Saturday, August 13, 2016

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC16 - Week 33

Welcome to Week 33 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  I'm not sure how much scrap quilting I will be doing this week, but if you are willing to come along, we'll see how it all pans out.

On SUNDAY, I was distracted by an idea that wouldn't go away.  I felt the need to make a gift for a special quilting friend.  A final offering, as I prepare to say my last goodbye:

5" x 5" mini, free-cut letters, fusible applique, machine quilting... And there's PURPLE in it!!

The label on the back included her initials, the date she passed away, and my name.  The cat fabric was chosen for the time she "adopted" her daughter's cat and fell in love with him.

MONDAY was my first APQS Owners Group meeting. Thank you for hosting, Angela, of Thread Waggle Quilting!  I learned quite a number of other things about my new-to-me longarm quilting machine...

Including that you can (and SHOULD) remove the needle plate to clean gunk out of the bobbin area:

And... check the needle hole by clipping a length of thread to "floss" it.  This will let you know if there is a burr to be filed down. Who KNEW?!  I got a wonderful FREE lunch as part of the deal.

Note to Self:  Next time, bring a dish to share!!  (Oops!!)

Immediately after the meeting, I raced off to meet friends in Garner for dinner.  We had a lovely meal at La Cocina (Garner) before "swimming" to the funeral home for our friend's funeral viewing.

It was raining buckets when we arrived!  I dropped the quilt, as I was attempting to open my umbrella.  My Bye-Bye Bird-Dee mini quilt landed in a puddle/stream of water and began to float away. 

No, no, no!!  MUST. STOP. THAT. QUILT!!

Whew!!  I caught it and took the dripping mess (and myself) into the ladies room to dry off.  Then, I proceeded to what was the most wonderful wake I have ever attended!!

Why is that, Joyful???

The reason is simple.  It was like a Quilt Show!  The room was decorated with some of Dee's favorite quilts.  It was AWESOME!!  Her casket was draped with the quilts she made for her granddaughters.  There was a quilt on the kneeler, as well as on each of the chairs and couches in the room (including the quilted wall hanging that Lisa and Tiffany created for Dee's 50th birthday and her own version of our QAL Beach Quilt!)

HERE is mine, soft yellow where her stars were done in a more vibrant shade of yellow:

Beach Star Swap, sewn by me, quilted by Tiffany, held by DS2

The outcome of the evening?  I felt joy instead of sorrow.  Dee had escaped the pain of Ovarian Cancer.  Her family and non-quilting friends, got to see a number of the quilts she made over the years.  I also felt excitement in knowing EXACTLY what I want my own funeral to be like when my time comes.  Thanks, Dee!!  Rest in peace, dear friend.

TUESDAY was a bit of a blur.  You see, I was unable to sleep, ended up with only 2 HOURS of rest.  I do know a few things about the day...

One:  I stitched through a PURPLE haze and took a photo for my RSC friends as I worked on the binding of Calico Rick Rack:

Two: I sewed like a wild woman throughout the afternoon.  The outcome was that The Tennis Quilt is now a QUILT TOP:

Not bad (for the day after a nearly sleepless night!!)

Three: Knit Night was fun, but I really shouldn't have been behind the wheel of a car!  (Refer to note above re: last night's sleep or lack thereof.)

WEDNESDAY, although I got a good night's sleep, I was still dragging a bit.  I did manage to get a few errands and chores done before succumbing to a nap.  :o))

Here's another PURPLE (haze) photo.  This was me, hand winding yarn at Knit Group last night:

Wild Hare Fiber Studio, LLC, Grape Jam

THURSDAY morning, I made my way to Quilt Group.  Thank you, Joanna, for hosting.  College packing is covering the living room and it would have been difficult for the quilters to find a place to perch.  Of course, I took The Tennis Quilt for Show and Tell! When I got it home, it returned to the rails of the quilt rack... er... longarm, waiting for its backing to be sewn:

FRIDAY morning's schedule included a client meeting and a fine cup of tea... and MORE purple haze.  The yarn (pre-winding) AND the gray-purple kitty, since PURPLE sewing was NOT on the agenda for the day:

Yarn from Carolina FiberFest 2013, fabric from Joanna's (?) scrap bag!!  Gotta LOVE scraps!  :o))

SATURDAY is the day that Angela, from So Scrappy, hosts her LINK PARTY.  I joined in the linky fun... even though I didn't do much (read ANY) hazy PURPLE sewing this week.  Follow me over to see what the other RSC Quilters have been up to this week, it is such a wonderful way to spend the morning... or afternoon... or evening.

Speaking of evening...

Take a look at what I was reading last night:

You can read more about it on my Mail Call Monday post coming up in a few days.  (Or check out Julie's website for the book.)

Until next time...
Get Scrappy!!!


  1. SO happy that the book arrived safely and you are enjoying it! Like Dee, I wrote out notes years ago and put with our estate papers that I want my visitation and/or funeral to be a quilt show full of the quilts I've made ... as many as can possibly be fit into the space.

  2. I'm so sorry about your friend, but what a wonderful way to say goodbye to her. I love that purple yarn - what are you making with it?

  3. So sorry for the loss of your friend. It sounds like the wake was a wonderful showing of her talents for those left behind. Hope the lost sleep has been made up and you are out of the sleepy haze.

  4. I'm reading my Build a Barn book slowly, savoring every page. I already have a couple of ideas about barns I want to build!
    Sorry for the loss of your friend, but how wonderful a way to be remembered!

  5. So sorry for your loss. What a great way to showcase her talent and honor her quilty life. She surely was smiling from above. {{Hugs}}

  6. What a wonderful tribute to your dear friend. I love the idea of a quilter's service. I've had the Build-A-Barn book since it first came out and am working up ideas. God bless you for being such a special friend to Dee.

  7. I am sorry to hear about your friend. What a very special way to honor her. I am sure you will miss her. Hugs.


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