Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wonderful Wednesday - A (Non-UFO Club) Finish

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  This week, I feel fortunate to have a finish to share.  I finished a UFO that has been in the works for approximately 8 YEARS.  I've been calling it The Missing Quilt.

That's a strange name for a quilt, Joyful!!

Well... perhaps I should explain...

It all started shortly after we into our current home 10 years ago.  I missed my Quilt Bee, so I went to the library to see if the librarian would be interested in having one meet there.  Turns out she had been hoping to start a group, so we put out a sign-up sheet (which I still have posted on my bulletin board today.)

It didn't take long to gather names and begin meeting once a month, but that wasn't enough for the energetic quilters in our area.  We soon added a weekend meeting.  At one of these early meetings, I demonstrated one of my "go to" quilt techniques.

What pattern did you use, Joyful???

I brought squares, cut them up, and sewed them back together again.  The pattern was a Wonky 9-Patch.  It's one of the MOST efficient patterns around.  There is almost NO waste!!

Sometime between that day and one fine day during my recent Decrapification Project, I used those blocks to assemble THIS quilt top...  that I didn't even remember making!!!  That is how it became the Missing Quilt... It was MISSING from my memory:

Here is a photo of unquilted top, loaded and ready for quilting:

Fast forward to last week!

I had already quilted my Calico Rick Rack quilt and needed something else to practice my budding longarm quilting skills on.  That's when I remembered the quilt top that I had unearthed (along with its coordinating backing fabric.)

Some of you may have seen The Missing Quilt in a recent ScrapHappy Saturday post.  It looks a little different now (with the application of my first pantograph)...

Popcorn SM

... And some binding:

It looks like a COMPLETED quilt:

35" x 45"

Finished, but not counting for the Summer 2016 (Ravelry) UFO Club totals.  It wasn't on my list!  :o((

That's OK...

Done is DONE!!!  :o))

HERE is the block, for those of you who may not be able to spot it:

Between the light border, the black line, and the floral backing, you should be able to make out the base block of this quilt.  The Wonky 9-Patch is one of those quilts where you stack, slice, and switch around the fabrics to get the components for each block. If you haven't made one...

Try it.  It's SEW much FUN!

Until next time...
Happy Quilting!!!

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