Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - A UFO Club/2016 Q3 FAL Finish

Welcome to another edition on Wonderful Wednesday!!  Today I have a (Ravelry) UFO Club FINISH to share with you.  The quilt in question began it's life in a Gayle Bong class a number (read 6 or so) years ago.  It came straight out of my scrap bins.  Literally!

I'm sure my quilt guild provided a supply list and all that jazz, but somehow when the morning of the class came, I hadn't done any cutting.  Didn't even know what to cut!!!

A call to the Workshop Chair let me know that I needed a particular size strip.  SEW...

I went to my 3" drawer (it holds everything from 3" to 3 and 7/8" strips and squares.  On the strip front, I came up empty-handed!  I grabbed all of the squares and a yard of muslin and headed off to class!

As luck would have it, when I asked the teacher if what I brought would work, she assured me that it would.  In fact, I had actually saved myself a step in the process.  (Gotta LOVE that!!)

I can't really say how far I got that day in class.  If it was anything like normal, it wasn't very far.  Eventually, I sewed the blocks together.  Honestly, I don't recall that part AT ALL, but here's the proof that it happened SOMETIME:

50" x 36"

The quilt top stayed this way for a VERY long time!!  It was added to and removed from UFO Lists from Winter 2011 through Summer 2016.

After FIVE YEARS, how did its number finally come up, Joyful?!

Well, it happened on a lark, really.  I was going shopping (for moral support) with my friend, Needleb.  At the last minute, I threw in Calico Rick Rack just on the off chance that I might find something that would work to enlarge it.

I told about that shopping trip in THIS blog post.  HERE are the fabrics chosen that day:

During the month of June, I transformed those selections into borders, binding, and backing for  the completed Calico Rick Rack quilt top:

~ 52" x 66"

After finishing UNC2 T-quilt, I loaded this top on the frame to get some practice with "ruler work" and free motion quilting:

The photo shown above is about the point when I wrote my Lemonade post.  Cutting to the chase, THIS is what I found, after what has since been determined a hit on the take-up bar:

Why, yes, that IS my fingernail sticking through ALL 3 LAYERS!!

I spent the month of July sewing the binding down in odd moments.  Odd, as in sewing... at Knit Group, work, and at my MIL's birthday party:

It's a wrap!!  A Summer 2016 (Ravelry) UFO Club finish and a Q3 Finish for the 2016 Finish-A-Long:

NOTE:  After several inquiries, I must add that you haven't missed a post.  I have proclaimed the quilt DONE!!  The hole is a repair to be made and doesn't disqualify my finish.  (I plan to have it taken care of by next week, anyway.  So don't fret.  You WILL see how I resolved the issue.  I promise!)

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  1. Great save, great finish! It's amazing how black and white can pull a scrappy quilt together.

  2. So, how did you manage to repair the hole?

  3. Congrats on this beautiful finish of an old UFO. Have I missed a post? I don't recall reading about the fixed hole. How did you manage that? Love the backing fabric too. ;^)

  4. Congrats on the finish. It's always a nice feeling to get something off the UFO list, even better when it's one of the older projects.

  5. Lovely finish! I really like the black and white border. Bummer about the hole. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. Woohoo on the finish! I love those swirly borders!

  7. Oh dear - finding that hole must have been a bit of a blow. Let's see how you make it go away.


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