  This was deemed a fine length by the recipient:

Here's a driveway shot for better lighting...

... That didn't really materialize:

But, hey!!  The quilt is done and delivered.  The young recipient even made sure to contact me to thank me for making it for him (AND to tell me how amazing it looks.)  Hooray!!

Until next time...
Q is for QUILT!!!


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